Cangaroos Club Competition

Cangaroos Club Competition 2013

Date: Saturday 14th December 2013 at Sawston

Entries close: TBC

Entry ages: 4 years +

December 14th, the club hosted its annual closed competition and its inaugural Christmas Fayre. This year we had the largest ever individual entries, with over 120 members taking part in the competition. On top of that the annual fancy dress synchro was the biggest we have ever hosted with 18 pairs competing, the majority of which were in fancy dress. Finally, the club ran its first ever two-trick competition, which was a great success, especially with the audience participation in the judging process. The competition started with the delivery of the 2014 club T-shirts to all members and the obligatory club photo. The photo is now up on the club website for all to see. A big thanks to DE Photography for providing that.

Our first competition was the coaches Ego Cup. With 6 entries this year, we were a little down on previous years, but our coaches pulled out some spectacular routines and although Head Coach Tony Fagelman did manage to finish his routine with a double somersault with twist, as he forgot a move during the routine he had to settle for last place. Our 2013 Ego Cup champion was Luis Pires, followed by Myffy Cairns and Cat Culshaw in 3rd.

Next up a special treat, Neil Pike competed in the first ever competition (at O13 J), but as he was working in Singapore, his competition routine was pre-recorded and then shown on our massive screen and then judged. Unsurprisingly, as the only entry, Neil took 1st place.

In the Boys Club K competition, Cayden Rivers took 1st place and Dan Culshaw came 2nd

In the u13 Boys Club J, Luhan Bely tool 1st place, Matis Candotti came 2nd and Freddie Mulhearn cane 3rd

In the u9 Girls Club J, Poppy Budd narrowly beat her sister by just 0.1 to take 1st place, Honey Budd was 2nd and Sally Hudson was 3rd

In the u9 Girls Club I, Amelie-Daisy Hacker took 1st place, Ellen Abram came 2nd and Molly McGregor was 3rd

In the u13 Girls Club I, Amelia Crew took 1st place and qualified to H with a score of 45.1, Martha Peirson came 2nd and Isabelle O’Hara came 3rd

In the u9 Girls Club H, Macy Dexter took 1st place, Lizzie Chamberlain was 2nd and Lottie Frost was 3rd.

In the u11 Girls Club H, Scarlett East scored a massive 46.5 to take 1st place and qualify to Regional G, a great achievement. 2nd was Aleena Allen in her first ever competition and 3rd was Katie Golding.

In the Boys Club H, Toby Chapman came 1st, also qualifying to Regional G with a score of 45.6, Max Arnold was 2nd and Oliver Burrell came 3rd.

In the u13 Girls Regional G, Aaliyah Kinnley came 1st, Alexa Hanson came 2nd and Felicity Lawrence was 3rd.

In the u13 Boys Regional G, Abhi MacDonald Marlowe came 1st, George Graves was 2nd and Rufus Godshill was 3rd.

In the o13 Boys regional G, Mael Bely took 1st place, Greg Briscoe was 2nd and Joel Bowden-Pickstock was 3rd

In the o13 Girls Regional G, Katie Evans took 1st place, Joscelin Smith 2nd, and Corinna Hudson was 3rd.

In the All Regional F group, Sydney Kelly continued her 2013 medal haul with 1st place with a massive score of 48.4, 2nd was Gabriel Strydom-Green and 3rd was Daniella Stephenson.

In the All Regional E, Mila Feldman was also adding to her impressive trophy haul form the 2013 season by taking 1st place with an impressive score of 50.5, 2nd was Lois McGuire and 3rd was Frances Pickup.

In the NPD 6 competition, Laurence Halfpenny took 1st, Jordon Broda was 2nd and Zach Goggins was 3rd.

In the final individual competitions, National A,B & C, in the Ladies, Myffy Cairns took 1st place with Taranne Kendon in 2nd. In the Mens, Matthew Burson took 1st place, Luis Pires was 2nd and Alasdair Macrae was 3rd.

