Regional Championships

Regional Championships 2013

Date: Sunday 23rd June 2013 at Wisbech College

Entries close: TBC

Entry ages: 4 years +

Press report in the Saffron Walden Reporter available here!

The first ever Regional Championships gave every club in the Eastern Region a chance to compete for the title of regional champions. Cangaroos submitted 13 entries in the hope of some great regional silverware and we were not disappointed...

The hour was early when Tony's drag racer car pulled into Cambridge to pick up Ali. As he drove them across the open flood plains of North Cambridgeshire there was a certain air of anticipation building. They arrived along with the other coaches and competitors and setup camp by Neil's computer metropolis in the hall.

Before long the competition was under-way with Neil frantically re-shuffling teams ready for the day's bouncing. Ali (who was clearly in need of a wake up) was promptly called into action as one competitor made a flying dive for floor only to be caught by the half-conscious coach at the very last second, debatable who was more surprised!

The booming voice of national judge Jerry could be heard as competitors made their way on to Fenland's trampolines and prepared to compete. The first competitors of the day for Cangaroos were Aaliyah, Felicity and Ella in Regional G. Under the watchful eye of Tony and the 'Spielberg esc' talents of Myffy and the video camera the three of them set Cangaroos off to a great start finishing 5th, 2nd and 1st - fantastic job girls!

Next up was Mila in Regional E who has been flying so far this year and today was no exception, with two storming routines to take yet another 1st place for her collection. Before Sydney took to the trampoline, Ali and Franky put on their own diving display on the floor mats which would have even made Tom Dailey proud; the two ending up head over heels on the 'slidey' mat!

Undeterred, (and fortunately with better balance than her mother) Sydney pulled out two good routines to finish in 3rd place in Regional F!

To add to the trophies Ashlea then nailed her routines in Regional F and brought another 1st place to the Cangaroo haul for the day. Katie Evans followed her in Regional G and her steady improvement saw her take 2nd before Abhi also finished second in the under 11 boys regional G.

Of course no competition would be complete without cakes and right on cue Sine delivered another banquet of baked delicacies to the Cangaroos HQ.

After some impressive routines from the FIG A / FIG B bouncers including former Cangaroo Emma Armitage it was the turn of Myffy in National C. Despite a creative straight barani she scored well and just missed out on a trophy finishing 4th. Following her was Ali and Matthew in the boys national C age groups. Ali was consistent enough to finish 2nd however Matthew scored massively and took 1st place as well as the National C individual title. We are hoping they will continue their success in the National Finals in Birmingham in a fortnight.

Finally it was Jordan and Zach in Regional D. This was Zach's first competition at D and he did very well despite so nearly touching the mat and came away with 5th. His counterpart in crime Jordan, scored very well and added another trophy to the day finishing 3rd.

The only matter left to decide was the club regional championships which after some frantic last minute calculations by Dave Kingaby, Neil and Ali determined that Cangaroos became the regional champions for 2013 and took home the shield!

Well done to all our competitors, coaches, judges, parents and helpers who made the trip today for the last regional competition of the season. Next up is the National Finals on Saturday 6th July. Good luck Ali, Luis and Matt.


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
Over 15 boys National C
Ali Macrae22002221.57.4028.9000050.92 view
Over 17 girls National C
Myffy Cairns23.10023.123.26.5029.7000052.84 view
Under 15 boys National C
Matthew Burson24.40024.4237.5030.5000054.91 view
Under 19 boys Regional D
Jordan Broda22.40022.422.84.2027000049.43 view
Zachary Goggin22.40022.422.13.8025.9000048.35 view
Under 15 girls Regional E
Mila Feldman22.30022.3232.6025.6000047.91 view
Under 13 girls Regional F
Sydney Kelly22.20022.223.11.9025000047.23 view
Under 15 girls Regional F
Ashlea Bucke23.50023.523.11.9025000048.51 view
Over 17 girls Regional G
Katie Evans23.20023.2230023000046.22 view
Under 11 boys Regional G
Abhi Macdonald Marlow22.50022.522.30022.3000044.82 view
Under 13 girls Regional G
Ella Schumann22.40022.422.40022.4000044.81 view
Felicity Lawrence22.60022.621.80021.8000044.42 view
Aaliyah Kinnley21.70021.719.80019.8000041.55 view

Competition dates

Date Time Details
Sunday 23rd June 2013 00:00 - 00:00