The Saffron Walden Grading

The Saffron Walden Grading 2011

Date: Sunday 6th March 2011 at Saffron Walden

Entries close: TBC

Entry ages: 4 years +

On 6th March, Cambridge Cangaroos Trampoline Club hosted the Eastern Region grading competition at Saffron Walden County High School. With 311 entrants from 21 clubs, this was the largest competition held in the region for some years requiring four judging panels to run simultaneously. In a bid to give less experienced bouncers an introduction to inter-club competition, the club opened the event to performers from Grade H, and over 70 entries were made at this level.

Cangaroos had a record 52 entrants from the club and achieved a fabulous medal haul of 10 Gold, 2 Silver and 6 Bronze individual medals and 5 team Golds and 2 team Silvers.

The club had a very strong showing at Grade H and won first position in all of the categories competed in. In the Girls Under 11, Isobel Grant secured first position and Gold in a very large field of competitors, missing a qualification score by just 0.3 points, while in the Boys Under 11, Tristan Harris won first place and Gold. In the Girls Under 13, Emily Armitage took first place and Gold and qualified to Grade G, while Lois McGuire won Bronze and narrowly missed a qualifying score. Edred Whittingham and Mael Bely won Gold and Silver respectively in the Boys Under 15 category, while Gemma Sebley and Sophie Kenny-Troughton secured Gold and Bronze respectively in the Girls Under 15, with both Edred and Gemma qualifying. In the Boys over 15 the club achieved a clean sweep of the medals, with Matthew Taylor taking Gold, Alex Radford Silver and Christopher Holman Bronze. At Grade G, Niamh Finlayson achieved an outstanding score, winning the Gold for the Girls Under 13 by 1.8 points and narrowly missing out on a double qualification to Grade E, while Rebecca Sebley had to settle for 8th place in a very strong field, but also achieved qualification to Grade F. In the Girls Under 15 Grade G category, which was equally tough with 25 competitors, Grace Pike won third place and Bronze and Taranne Kendon placed 8th, both with a qualifying scores.

At the higher grades, it becomes increasingly challenging to qualify, and we are delighted that two of our E grade performers managed it this time. Trinity Kelly took 1st place and Gold in the under 13 girls and Matthew Burson took 1st place and Gold in the under 13 boys. Both gaining extremely high scores and winning by huge margins.

In the Grade D over 19 males, Luis Pires took 1st place but failed to reach the qualifying score for National C. In the under 19 males, Max Fagelman took 3rd place, achieving the qualifying score but failed to place 1st which was necessary to achieve qualification. As well as being very proud of the achievements of all of the competitors on the day, we would also like to thanks the army of parents coaches and officials, without whom it would be impossible to run the competition.

The next competition is the Yorkshire Gala in Hull on 26th & 27th March, where we are hoping for good things from Emma Armitage and Naomi Waldock in the trampolining and Luis Pires, Max Fagelman and Joe Chandler in the DMT.


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
Over 19 boys Regional D
Luis Pires19.40019.400028.400027.375.11 view
Under 19 boys Regional D
Max Fagelman22.30022.300027.200028.277.73 view
boys Regional E
Michael Keelin22.20022.20002.6000024.83 view
Over 15 girls Regional E
Imogen Hartland 23.10023.100025.1000048.211 view
Becky Midgely23.10023.100026.100025.774.975 view
Under 13 boys Regional E
Matthew Burson24.50024.500027.700027.579.71 Q view
Under 13 girls Regional E
Trinity Kelly24.10024.126.70026.700026.677.41 Q view
girls Regional F
Frances Pickup22.90022.900024.3000047.28 view
Over 15 boys Regional G
Byron Bowden-Pickstock11.10011.121.50021.5000032.69 view
Over 15 girls Regional G
Jemma Saintey21.30021.321.80021.8000043.116 view
Imogen Howard21.20021.221.50021.5000042.718 view
Claire Kilmartin21.60021.621.10021.1000042.720 view
Cathy Culshaw21.50021.520.60020.6000042.125 view
Under 15 boys Regional G
Laurence Halfpenny22.30022.300022.3000044.64 view
Under 15 girls Regional G
Grace Pike22.90022.923.10023.10000463 Q view
Taranne Kendon22.70022.722.40022.4000045.18 Q view
Over 15 boys Regional H
Matthew Taylor20.80020.820.90020.9000041.71 view
Alex Radford20.60020.619.80019.8000040.42 view
Chris Holman21.30021.316.50016.5000037.83 view
Under 11 boys Regional H
Tristan Harris20.80020.822.30022.3000043.11 view
Zachary Goggin18.60018.622.90022.9000041.54 view
Lucas Ford18.80018.8170017000035.87 view
Under 11 girls Regional H
Isobel Grant22.10022.122.60022.6000044.71 view
Emily Clifford19.90019.914.90014.9000034.816 view
Severn Whittingham19.30019.314.30014.3000033.617 view
Tegan Rouse20.80020.812.60012.6000033.418 view
Georgina Wrigley2000206.7006.7000026.719 view
Under 13 girls Regional H
Emily Armitage22.40022.423.30023.3000045.71 Q view
Lois McGuire21.90021.922.70022.7000044.63 view
Rose Cahill20.50020.5210021000041.56 view
Chloe Saintey20.50020.520.50020.50000418 view
Bella Curry20.60020.614.80014.8000035.411 view
Megan Webb20.20020.29.3009.3000029.512 view
Rachael Flack 000020.60020.6000020.613 view
Under 15 boys Regional H
Mael Bely21.10021.120.90020.90000422 view
Edred Whittingham22.30022.322.90022.9000045.245 Q view
Under 15 girls Regional H
Sophie Kenny-Troughton20.90020.921.90021.9000042.83 view
Georgina Harris20.80020.821.20021.20000425 view
Jane Wilkey20002021.10021.1000041.18 view

Competition dates

Date Time Details
Sunday 6th March 2011 09:00 - 17:00