Cambridge Grading

Cambridge Grading 2014

Date: Saturday 29th March 2014 - Sunday 30th March 2014 at Cambridge University Sports Centre

Entries close: TBC

Entry ages: 4 years +

On the weekend of March 29th / 30th Cambridge Cangaroos Trampoline Club and Cambridge University Trampoline Club played host to the Final NDP trampoline competition and the third Regional Grading competition of the season at the fabulous new surroundings of the Cambridge University Sports Hall.

Cangaroos did not have any entries in the NDP competition, so all club eyes were turned to Sundays event. This turned out to be the biggest grading event of the year so far, with over 320 individual entries and over 20 synchro pairs across the grades. This meant for a very long day of competition starting at 9.00am and finishing at 6.00pm, so a huge thank you must go out to all our coaches, officials and willing volunteers who supported the day.

Cangaroos had 39 individual entries, plus two synchro pairs, and were once again the club with the most representatives on the day. The day started early with club members and volunteers on hand to complete the set-up and be ready for the large influx. At 9.00 our first competitor of the day, Jane Wilkey took to the trampolines to compete in the TPD (Trampolining for Disabilities) R1C1 grade. Jane had previously qualified to the National events but was hoping to repeat that today. After two good routines, Jane equalled her results from Brentwood and came 2nd. However, she went one better later in the day and competing in the over 15 ladies Club H she took 1st place for the first time beating some very good competition.

Next to compete was Taranne Kendon in the Over 15 Ladies National C competition. Two competent routines saw Taranne manage a credible 7th place in a very competitive group.

Following her was Imogen and Frances Pickup in the Over 17 Ladies Regional E competition. Both were striving to qualify to D and sisterly rivalry was fierce. This time it was Frances who came out on top, taking 2nd place over Imogen’s 4th place, but most importantly, qualifying to Regional D.

In the Over 17 Ladies Regional F, Katie Evans took 3rd place in her first ever competition at this level, having only just qualified up at the previous competition.

In the under 11 Boys Club H, Oliver Burrell took 3rd place, In the under 11 Girls Club H, Lizzie Chamberlain came 12th and Chloe Rollings came 13th.

Meanwhile in the under 11 Boys Regional G, Toby Chapman came 6th, Kieron Thorne came 7th and Abhi Macdonald-Marlow came 9th, as a team they came 2nd. In the Under 11 Girls Regional G Rhyannon Kinnley came 2nd and she successfully qualified to Regional F.

Another qualifier was Gabriel Strydom-Green who not only came 2nd in his first ever Under 13 Boys Regional Grade E competition, he also qualified up to Grade D, a fantastic achievement.

In the Under 13 Girls Club H our team of Aleena Allen, Katie Golding, Natalia Allen, Ellie Cranfield and Madeline Anderson took 1st place with Aleena coming 5th, Katie 7th, Natalie 10th, Ellie 12th and Madeline 14th. An excellent effort all round.

Shortly after was the Under 13 Girls Regional E, Sydney Kelly once again came 4th, narrowly missing out on a medal and the qualifying score. In the Under 13 Girls Regional F, Felicity Lawrence came in 4th place. Aaliyah Kinnley came 5th having previously qualified to Grade E at the last competition.

In the Under 13 Girls Regional G our team of Katie Todman, Leacsidh Macdonald-Marlow, Sarah Hardwick and Scarlett East took 1st place with Katie coming 8th, Leacsidh 9th, Sarah 12 and Scarlett 14th. In the Under 15 boys Regional D, Jordan Broda took 1st place with Zach Goggins 2nd. Then as a synchro pair they went on to win the Mens Synchro D competition.

In the Under 15 Boys Regional G, Mael Bely came 5th and in the Under 15 Girls Regional G Alexa Hanson came 10th and Lorna McBride came 18th. Next up was Mila Feldman in the Girls under 15 Regional E and although she narrowly missed out on a medal in 4th place she did successfully qualify to Regional Grade D. Another great achievement.

In the Under 17 Girls Regional G Ashely Bucke took 5th place but narrowly missed qualification to Regional D, better luck next time. Florence Simmons was more successful, taking 2nd place and qualifying for Regional F.

