Easton Grading

Easton Grading 2010

Date: Sunday 17th October 2010 at 0

Entries close: TBC

Entry ages: 4 years +

A total of 10 bouncers from Cambridge Cangaroos travelled to the Eastern Regional Grading Competition at Easton College, Norwich on Sunday 17th October and won two silver and two bronze medals.

Competing in the Under 15 Females Grade F category, Becky Midgely uccessfully qualified to Grade E and took 2nd place, while Matthew Burson was a hopeful to qualify, but having secured a comforta


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
Under 15 girls Regional D
Naomi Waldock22.20022.221.64.5026.1224.5026.574.84 view
Under 19 boys Regional D
Max Fagelman14.20014.20000000014.23 view
Over 15 girls Regional E
Imogen Hartland 21.70021.721.73.6025.3213.6024.671.63 view
Under 13 boys Regional E
Matthew Burson22.50022.523.32.6025.923.42.602674.42 view
Under 15 girls Regional F
Becky Midgely23.30023.322.12.4024.5000047.82 Q view
Frances Pickup21.70021.7212.5023.5000045.28 view
over 15 girls Regional G
Gayle Martin7.4007.422.90022.9000030.315 view
Under 13 boys Regional G
Laurence Halfpenny21.40021.421.30021.3000042.75 view
Under 13 girls Regional G
Grace Pike21.90021.922.20022.2000044.16 view

Competition dates

Date Time Details
Sunday 17th October 2010 00:00 - 00:00