Following the individual competition, the club held its annual fancy dress synchro event. This event comprises of two individuals who dress up and then have to compete the exact same routine at the same time on two separate trampolines. They are marked on form and synchronisation by the judges and cheers and excitement by the crowd for the quality and excitement of their costumes. This year saw our biggest ever entry with 18 pairs taking part. The best fancy dress, as acclaimed by an ecstatic audience was Matthew Burson (as Alice) and Lois McGuire (as the Mad Hatter). The winners of the synchro for form/synchro scores were Mile Feldman & Ashlea Bucke. 2nd place went to Charlie Love & Matthew Burson, with Katie Evans & Ashlea Bucke in 3rd.

Our final competition of the day was the clubs first ever two-trick competition. In this event, gymnasts must perform two consecutive skills and they are marked by the audience on excitement, danger and fun. The competition is run as a knockout and with 8 entrants we had 4 rounds. The random draw put our three best gymnasts in the bottom half of the draw and after a number of close rounds, we ended up with a final of Luis Pires vs Myffy Cairns. Luis piped Myffy to the trophy performing a Back somersault straight followed by a 2¼ straight front somersault with full twist.

It was an amazing day, with lots of fun and excitement, the stalls in Fayre did a roaring trade and everyone went home happy and content. As usual the club would like to thank all our officials and coaches who gave up their time to support the club at the competition and a special thank you to our amazing Fund Raising committee who organised the Fayre with such great success.

Extra thanks must go to Love film, Zara Indian restaurant, Scotsdales, Budgens, Sainsburys and loads of very kind parents and members who donated prizes for the raffle! We thanks you all greatly!


