Easton Grading

Easton Grading 2012

Date: Sunday 14th October 2012 at Easton College

Entries close: TBC

Entry ages: 4 years +

Cambridge Cangaroos Trampoline club travelled to Easton College, Norwich for the final Regional Grading of the 2012 season. Seventeen members took part of the day and we came away with some fantastic results including 8 medals and two grade qualifications.

Highlights of the day were Andrew Aistrup’s first place and qualification to Regional D in the Men’s Over 15 Regional E competition.

Andrew battled against some high quality opposition to secure his place in regional D for next season. Byron Bowden-Pickstock also pulled out two excellent routines and fought off stiff opposition to come first in the Men’s Over 15 Regional F competition and successfully qualify to the E grade. His brother Joel Bowden-Pickstock also took 1st place in the Under 15 Boys Club H, another notable result for Cangaroos. Other notable results were 2nd place and silver medals for Harry Mallows in the Boys Under 15 Regional E grade, narrowly missing out on qualification to D. 2nd place for Callum Beasley in the Boys Over 15 Regional G competition. Our Bronze medal winners included Meghan Searle in the Girls under 11 Club H, who missed qualification to G, by just 0.1. Taranne Kendon in the Girls Under 15 Regional D competition and Becky Midgely in the Girls Under 17 Regional E competition beating her club colleague Frances Pickup by just 0.1, and missing silver also by 0.1.

Charlie Love came so very close to grading at his first attempt in the Under 13 Boys Regional G and finished 4th. We know he can do it and next time we will all be routing for him.

Cangaroos will be travelling to the English National Championships in two weeks’ time, where 5 of our members will be representing the East Region in individual, synchro and DMT competitions competing against the very best bouncers in England. The new season starts in January 2013 and we continue to have high hopes both at the Regional and National level.


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
Under 15 girls Regional D
Taranne Kendon21.60021.622.34.4026.7000048.33 view
Under 15 boys Regional E
Harry Mallows23.30023.321.64025.6000048.92 view
Under 17 girls Regional E
Becky Midgely22.60022.6224.2026.2000048.83 view
Frances Pickup22.90022.922.23.6025.8000048.74 view
Over 15 boys Regional F
Byron Bowden-Pickstock23.80023.823.21.9025.1000048.91 Q view
Over 15 boys Regional G
Callum Beasley22.30022.322.20022.2000044.52 view
Under 11 girls Regional G
Ella Schumann21.20021.221.30021.3000042.59 view
Under 13 boys Regional G
Charlie Love22.10022.122.30022.3000044.44 view
Under 13 girls Regional G
Mila Feldman21.80021.822.80022.8000044.67 view
Isobel Grant21.80021.821.90021.9000043.710 view
Under 15 girls Regional G
Ashlea Bucke21.70021.721.50021.5000043.29 view
Under 17 girls Regional G
Katie Evans19.90019.920.90020.9000040.86 view
Under 11 girls Regional H
Meghan Searle22002222.90022.9000044.93 view
Felicity Lawrence21.40021.422.40022.4000043.85 view
Under 15 boys Regional H
Joel Bowden-Pickstock20.90020.919.60019.6000040.51 view
Under 9 girls Regional H
Chloe Rollins21.30021.321.60021.6000042.96 view

Competition dates

Date Time Details
Sunday 14th October 2012 09:00 - 17:00