Club Competitions and Awards

Club Competitions and Awards 2010

Date: Saturday 11th December 2010 at 0

Entries close: TBC

Entry ages: 4 years +

What an amazing day, over 145 entries, with 117 actually competing on the day, plus 13 synchro pairs and 14 DMT entries.

The friday night we set-up Sawston Sports hall in an unfamilar pattern for our usual Sawston bouncers. But it worked well, providing lots of room for spectators and the cake stall which did a roaring trade throughout the day.

We started fairly promptly at 9.30 and watched the Club's senior coaches attempt to roll back the years to compete with our more sprightly coaching members. Opening the competition and the day was Head Coach and former international performer, Tony Fagelman. Tony was up for it, and decided to try a rather audacious finish to his routine with two double somersaults and failed. We were then treated to a master class on how it should be performed by our top performer Emma Armitage, who came 1st, followed by Luis Pires, taking 2nd place, Laura Able, proved age is no barrier to success by taking 3rd. We should thank all our coaches for taking part and having ago. We were all delighted with the support the audience gave during the competition.

This was followed up by a very closely fought Elite competition, with the pressure geting to both Emma and Luis, leaving the way clear for Naomi Waldock to run out a clear winner from Joe Chandler, with Max Fagelman taking 3rd place.

We had a short break to hand out our Annual Awards . These were greeted with great applause and we'd like to congratulate all the winners and those receiving honourable mentions.

Following the short break, the competition split into two panels and many of our members and parents were rail-roaded into judging duties while Emma Armitage and Tony Fagelman took on the Chair of judges roles to take us through the reamining competitors.

In the K under 7 Girls, Gemma White took 1st place and we had a tie for 2nd place between Rebecca Grainger and Jessica Welham. In the K Over 7 girls, Kiera Walker took first place and we had another tie for 2nd place between Jessica Green and Lucy Perry. In the K under 19 males, Luke Whistler took 1st place, with Alex Burson 2nd and Theo Leckey third.

In the J under 9 event, Hannah Swinton took 1st place, Molly Edwards 2nd and Scarlet East 3rd. While in the J over 9 event, Paula Martin was 1st, Mael Bely was 2nd and Polly Kempster 3rd.

In the I under 9 event, Emily Clifford took 1st place, Eleanor Penney was 2nd and Georgina Wriggley took 3rd. A special mention here to Joseph Able, who bouncing as a guest scored very highly and qualified to H grade with a score of 45.9.

In the I under 11 event, 5 competitors all qualified up to H, with scores above the required 45.0. These were Hary Mallows, 1st (47.4), Isobel Grant, 2nd (46.4), Lois McGuire, 3rd (46.0), Zach Goggin, 4th (45.7) and Ella Brooker, 5th (45.5). In the I over 11, Emily Armitage took 1st place with a score of 45.6, which also meant she qualified to H. In 2nd was Scarlett Ross and 3rd was Rose Cahill.

In the H under 13 event, Sydney Kelly took 1st place, missing out on qualification by 0.1, Georgine Harris was 2nd and Rachel Flack 3rd. In teh H over 13 event, Joscelin Smith took 1st place with a score of 45.0 and qualifes to G, Jane Wilkey was 2nd and Alex Radford 3rd.

In the G under 15 event, Claire Kilmartin took 1st place, in 2nd was Rebecca Alexander and in 3rd was Grace Pike, All three, plus Rebecca Sebley would qualify up to F if they repeat those scores at a grading event. In the G over 15 event, Benos Noble took 1st place and would also have qualifed to F, Imogen Howard was 2nd and Jemma Saintey was 3rd.

In the F event, Frances Pickup was 1st, with a score that would qualify her to E, Eddie Robertson was 2nd and James Able, bouncing as a guest was 3rd.

In the E event, Imogen Pickup took 1st place, Trinity Kelly, 2nd place and Matthew Burson 3rd place. Again, all three would qualify to D if they produced those scores at a grading competition.

Following the individual events, the Synchro competition was held, as usual, this was a fancy dress event and 12 of the 14 pairs entered into the spirit and produced some memorable costumes and some great acting. The 1st prize for best fancy dress was shared between the 'Old ladies', Jane Wilkey and Emma Stannard and 'the Matrix', Benos Noble and Cat Culshaw. The results were equally close with the pairing of Naomi Waldock and Emma Armitage taking 1st place, with Matthew Burson and Trinity Kelly in 2nd and Harry Mallows and Niamh Finlayson in 3rd.

We ended the day with the DMT event. There were two competitions, novices, for non-somersaulting performers and elite for those wanting to add somersaults to their passes. In both competitions, performers had to make 2 passes, usuing different skills for each pass. We saw some audacious attempts in the Elite competition, hence some of the low scores. In the novice competition, Frances Pickup came 1st and Francoise Lucas was 2nd. The Elite competition had 10 entries and in a keenly fought contest, Joe Chandler edged 1st place from Luis Pires in 2nd with Emma Armitage and Trinity Kelly sharing 3rd place.

As per usual with events like this, it's not possible to run them without the support of parents, members and friends. Many volunteered to train as judges and officals and we want to especially thank them, others were press-ganged into their usual officating roles and again a big thank you. Well done to those that helped on the cake stall and an especially large thank you to Adrienne and Steve Keelin who manned the sandwich stall all day and kept us all stocked up on bacon butties and cheese rolls.

