Cangaroos Club Competition

Cangaroos Club Competition 2012

Date: Saturday 8th December 2012 at Sawston

Entries close: TBC

Entry ages: 4 years +

Members of the club came together to compete at Sawston Sports Centre for the annual club competition. Once again it was a well-supported affair, and although numbers were down on our previous year, we still managed over 100 individual entries and 18 synchro pairs.

Committee members, coaches, parents and bouncers all worked hard on the Friday evening to get the hall ready for the competition the next day, which then gave the members some valuable extra training. We want to thank all those that assisted with the setting up and taking down efforts, without your help, events like this cannot be run. Additional thanks must go to our external judges for the day Joanne Wardle, Steve Loche and Jane Macrae who journeyed up to Cambridge out of their own generosity.

As usual the high-light of the day was the annual fancy dress synchro, but more of that later. The competition started with the annual Coaches competition, a chance for the coaches to prove that they can’t just talk about what they know, but show they can also perform it. Despite the absence of two of coach/performers, it was still a fun and close competition, with seven of our senior coaches taking part and Andrew Aistrup beating Emily Copeland into first place with Fiona Hill taking a credible third.

As we moved into the competition proper, the coaches were delighted to see the high standard of performance at all levels, which was borne out by the number of members who achieved the qualifying grades to the next levels. These include those competing in the ‘Club’ grades who have achieved the scores to move up a grade, and all those that placed 1st and many of those in the medals achieved qualifying scores, so our congratulations go out to them. (All those in Green on the results table achieved the qualifying grade scores).

The Roos and under 7 members were next to compete in the Girls U7 club K grade. After a great competition the results were 1st place for Molly McGregor, 2nd for Kira Snook and 3rd for Ella Searle. In the Boys K grade we saw a 1st place for Sollie Strydom-Green, 2nd for Oliver Burrell and 3rd for Matis Candotti. In the Girls O7 Club K grade Amelia Crew came 1st, Lizzie Chamberlain took 2nd place and Martha Peirson took 3rd place. In the O9 Girls club J another great competition was underway with Livvy Furber taking 1st place, Jessica Greene coming 2nd and Jessica Hancock taking 3rd. The Boys Club J comp had two entries and Jude Taylor pipped Luhan Bely for 1st place.

In the U11 Girls Club I, some of our promising youngsters were battling it out for the medals, Hannah Swinton took first place, beating Danae Candotti in 2nd making it two medals for the Candotti family and Sarah Hardwick was 3rd. In the O11 Girls Club I, Alexa Hanson had a comfortable win from Susie Franklin with Sarah Dace coming 3rd. In the Boys Club I competition, Alex Burson started the day of well for the Burson family, taking 1st place from Greg Briscoe in 2nd and Sam Patterson in 3rd.

In the U11 Girls Club H, Meghan Searle and Katie Todman had an excellent competition, with Meghan taking first place, Katie was 2nd and Aaliyah Kinnley took 3rd. In the In the U15 Girls Club H, Rosie Males took first from Rachael Flack and Gaelle Daniel was 3rd. In the O15 Girls Club H, Rebecca Kiff took first place with Jane Wilkey in 2nd. In the Boys Club H, Just 0.5 separated the top 3 places, with Mael Bely taking 1st, Kieran Thorne taking 2nd, by just 0.1 from Abhi MacDonald Marlow. Moving into the regional grades, in the U11 Girls Regional G, Sydney Kelly took 1st place, with Anya Snook taking 2nd from her sister Yasmin Snook in 3rd place. In the O11 Girls Regional G, Mila Feldman came 1st, Katie Evans was 2nd with Ashlea Bucke taking 3rd. In the Boys Club G, Callum Beasley was 1st with Gabriel Styrdom-Green in 2nd and Tristan Harris in 3rd.

In the all Regional F grade, Lois McGuire took first place from Daniella Stephenson and in the Girls Regional E grade, Becky Midgely took 1st from her friend and rival Frances Pickup. In the Boys Regional E, Harry Mallows beat Byron Bowden-Pickstock with an excellent total score that bodes well for the 2013 season.

