Ipswich Grading

Ipswich Grading 2010

Date: Sunday 6th June 2010 at Ipswich

Entries close: TBC

Entry ages: 4 years +

Twelve members took part in the Regional Grading competition at Gainsborough Sports Centre in Ipswich. Our recent run of competition form was put under pressure from some quality performances, but our members were up to the task.

It is important to be aware that at Grading competitions, that although gaining medals is reward for the hard work and effort of the performers, it is actually the opportunity to qualify up to the next grade that is the pinnacle of the days achievements. To qualify, competitors must not only reach a qualifying score, but in the highest level, D, they must also achieve the top 20% of the competitive pool.

The G grades produced some of the largest fields the region has seen, with close to 40 competitors in both the under 13 and under 15 age groups. It is also important to know that the youngest competitors maybe bouncing against other quite a few years older than themselves, as the age groupings only start at under 13, in some cases, these groups contains competitors as young as 5 years old in the grade G.

In the under 13 female grade G, our success was tempered by complications. Rebecca Alexander, in just her 2nd grading competition, achieved a total score of 45.6, which qualified her for Grade F in 6th position. Unfortunately, after 2 fantastic competitions for Grace Pike and Daniella Stephenson, their form was not going to be repeated this time out. Grace did a very good set routine, but a one footed landing on move 7 in her voluntary resulted in a total score of 36.5 and 27th place. For Daniella, it was the other way round, a mistake early in her set routine, meant that although she had one of the highest scores of the day for her vol, she could only manage a total score of 34.1 and 28th place.

In the under 13 male grade G, Lawrence Halfpenny continued to show great improvement, and again in only his 2nd grading managed to take 4th place with a total score of 41.8 In the over 15 female Grade G, Jemma Saintey, competing at her first ever grading did really well to score 41.2 and take 7th place in a very large field.

In the under 15 female Grade F, Trinity pulled out two excellent routines, achieving the qualifying score by almost half a mark, but narrowly missing out on a medal in 4th place. In the under 13 male Grade F, both of our young boys, just 9 years old, were competing at their first F grading competition, and both the boys had good solid routines. Matthew’s was the best result of the day however, not only achieving the qualifying score, but almost double qualifying and winning the competition by almost 2 whole marks from the nearest competitor with a total score of 49.2. James delivered 2 good solid routines, and in a very tight competition, James came in 6th with a total score of 44.4.

In the Under 15 female Grade F, Becky Midgely, also at her first Grade competition at this level, delivered two excellent routines, that produced the silver medal with a total score of 46.4.

In the Under 15 male Grade F, continued improvement from Ed Robertson saw him take the silver medal with a total score of 42.0

In the over 15 male E competition, Michael Keelin unfortunately suffered a problem in his 2nd routine and could only manage 7th with a total score of 32.4.

In the under 15 female, grade D, Naomi Waldock, was also competing for the first time at this level. After round 1, she was in silver medal contention, but lack of form in round 2, saw her reach the final, but was placed 5th. However, as a first attempt at this first national competition, we were really pleased.

Our final competitor, was Luis Pires, competing in the over 19 Male Grade D. Consistency of performance was key, and Luis completed 3 good routines, giving him the gold medal and just missing out on qualification to National C. Next time, hopefully.

So two gold medals and 2 silver medals, plus 3 qualifications, another great competitive day for Cangaroos Trampoline Club.


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
Over 19 boys Regional D
Luis Pires21.70021.721.55.6027.121.15.6026.775.51 view
Under 15 girls Regional D
Naomi Waldock22.10022.120.65.3025.921.25.3026.574.55 view
Over 15 boys Regional E
Michael Keelin21.20021.29.12.1011.2000032.47 view
Under 13 boys Regional F
Matthew Burson23.80023.823.51.9025.4000049.21 Q view
Under 13 girls Regional F
Trinity Kelly230023231.9024.9000047.94 Q view
Under 15 girls Regional F
Becky Midgely22.40022.422.11.9024000046.42 view
Over 15 girls Regional G
Jemma Saintey20.40020.420.80020.8000041.27 view
Under 13 boys Regional G
Laurence Halfpenny20.80020.8210021000041.84 view
Under 13 girls Regional G
Grace Pike22.50022.5140014000036.527 view
Daniella Stephenson11001123.10023.1000034.128 view

Competition dates

Date Time Details
Sunday 6th June 2010 09:00 - 17:00