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
Luis Pires23.50023.50000000023.51 view
Myffy Cairns22.80022.80000000022.82 view
Cathy Culshaw19.60019.60000000019.63 view
Ali Macrae19.60019.60000000019.63 view
Francoise Lucas19.20019.20000000019.25 view
Tony Fagelman17.90017.90000000017.96 view
Over 13 boys Club J
Neil Pike22.50022.50000000022.51 view
Under 13 boys Club J
Luhan Bely22.10022.122.10022.1000044.21 view
Matis Candotti21.80021.821.70021.7000043.52 view
Freddie Mulhearn21.20021.221.30021.3000042.53 view
Jude Taylor20.90020.921.40021.4000042.34 view
George Mack20.60020.620.40020.40000415 view
boys Club K
Cayden Rivers21.20021.221.40021.4000042.61 view
Dan Culshaw20.80020.8210021000041.82 view
girls Club K
Kira Snook23.40023.423.40023.4000046.81 view
Ella Searle23002322.80022.8000045.82 view
Sophia Taylor22.20022.222.20022.2000044.43 view
Jasmin Little22.20022.2220022000044.24 view
Eleanor Grace Crew21.20021.222.20022.2000043.45 view
Sophie Swinton21.80021.821.60021.6000043.46 view
boys FIG B
Matthew Burson23.40023.422.48.5030.9000054.31 view
Luis Pires22.80022.822.28030.20000532 view
Ali Macrae22.60022.621.78.6030.3000052.93 view
girls National C
Myffy Cairns23.20023.222.36.8029.1000052.31 view
Taranne Kendon21.30021.320.75.2025.9000047.22 view
boys Regional D
Laurence Halfpenny23.80023.822.44.5026.9000050.71 view
Jordan Broda22.20022.221.75.6027.3000049.52 view
Zachary Goggin22.80022.822.24.5026.7000049.53 view
Callum Beasley18.90018.921.43.9025.3000044.24 view
All Regional E
Mila Feldman23.70023.722.84026.8000050.51 view
Lois McGuire23.10023.1232.6025.6000048.72 view
Frances Pickup22.90022.922.72.6025.3000048.23 view
Ashlea Bucke22.30022.322.32.6024.9000047.24 view
Charlie Love22.90022.913.61.8015.4000038.35 view
All Regional F
Sydney Kelly22.90022.923.61.9025.5000048.41 view
Gabriel Strydom-Green22.80022.822.51.9024.4000047.22 view
Daniella Stephenson22.10022.122.11.9024000046.13 view
Yasmin Snook21.70021.721.11.9023000044.74 view
Emily Armitage210021211.9022.9000043.95 view
Cathy Culshaw20.40020.420.41.9022.3000042.76 view
Serena Bailey21.10021.110.631.2011.83000032.937 view
Over 13 boys Regional G
Mael Bely21.50021.521.10021.1000042.61 view
Greg Briscoe20.20020.220.30020.3000040.52 view
Joel Bowden-Pickstock6.7006.721.50021.5000028.23 view
Over 13 girls Regional G
Katie Evans22.60022.622.10022.1000044.71 view
Joscelin Smith21.60021.621.30021.3000042.92 view
Corinna Hudson20.40020.4210021000041.43 view
Under 11 girls Regional G
Meghan Searle22.80022.822.50022.5000045.31 view
Rhyannon Kinnley22.30022.322.20022.2000044.52 view
Hermione Simpson21.70021.721.60021.6000043.33 view
Danae Candotti20.90020.921.10021.10000424 view
Lexi Marlow19.30019.321.30021.3000040.65 view
Hannah Swinton20.70020.719.90019.9000040.66 view
Sarah Hardwick20002020.10020.1000040.17 view
Anya Snook13.80013.821.50021.5000035.38 view
Gemma White8.5008.517.70017.7000026.29 view
Charlotte Lawton4.1004.112.10012.1000016.210 view
Under 13 boys Regional G
Abhi Macdonald Marlow22.20022.222.10022.1000044.31 view
George Graves21.50021.521.50021.50000432 view
boys Regional H
Tobias Chapman22.50022.523.10023.1000045.61 view
Max Arnold21.90021.921.90021.9000043.82 view
Oliver Burrell21.30021.322.40022.4000043.73 view
Michael Kapitsa21.30021.321.50021.5000042.84 view
Sollie Strydom-Green21002121.30021.3000042.35 view
Alex Burson15.70015.722.50022.5000038.26 view
Over 15 girls Regional H
Jane Wilkey22.60022.622.50022.5000045.11 view
Sophie Barber21.80021.821.90021.9000043.72 view
Amber Brooks18.10018.122.30022.3000040.43 view
Under 11 girls Regional H
Scarlett East23.50023.5230023000046.51 view
Aleena Lily Allen22.90022.921.50021.5000044.42 view
Katie Golding22002222.10022.1000044.13 view
Madeleine Rose Anderson21.90021.921.70021.7000043.64 view
Ellie Cranfield20.70020.7210021000041.75 view
Jessica Greene4.1004.14.1004.100008.26 view


Partner 1Partner 2 Set Vol Final Total Pos.
E H D S Total E H T S Total E H T S Total
Mila FeldmanAshlea Bucke2509.534.50000000034.51
Charlie LoveMatthew Burson24.809.534.30000000034.32
Katie EvansAshlea Bucke24.609.534.10000000034.13
Abhi Macdonald MarlowGabriel Strydom-Green24.409.63400000000344
Yasmin SnookAnya Snook24.409.533.90000000033.95
Daniella StephensonEwen Jepson2409.833.80000000033.86
Jane MacraeJane Wilkey24.209.633.80000000033.87
Emily CliffordTegan Rouse2409.733.70000000033.78
Rosie MalesMia Nicoline Clarke24.109.533.60000000033.69
Jordan BrodaZachary Goggin24.109.333.40000000033.410
Alasdair MacraeLuis Pires2409.133.10000000033.111
Sydney KellyRhyannon Kinnley240933000000003312
Harry MallowsJoel Bowden-Pickstock23.809.132.90000000032.913
Matthew BursonLois McGuire24.108.832.90000000032.913
Alex BursonScarlett East23.50932.50000000032.515
Imogen Hartland Frances Pickup23.308.832.10000000032.116
Katie EvansTaranne Kendon19.907.927.80000000027.817
Sydney KellyRhyannon Kinnley501.86.8000000006.818

Competition dates

Date Time Details
Saturday 14th December 2013 00:00 - 00:00