Award 12


Recommended grade for competitors at this level is 2.

# Move
 1 Barani straight legs
 2 Tuck back to seat, half twist to feet, tuck back sommersault
 3 Barani straight legs, hal twist jump, jump (straddled) x 3
 4 Three quater back sommersault straight, to feet
 5 Barani seat landing
 6 Back pullover, half twist to back landing
 7 Back sommersault piked (or straight)
 8 Half twist to three quater forwards turnover
 9 Back sommersault piked (or straight), shaped jump x 5
 10 Back landing, one and a half twist to feet
 11 Three quater front sommersault straight
 12 Front landing, half twist to front landing (cruise)
 13 Three quater front sommersault straight, half twist to feet, shaped jump x 3
 14 Back sommersault tucked to seat, half twist to feet
 15 Back sommersault tucked, back landing
 16 Back sommersault tucked, front sommersault piked
All compulsory elements, 4 of 6 optional elements and the routine


A four somersault routine with no somersault links!