Dragons Open

Dragons Open 2013

Date: Sunday 10th November 2013 at Easton College

Entries close: TBC

Entry ages: 4 years +

20 members from Cambridge Cangaroos Trampoline Club travelled to Easton College, Norwich for the annual Easton Open, hosted by Dragons Trampoline Club. The Easton Open has been attended by Cangaroos for as long as the competition has been running and once again, a healthy contingent of competitors, officials and coaches all made the trip to Norfolk. Once again, Cangaroos competitors did superbly in the individual, synchro and Russian roulette synchro competitions.

In the Grade I under 11 competition our 3 girls registered some of their best scores and performances. Top of the group was Scarlett East who took the bronze medal, just behind in 4th was Leacsidh Macdonald-Marlow and in 8th was Madeline Anderson.

In the Grade 1 over 11 competition, Holly White also took the bronze medal with Jane Wilkey close behind in 5th and Severn Whittingham just 0.1 behind Jane in 6th. In the Grade G under 13 boys, Henry Ashton took the bronze medal, but an unfortunate error in his first routine meant that Abhi Macdonald-Marlow had to settle for 5th place this time out. In the Grade G under 13 girls event, we swept the board taking Gold, Silver and Bronze, plus 6th and 7th place, Megan Searle took the Gold, Aaliyah Kinnley the Silver and Alexa Hanson the bronze, with Rhyannon Kinnley coming 6th and Gemma White 7th. An excellent showing from our young girls.

In the Grade G over 13 girls event, Katie Evans continued her winning form from Brentwood, taking the Gold medal in what would be a qualifying score. In the Grade F over 13 girls competition, Sydney Kelly also continued her golden progress taking the Gold medal with an extremely high score. In what was probably the most competitive of the days competitions, the Grade E under 15 girls, Mila Feldman came 4th, just outside the medals and Ashlea Bucke came 8th.

In the mixed Grade D group, Jordan Broda performed extremely well to take the bronze medal and Zach Goggin produced a personal best score to come 6th. Finally, Trinity Kelly, returning from injury overcame a problematic 1st routine to come a credible 6th in the mixed National C group after a high scoring 2nd routine.

Following the individual competition, the club also took part in the Synchro competition. This is where a pair of gymnasts perform the same routine, at the same time on adjacent trampolines, trying to mirror their height and movement. The Gymnasts are not only scored on their execution of the routine, but on the synchronicity of their bouncing. Making it an even more technical activity than the individual competitions. It can takes months of practice to achieve synchronicity and maintain high form. Cangaroos had two pairs competing.. In the Grade D competition, Jordan Broda and Zach Goggin took the silver medal and in the Grade E competition, Mila Feldman and Ashlea Bucke came 4th.

The final competition of the day was the Russian Roulette Synchro competition. This is where willing gymnasts put their name into a hat and are drawn into pairs and have just 15 minutes to practice a simple synchro routine with their new partner to achieve top form and synchro scores. This is an extremely difficult thing to achieve, especially as the hat is not respecter on age or size and the competition frequently throws up completely mis-matched pairs.

Cangaroos had 3 competitors taking part and Mila Feldman, took the Gold with her partner from Dragons and Sydney Kelly took silver, also with a Dragons partner with Trinity coming 7th when her partner forgot the routine partway through to halt the score at move 4. A fun and exciting day saw Cangaroos leave Norwich, tired but happy with 12 medals in all competitions.

Our final competition of the year will be our own Cangaroos Closed competition on December 14th at Sawston Sports Centre. We are hoping that the majority of our club members will take part to make it a memorable day for all. We will also be hosting our first ever Christmas Fayre alongside the competition open all day for all the family for those last minute gifts and cards.

As usual the club would like to thank all our officials and coaches who gave up their time to support the club at the competition.


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
All girls National C
Trinity Kelly20.40020.423.55.4028.9000049.36 view
All boys Regional D
Jordan Broda22.70022.722.35.8028.1000050.83 view
Zachary Goggin22.80022.822.64.4027000049.86 view
Under 15 girls Regional E
Mila Feldman23.30023.323.72.6026.3000049.64 view
Ashlea Bucke22.90022.922.32.1024.4000047.38 view
Under 13 girls Regional F
Sydney Kelly23.70023.723.91.9025.8000049.51 view
Over 13 girls Regional G
Katie Evans23.10023.122.20022.2000045.31 view
Under 13 boys Regional G
Henry Ashton21.30021.321.80021.8000043.13 view
Abhi Macdonald Marlow15.30015.321.90021.9000037.25 view
Under 13 girls Regional G
Meghan Searle22.80022.822.60022.6000045.41 view
Lexi Hanson21.60021.622.20022.2000043.83 view
Rhyannon Kinnley21.20021.221.60021.6000042.86 view
Gemma White20.70020.720.40020.4000041.17 view
Under 13 Regional G
Aaliyah Kinnley22.30022.322.80022.8000045.12 view
Over 11 girls Regional H
Holly White21.60021.621.70021.7000043.33 view
Jane Wilkey21002120.90020.9000041.95 view
Severn Whittingham21.20021.220.60020.6000041.86 view
Under 11 girls Regional H
Scarlett East21.50021.521.80021.8000043.33 view
Lexi Marlow21002121.40021.4000042.44 view
Madeleine Rose Anderson19.80019.819.20019.20000398 view


Partner 1Partner 2 Set Vol Final Total Pos.
E H D S Total E H T S Total E H T S Total
All C
Jordan BrodaZachary Goggin33.609.44332.80941.8000084.82

Competition dates

Date Time Details
Sunday 10th November 2013 00:00 - 00:00