In the U15 Girls Regional D, Tarrane Kendon took 1st place whilst in the National C competition, Nat Whittingham narrowly beat Matthew Burson.

The fancy dress synchro was the highlight of a fabulous day. As usual the costumes were excellent, with an extremely cute bumble bee in the shape of Isabella taking the largest ‘awww’ of the day. However, the costumes weren’t the only winners, the large audience was treated to some excellent synchronised Trampolining, with the winning pair scoring an impressive ‘perfect 10’ in their synchro scores. The competition was won by Frances Pickup and Becky Midgley, with Livvy Furber and Trinity Kelly taking 2nd place from Francoise Lucas and daughter Sydney Kelly, so medals all-around of the Lucas/Kelly family. The fancy dress competition was decided by the biggest cheers and Frances and Becky took first place in this as well with their excellent Smurf costumes.

And so we came to the end of yet another amazing annual club competition. The hall was cleared in double quick time by a host of volunteers and the 2012 season drew to a close. The club returns to training in early January, where we are looking to continue to provide fun, enjoyment, excitement and great competition to the Trampolining fraternity of Cambridgeshire (and parts of Essex and Suffolk!).


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
boys Club I
Alex Burson22.20022.222.10022.1000044.31 view
Greg Briscoe10.50010.519.10019.1000029.62 view
Sam Paterson19001910.50010.5000029.53 view
Over 11 girls Club I
Lexi Hanson23002322.60022.6000045.61 view
Susie Franklin22.10022.121.80021.8000043.92 view
Sarah Dace18001817.40017.4000035.43 view
Under 11 girls Club I
Hannah Swinton23.40023.423.20023.2000046.61 view
Danae Candotti22.30022.3230023000045.32 view
Sarah Hardwick22.80022.822.20022.20000453 view
Holly White22.80022.822.20022.20000453 view
Charlotte Lawton22.10022.122.30022.3000044.45 view
boys Club J
Jude Taylor21.80021.821.60021.6000043.41 view
Luhan Bely21.90021.921.30021.3000043.22 view
Over 9 girls Club J
Olivia Furber 22.70022.7230023000045.71 view
Jessica Greene21002121.50021.5000042.52 view
Jessica Hancock19.20019.221.60021.6000040.83 view
Phoebe Stammers16.60016.621.90021.9000038.54 view
Keira Walker11.10011.1220022000033.15 view
Under 9 girls Club J
Rebecca Grainger22.70022.722.50022.5000045.21 view
Emily Bamford22.70022.721.90021.9000044.62 view
Macy Dexter20.60020.6230023000043.63 view
boys Club K
Sollie Strydom-Green20.60020.621.80021.8000042.41 view
Oliver Burrell21.20021.220.80020.80000422 view
Matis Candotti21.10021.120.70020.7000041.83 view
George Mack19.20019.2190019000038.24 view
Over 7 girls Club K
Amelia Crew22.60022.622.90022.9000045.51 view
Elizabeth Chamberlain21.30021.321.80021.8000043.12 view
Martha Peirson18.50018.521.30021.3000039.83 view
Under 7 girls Club K
Molly McGregor22.90022.922.40022.4000045.31 view
Kira Snook22.50022.522.60022.6000045.12 view
Ella Searle20.60020.622.60022.6000043.23 view
Sophie Hancock21.20021.221.60021.6000042.84 view
Jasmin Little1800182100210000395 view
Sophia Taylor19.60019.618.90018.9000038.56 view
Natasha Coe18.10018.117.80017.8000035.97 view
Coaches Cup
Andrew Aistrup00000000000000001 view
Emily Copeland22.70022.70000000022.72 view
Fiona Hill22.50022.50000000022.53 view
Tony Fagelman21.80021.80000000021.84 view
Cathy Culshaw21.70021.70000000021.75 view
Michele Leeson21002100000000216 view
