Cambridge Open

Cambridge Open 2014

Date: Saturday 8th February 2014 at Cambridge University Sports Centre

Entries close: -0001-11-30

Entry ages: 18 years +

The Cambridge Open was the first competition hosted by the Cambridge University at their new facilities. Andrew and the University team had spent a great deal of time organising and setting up the very successful day that had everything from twisting dismounts to roulette syncro.

With several Cangaroos in attendance to judge, marshal, serve drinks and compete we had a good attendance for a university competition. Familiar faces on the judging panels was great to see, and both Ali and Luis were busy judging the morning sessions while Kim marshalled bouncers into position. The ever energetic Harry Mallows was promoted to Cambridge Uni Assistant VP for the day and was making himself useful serving judges drinks and prepping their lunch.

First on from Cangaroos was Byron whose acrobatic dismounts were poised to shock the crowd but he finished with a smile on his face. After was Myffy in women's Uber who performed some tidy routines scoring 8s for the set. Despite her form she could not compete with the higher tariffs of the other bouncers and came in 8th. Following her was Taranne is the advanced ladies. Now we are not a club of superstition but Taranne will probably never state she has never crashed out of a competition right before she competes again. Her half twisting bounce roll (originally a ball out barani) was certainly a skill she should consider for two trick. Closely following her was Callum in the elite mens coming in 4th.

As they finished it was the higher synchro competition. We had three pairs in this event with Ali and Luis, Andrew and Myffy and Byron and Alan. Ali and Luis set the bar very high with a breathtaking display of sync scoring a 9.6 and finishing 3rd. Andrew and Myffy were well synced but lacked the form needed to podium. To everyone's shock Byron and his partner completed their routine rendering the countless cameras people had filming them, were not going to be getting money for you've been framed just yet.

As the syncro ended it was time for the Uber mens. This was Ali and Luis competing with some of the best trampolinists from England and France. Ali went first and belted out a new club tariff record for the set routine (including a rudy-out) at 2.2. Luis also completed his set with some creative positioning on the trampoline. As the vols came Ali sadly lost his count mid-routine only managing 9 moves finishing 5th whilst Luis performed and acrobatic dismount to the trampoline end deck coming 7th.

Finally was the roulette syncro which even starred head coach Tony Fagelman. Roulette syncro is when competitors names are placed into a hat and you are randomly paired with another bouncer. With only 1 warm up you must compete the lower lowest of the pairs set routine. Andrew, Luis, Ali and Taranne all had to compete advanced. Byron was top dog for Cangaroos coming in 4th with his partner.

The club wishes to pass on our thanks to the University for inviting us (and for posting some great photos of Ali dressed as Redfoo from LMFAO).


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
Advanced boys
Byron Bowden-Pickstock10.30010.318.82.6021.4000031.79 view
Elite boys
Callum Beasley20.50020.516.33.9020.2000040.74 view
Elite girls
Taranne Kendon21.60021.616.74.5021.2000042.810 view
Uber boys
Ali Macrae21.62.2023.817.77.4025.1000048.95 view
Luis Pires20.91.8022.77.94011.9000034.67 view
Uber girls
Myffy Cairns231.6024.622.85.7028.5000053.18 view


Partner 1Partner 2 Set Vol Final Total Pos.
E H D S Total E H T S Total E H T S Total
Alasdair MacraeLuis Pires24.109.433.50000000033.53
Andrew AistrupMyffy Cairns2308.631.60000000031.66
Byron Bowden-PickstockAlan Mccreanor22.408.130.50000000030.59
Byron Bowden-PickstockJamey Street24.409.533.90000000033.94
Luis PiresAnya Robinson21.807.229000000002914
Andrew AistrupHannah Ellis9.803.713.50000000013.525
Antony FagelmanRoxy Eversden7.902.510.40000000010.428
Alasdair MacraeKatherine Majulian7.102.79.8000000009.829
Taranne KendonPolly James6.902.79.6000000009.630
Callum BeasleyHannah Lithgow2.300.83.1000000003.133

Competition dates

Date Time Details
Saturday 8th February 2014 09:00 - 17:00