Easton Grading

Easton Grading 2013

Date: Sunday 26th May 2013 at Easton College

Entries close: TBC

Entry ages: 4 years +

The final regional grading of the season took place at Easton College in Norfolk.

After an early start and arrival all the attendees were treated to an almighty view of Steve Lock's horrendously parked Ferrari glistening in the summer sun.

As the bouncers, parents and coaches started to roll up the competition came to life. First up was Byron in the Over 15 Boys Regional E. He performed two good routines that had the onlookers heart's in their mouths as he sailed into 1st place. Unfortunately he missed the grading score by 0.1 but can still be proud of a job well done.

Next up was Macy in the Under 9 Girls Club H. She performed a brilliant set routine but a small tumble in her vol took her down to 9th place. A great effort though from our roo!

Following her were Gabe and Abhi in the Under 11 Boys Regional G. Gabe nailed his two routines to finish 1st and qualify up to Regional F. A small blip on Abhi's set cost him dearly but he still finished a commendable 8th.

Following them was Dani in Regional F. A well-controlled routine saw her finish 4th not quite making the grade today. On the adjacent trampoline Meghan Searle bounced one of her tidiest routines ever claiming 8th place.

It was then time for the 'munchkins' in Club H; Rhyannon, Lexi, Scarlett, Gemma, Sarah and Danae. As Tony 'The God Father' Fagelman marshalled them in to the order it was clear they were looking good. Between them they took 1st and 2nd teams whilst Rhyannon took 3rd place in the individual. The awesomeness of this result was made even better when Sine dropped off another crate load of cakes that were promptly devoured by hungry children (and Frankie).

After lunch, the ever-energetic Sydney was competing in Regional F under the watchful eye of Tony. A strong set routine followed by an even better vol saw her take 3rd place and qualify up to Regional E! It was not clear from the result whether Sydney or Jerry was more impressed but we are nonetheless proud of her.

Holly White then competed in the under 13 girls club H and secured a 6th place finish.

Following them were Jane Wilkey and Rebecca Kiff competing their H routine. Some massive improvements in form saw them finish 3rd and 1st and we continue to be impressed by their improvement and their ability to always smile when competing.

Immediately after was Charlie Love competing in F and he stormed two great routines grading to Regional E and finishing 4th. Alongside him was Jordan Broda in his first competition for the Cangaroos in Regional D. He performed well but was unable to make the grading score despite finishing in 1st place.

Following them was Isobel Grant, Felicity Lawrence, Alexa Hanson and Aaliayah Kinley in Regional G. Isobel went first and despite a stumble on the somersault did very well with two mid 7 routines finishing 2nd. Isobell and Niki now keenly look forward to the next regional grading in October at Histon. Felicity came 4th, Alexa 5th and Aaliyah 7th which meant they also secured first place team.

Following them was Katie Evans competing at G. She did a good set followed by a superb voluntary up until the 7th move where (despite continuing) was adjudged to have landed one footed and therefore penalised - we know she will get it next time now!

Mila Feldman was next competing in E and managed a respectable third place after some hard work in training on her new skills. Sergent Major Mila then became the marshall supreme on panel 3 organising all the following bouncers with military discipline.

Finally it was Ashlea and Lois competing in Regional F. Two great routines from both of them meant Lois finished 2nd and Ashlea take 6th both qualifying for promotion to Regional E - massive well done!

That brought us to the end of one of our most successful grading entries ever! Thank you to all coaches, judges and helpers who stayed to get us through. We now look forward to next weekend where the national squad will travel to South Shields for the Northern Gala.


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
Under 13 boys Regional D
Jordan Broda22.20022.222.34.2026.522.84.202775.71 view
Over 15 boys Regional E
Byron Bowden-Pickstock23.50023.523.32.6025.9000049.41 view
Under 15 girls Regional E
Mila Feldman23.50023.522.72.6025.3000048.83 view
Under 13 boys Regional F
Charlie Love23.20023.21.9001.9000025.14 Q view
Under 13 girls Regional F
Sydney Kelly23.20023.223.71.9025.6000048.83 Q view
Under 15 girls Regional F
Lois McGuire23.80023.8241.9025.9000049.72 Q view
Ashlea Bucke22.80022.822.81.9024.7000047.56 Q view
Under 17 girls Regional F
Daniella Stephenson21.80021.821.50021.5000043.33 view
Over 17 girls Regional G
Katie Evans22.10022.115.40015.4000037.55 view
Under 11 boys Regional G
Gabriel Strydom-Green22.60022.622.80022.8000045.41 Q view
Abhi Macdonald Marlow20.30020.3210021000041.38 view
Under 11 girls Regional G
Meghan Searle21.60021.622.20022.2000043.88 view
Under 13 girls Regional G
Isobel Grant21.70021.7220022000043.72 view
Felicity Lawrence21.90021.921.20021.2000043.14 view
Lexi Hanson21.50021.521.30021.3000042.85 view
Aaliyah Kinnley19.50019.521.40021.4000040.97 view
Over 15 girls Regional H
Rebecka Kiff21.90021.9220022000043.91 view
Jane Wilkey18.90018.921.10021.10000403 view
Under 11 girls Regional H
Rhyannon Kinnley22.10022.1230023000045.13 Q view
Lexi Marlow21.60021.6220022000043.67 view
Scarlett East21.80021.821.70021.7000043.58 view
Gemma White22.10022.121.40021.4000043.59 view
Sarah Hardwick20.80020.821.90021.9000042.712 view
Danae Candotti20.80020.821.30021.3000042.115 view
Under 13 girls Regional H
Holly White20.30020.320.70020.70000416 view
Under 9 girls Regional H
Macy Dexter21.80021.813.40013.4000035.29 view

Competition dates

Date Time Details
Sunday 26th May 2013 00:00 - 00:00