In the Under 9 Boys Club H Sollie Strydom-Green came 1st and Michael Kapsita came 2nd. In the Under 9 Girls Club H, Macy Dexter took 2nd place and qualified to Regional G, Amelie-Daisy Hacker came 10th.

Finally in the Girls Regional E Synchro, Frances Pickup and Sydney Kelly rounded off a great day of competition by taking 3rd place. Some amazing results and some wonderful performances were shown by all the Cangaroos gymnasts and we now look forward to the Regional Championships in June where the club will be defending its title as Regional Champion.


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
TDD RC1 girls
Jane Wilkey21002120.70020.7000041.72 view
Over 15 girls National C
Taranne Kendon21.50021.521.45.2026.6000048.17 view
Under 15 boys Regional D
Jordan Broda21.20021.220.75.7026.4000047.61 view
Zachary Goggin21.20021.220.84.7025.5000046.72 view
Over 17 girls Regional E
Frances Pickup22.80022.8233026000048.82 Q view
Imogen Hartland 23.10023.122.22.6024.8000047.94 view
Under 13 boys Regional E
Gabriel Strydom-Green23.10023.122.73025.7000048.82 Q view
Under 13 girls Regional E
Sydney Kelly22.70022.722.62.6025.2000047.94 view
Under 15 girls Regional E
Mila Feldman23.70023.723.32.6025.9000049.64 Q view
Under 17 girls Regional E
Ashlea Bucke22002222.72.6025.3000047.35 Q view
Over 17 girls Regional F
Katie Evans22002222.21.9024.1000046.13 view
Under 13 girls Regional F
Felicity Lawrence22.70022.721.71.9023.6000046.34 view
Aaliyah Kinnley22.30022.322.71.9024.6000046.95 view
Under 11 boys Regional G
Tobias Chapman22.30022.321.70021.70000446 view
Kieran Thorne21.90021.920.70020.7000042.67 view
Abhi Macdonald Marlow22.80022.819.10019.1000041.99 view
Under 11 girls Regional G
Rhyannon Kinnley22.20022.2230023000045.22 Q view
Under 13 girls Regional G
Katie Todman20.70020.721.80021.8000042.58 view
Lexi Marlow21.50021.5210021000042.59 view
Sarah Hardwick20.80020.820.60020.6000041.412 view
Scarlett East20.30020.320.80020.8000041.114 view
Under 15 boys Regional G
Mael Bely20.60020.621.10021.1000041.75 view
Under 15 girls Regional G
Lexi Hanson22.30022.322.10022.1000044.410 view
Lorna McBride21.10021.119.20019.2000040.318 view
Under 17 girls Regional G
Florence Simmons22.40022.422.80022.8000045.22 view
Over 15 girls Regional H
Jane Wilkey22002222.30022.3000044.31 view
Under 11 boys Regional H
Oliver Burrell20.90020.920.80020.8000041.73 view
Under 11 girls Regional H
Elizabeth Chamberlain20.70020.721.30021.300004212 view
Chloe Rollins21.20021.220.70020.7000041.913 view
Under 13 girls Regional H
Aleena Lily Allen22.10022.122.70022.7000044.85 view
Katie Golding22.20022.222.60022.6000044.87 view
Natalia Ellen Sophie Allen22002221.60021.6000043.610 view
Ellie Cranfield21.40021.421.40021.4000042.812 view
Madeleine Rose Anderson16.80016.820.70020.7000037.514 view
Under 9 boys Regional H
Sollie Strydom-Green21002120.60020.6000041.61 view
Michael Kapitsa40046.3006.3000010.32 view
Under 9 girls Regional H
Macy Dexter22.30022.322.70022.70000452 Q view
Amélie Hacker17.20017.26.3006.3000023.510 view


Partner 1Partner 2 Set Vol Final Total Pos.
E H D S Total E H T S Total E H T S Total
boys D
Jordan BrodaZachary Goggin14.7018.633.313.
girls E
Frances PickupSydney Kelly15.601934.614.62.618.635.8000070.43

Competition dates

Date Time Details
Saturday 29th March 2014 09:00 - 17:00 NPD 3 - 5
Sunday 30th March 2014 09:00 - 17:00 Grades H - C