The club competition was sponsored this year by Cambridge Community Fund and the Shelford Feast and we thank both organisations for their support.

DE Photo wee in attendance all day taking action photographs. If you were unable to buy these on the day, please go along to their website, using the log-in information circualted on the previous email to view and order any photographs you require. They make fabulous Christmas presents for the family, and the club gains a small percentage from every purchase, so you're helping the club out as well.

The Champions Cups are awarded to the performers who have the highest points for form awarded on the day. This year we have decided to award three trophies, Roos, Intermediate and Elite. The results were as follows.

Champions Cup - Roos: SYDNEY KELLY - 44.9

Champions Cup - Intermediate: HARRY MALLOWS - 47.4

Champions Cup - Elite: TRINITY KELLY - 47.6

Have a great Christmas and New Year, training ends this week and we're back on 4th January with the Grading at Hitchen on 16th January. Please make sure that those of you in G and above get your entries into competitions at as soon as possible.


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
Club I
Rose Cahill21.70021.722.50022.5000044.23 view
Over 11 Club I
Emily Armitage22.70022.722.90022.9000045.61 view
Chris Holman21.30021.3190019000040.35 view
Lottie Jones20.60020.618.70018.7000039.36 view
Under 11 Club I
Harry Mallows23.70023.723.70023.7000047.41 view
Isobel Grant22.80022.823.60023.6000046.42 view
Lois McGuire22.60022.623.40023.40000463 view
Zachary Goggin22.40022.423.30023.3000045.74 view
Ella Brooker22.80022.822.70022.7000045.55 view
Neve Osborne-Robb21.90021.922.70022.7000044.66 view
Megan Webb21.60021.622.50022.5000044.17 view
Ella Humphreys21.70021.721.60021.6000043.39 view
Shanti Duraikan19.30019.322.10022.1000041.410 view
Justine Ross18.10018.122.60022.6000040.711 view
Under 9 Club I
Emily Clifford21.30021.3230023000044.32 view
Georgina Wrigley20.70020.7220022000042.74 view
Tegan Rouse19.30019.323.30023.3000042.65 view
Katie Todman18.80018.821.50021.5000040.36 view
Over 9 Club J
Paula Martin22002200000000221 view
Mael Bely21.80021.80000000021.82 view
Polly Kempster21.60021.60000000021.63 view
Prudence Sperryn21.40021.40000000021.44 view
Jenny Martin20.30020.30000000020.36 view
Under 9 Club J
Hannah Swinton22.30022.30000000022.31 view
Molly Edwards22002200000000222 view
Scarlett East21.60021.60000000021.63 view
Sarah Hardwick21.50021.50000000021.54 view
Daisy Frost20.50020.50000000020.56 view
Aaliyah Kinnley18.80018.80000000018.87 view
Over 7 girls Club K
Keira Walker22.20022.20000000022.21 view
Lucy Perry21.80021.80000000021.83 view
Ellie Cranfield21.10021.10000000021.14 view
Lexi Marlow20.60020.60000000020.66 view
Zoe Mummery20.50020.50000000020.57 view
Jessica Rooke20002000000000208 view
Under 19 boys Club K
Alex Burson22.20022.20000000022.22 view
Alexander Gosling20.20020.20000000020.23 view
Abhi Macdonald Marlow19.60019.60000000019.65 view
Under 7 girls Club K
Gemma White22.20022.20000000022.21 view
Rebecca Grainger21.80021.80000000021.82 view
Sanjana Duraikan20.80020.80000000020.85 view
Olivia Henry20.20020.20000000020.29 view
Elizabeth Chamberlain18.60018.60000000018.612 view
Under 9 girls Club K
Rhyannon Kinnley21002100000000214 view
Emily Bamford20.80020.80000000020.85 view
Under 19 Regional E
Imogen Hartland 23.60023.623.34.3027.6000051.21 view
Trinity Kelly23.50023.524.13.5027.6000051.12 view
Matthew Burson23.90023.923.43.5026.9000050.83 view
Becky Midgely23002311.82.3014.1000037.15 view
Michael Keelin18.80018.85.92.108000026.86 view
Under 15 Regional F
Frances Pickup23.70023.723.12.5025.6000049.31 view
Over 15 Regional G
Benos Noble22.50022.522.80022.8000045.31 view
Imogen Howard22.30022.322.50022.5000044.82 view
Jemma Saintey22.50022.522.20022.2000044.73 view
Anthony Traher21.90021.922.10022.10000444 view
Callum Beasley21.80021.821.10021.1000042.95 view
Under 15 Regional G
Grace Pike23.40023.422.50022.5000045.93 view
Claire Kilmartin23.20023.222.90022.9000046.146 view
Over 13 Regional H
Joscelin Smith22.80022.822.20022.20000451 view
Jane Wilkey21.60021.621.30021.3000042.92 view
Alex Radford21.20021.220.50020.5000041.73 view
Byron Bowden-Pickstock10.70010.722.90022.9000033.64 view
Connor Ackroyd7.4007.420.70020.7000028.15 view
Under 13 Regional H
Sydney Kelly22.90022.9220022000044.91 view
Georgina Harris22.10022.121.50021.5000043.62 view
Rachael Flack 21.50021.521.80021.8000043.33 view
Tristan Harris21002122.10022.1000043.14 view

Competition dates

Date Time Details
Saturday 11th December 2010 00:00 - 00:00