Francoise Lucas20.70020.70000000020.77 view
ALL National C
Nat Whittingham23.30023.3238031000054.31 view
Matthew Burson24.50024.524.26.8031000055.52 view
Under 15 girls Regional D
Taranne Kendon19.60019.623.64.2027.8000047.41 view
boys Regional E
Harry Mallows24.30024.324.82.6027.4000051.71 view
Byron Bowden-Pickstock22.20022.223.32.6025.9000048.12 view
girls Regional E
Becky Midgely24.20024.224.22.6026.80000511 view
Frances Pickup23.90023.9242.6026.6000050.52 view
girls Regional F
Lois McGuire22.90022.923.91.9025.8000048.71 view
Daniella Stephenson23.30023.323.91.9025.8000049.12 view
boys Regional G
Callum Beasley23.50023.523.60023.6000047.11 view
Gabriel Strydom-Green23.40023.423.60023.60000472 view
Tristan Harris22.60022.622.10022.1000044.73 view
Niall Ackroyd21.80021.821.90021.9000043.74 view
Brin Dalton22.70022.720.80020.8000043.55 view
Connor Ackroyd20.10020.121.70021.7000041.86 view
Over 11 girls Regional G
Mila Feldman24002424.40024.4000048.41 view
Katie Evans22.80022.823.30023.3000046.12 view
Ashlea Bucke23.20023.222.70022.7000045.93 view
Isobel Grant23.10023.1220022000045.14 view
Georgina Harris21002121.10021.1000042.15 view
Under 11 girls Regional G
Sydney Kelly23.60023.623.70023.7000047.31 view
Anya Snook23002323.40023.4000046.42 view
Yasmin Snook22.10022.1240024000046.13 view
Emily Clifford21.60021.622.30022.3000043.94 view
Felicity Lawrence20.60020.621.20021.2000041.85 view
boys Regional H
Mael Bely22.70022.722.60022.6000045.31 view
Kieran Thorne22.30022.322.60022.6000044.92 view
Abhi Macdonald Marlow22.60022.622.20022.2000044.83 view
Joel Bowden-Pickstock22002221.60021.6000043.64 view
Milo Abbiss22002221.60021.6000043.65 view
Cameron Ackroyd21.10021.121.40021.4000042.56 view
Cameron Jarvis21.30021.321.20021.2000042.57 view
Over 15 girls Regional H
Rebecka Kiff20.80020.822.40022.4000043.21 view
Jane Wilkey20.80020.820.80020.8000041.62 view
Under 11 girls Regional H
Meghan Searle23.60023.623.80023.8000047.41 view
Katie Todman23.40023.423.10023.1000046.52 view
Aaliyah Kinnley21.60021.622.40022.40000443 view
Chloe Rollins22.10022.121.90021.90000444 view
Gemma White21.30021.320.80020.8000042.15 view
Lexi Marlow20.60020.620.70020.7000041.36 view
Rhyannon Kinnley18001823.10023.1000041.17 view
Katie Golding20.30020.320.60020.6000040.98 view
Under 15 girls Regional H
Rosie Males22.40022.422.20022.2000044.61 view
Rachael Flack 22.10022.122.10022.1000044.22 view
Gaelle Daniel21.60021.621.80021.8000043.43 view
Corinna Hudson21.40021.418.90018.9000040.34 view


Partner 1Partner 2 Set Vol Final Total Pos.
E H D S Total E H T S Total E H T S Total
Becky MidgelyFrances Pickup25.601035.60000000035.61
Olivia Furber Trinity Kelly25.209.935.10000000035.12
Francoise LucasSydney Kelly25.209.734.90000000034.93
Matthew BursonLois McGuire25.309.334.60000000034.64
Harry MallowsTaranne Kendon24.809.133.90000000033.95
Mila FeldmanAshlea Bucke23.808.932.70000000032.76
Milo AbbissCameron Jarvis23.309.332.60000000032.67
Sydney KellyElla Searle23093200000000328
Sydney KellyKatie Todman22.208.931.10000000031.19
Katie TodmanMartha Peirson22.708.331000000003110
Katie TodmanMeghan Searle2000727000000002711
Jane MacraeJane Wilkey19.50625.50000000025.512
Harry MallowsIsobel Grant17.505.923.40000000023.413
Byron Bowden-Pickstock-hidden-13.804.316.20000000016.214
Rebecka KiffEmily Copeland7.102.79.8000000009.815

Competition dates

Date Time Details
Saturday 8th December 2012 08:30 - 17:00