Club Competition

Club Competition 2014

Date: Saturday 13th December 2014 at Sawston

Entries close: TBC

Entry ages: 4 years +

It was a cold morning on Saturday 13th December. After a phenomenal effort setting up the previous day the hall and gym were set for the 2014 Cangaroos Club Competition. Ali first through the door turned the lights as the hall came to life ready for the highlight of the Cangaroos year. There are few things more impressive than watching our team of coaches, committee, gymnasts, judges and friends all come together to put on a day that requries such an enourmous amount of preparation.

As the chirstmas fayre in the gym came to life it Neil arrived to setup the IT - and despite forgetting how power leads worked got it up and running pretty quick. The whole club posed for the club photo and we began the day with the Coaches Ego Cup. This is a contest between all L2 or higher coaches at the club and is based on pure execution. The current holder was Luis but this year he faced stiff competition again from Franky, Tony, Nicky and Ali. Nicky who had only got her routine working the previois night and pulled out an awesome rudy but unfortunately tried to bow to early after she landed it and ended up touch the end deck. Franky did well also with minimal practice but after the first three it was Tony who led. Tony who had yet to win the cup could now only watch as Luis flew into the air scraping the Sawston roof to beat Tony's score with stright 8 scores. This only left Ali - who also had never won the cup to compete. After some shakey in bounces he found his form and stormed into first place and secured the Ego Cup putting Luis in 2nd and Tony in 3rd.

We then kicked off the main part of the competition which all our gymnasts had cma e to enter in. Our extra volunteer judges Jane Macrae Jo Wardle and Sussanah Hughes arrived to help out for this. With new qualified county judge Olga Feldman getting her panel ready we were underway.

We saw so many notable performances that we could not possibly list them all here but some of note;

As the individual competition came to a close it was time for the synchro. This involves two trampolinists performing the same routine at the same time. Marks in our competition are awarded for synch and form only with an additional price for best costume. We saw some great routines this year and Neil and Sarnie's efforts were a demonstration that anyone can enjoy our sport at any age or ability - even if they are a middle aged man dressed in spandex - do not worry readers it was ensured to be appropriate :). Winners of the synchro were Matthew Burson and Zach Goggin narrowly beating Sydney and Trinity.

Finally we finished with the 2 trick competition. A competition where gymansts perform their two craziest tricks and the crowd picks the winner. We had 4 entrants in Luis, Ali, Lawrence and Matt. In the first round Ali performed a Barani to back landing followed by a double back pullover. Lawrence beat him by 1 vote performing a double turntable. In the other 1st round tie Luis performed a back somersault followed by a 2 3/4 front somersault to beat Matt's 1 3/4 Front fliff ballout barani. This setup the final where Lawrence perofrmed a 3/4 back somersault 1/2 in 1/2 out cody to beat Luis' 2 1/4 Front somersault with full twist straight.

The Cangaroos wish to thank all our helpers for making this day so awesome. Huge congratulations to all our gymnasts and we look forward to seeing you all next year.


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
9+ CDP0 girls
Honey Budd23.40023.422.70022.7000046.11 view
Milly Boon18.90018.922.70022.7000041.62 view
Olivia Newey14.50014.5160016000030.53 view
CDP0 boys
Matis Candotti21.60021.621.10021.1000042.71 view
Joshua Fawcett19.80019.822.40022.4000042.22 view
George Mack20.80020.821.10021.1000041.93 view
Cayden Rivers20002021.10021.1000041.14 view
Oscar Burrell17.60017.618.80018.8000036.45 view
Corben Bristow16.30016.318.70018.70000356 view
Alex Radford21.10021.122.50022.5000043.61 view
Jane Wilkey18.70018.7190019000037.72 view
Olivia Newey16.50016.518.20018.2000034.73 view
U7 CDP0 girls
Stella Richards15.60015.616.70016.7000032.31 view
Lilly Goodbrand16.20016.211.10011.1000027.32 view
Khadija Hanif11.80011.811.10011.1000022.93 view
U9 CDP0 girls
Ella Searle23002323.60023.6000046.61 view
Jasmin Little20.80020.821.60021.6000042.42 view
Sally Hudson20.30020.321.80021.8000042.13 view
Emily Selmes19.80019.821.40021.4000041.24 view
Eleanor Grace Crew21.70021.719.50019.5000041.25 view
Sophie Swinton21.40021.418.20018.2000039.66 view
Abigael Samson16.60016.620.40020.40000377 view
Isla Cowling11.70011.718.60018.6000030.38 view
Mae Brown12.80012.810.90010.9000023.79 view
boys CDP 1
Aaron Dampier15.40015.423.20023.2000038.61 view
10+ girls CDP 1
Ellie Cranfield23.50023.523.10023.1000046.61 view
Caitlin Cook22.80022.822.80022.8000045.62 view
Sandra East22.60022.621.90021.9000044.53 view
Madeleine Rose Anderson19.10019.122.90022.90000424 view
Jane Wilkey22.10022.119.30019.3000041.45 view
Lottie Frost18.40018.419.20019.2000037.66 view
11+ girls CDP 1
Sarah Hardwick18.50018.522.30022.3000040.84 view
U10 girls CDP 1
Ellie DArcy-Evans22.50022.522.70022.7000045.21 view
Olivia Richardson22.20022.222.60022.6000044.82 view
Poppy Budd21.50021.521.40021.4000042.93 view
Amélie Hacker19.50019.522.70022.7000042.24 view
girls CDP 2
Anna Richardson22.70022.722.70022.7000045.41 view
Freya Martin22.40022.421.80021.8000044.22 view
Sophie Hancock22.50022.521.60021.6000044.13 view
Lirit Dampier21.50021.519.30019.3000040.84 view
Coaches Cup
Ali Macrae24.20024.20000000024.21 view
Luis Pires23.40023.40000000023.42 view
Tony Fagelman23.20023.20000000023.23 view
Francoise Lucas23.10023.10000000023.14 view
Nicky Andersen21.90021.90000000021.95 view
boys NDP 1
Alex Burson23.70023.723.90023.9000047.61 view
Oliver Burrell22.10022.122.40022.4000044.52 view
11+ girls NDP 1
Scarlett East23.90023.924.50024.5000048.41 view
Lexi Marlow22.80022.823.20023.20000462 view
Katie Todman22.80022.822.70022.7000045.53 view
Jo Costin20.90020.917.20017.2000038.15 view
U11 girls NDP 1
Martha Graves24.40024.423.80023.8000048.21 view
Macy Dexter24.20024.223.30023.3000047.52 view
Amelia Crew23002322.70022.7000045.73 view
Elizabeth Chamberlain19.30019.321.80021.8000041.14 view
boys NDP 2
Kieran Thorne23.50023.524.80024.8000048.31 view
Killian Cordan24002423.70023.7000047.72 view
Fergus Godsill22.90022.922.80022.8000045.73 view
11+ girls NDP 2
Amelie Fawcett25.30025.324.40024.4000049.71 view
Danae Candotti23.90023.922.70022.7000046.62 view
Hannah Swinton23.10023.123.40023.4000046.53 view
Holly White23.70023.722.80022.8000046.54 view
Daisy Frost21.50021.523.30023.3000044.85 view
Amber Brooks21.50021.522.50022.50000446 view
Aleena Lily Allen23.40023.418.50018.5000041.97 view
U11 girls NDP 2
Hermione Simpson21.80021.821.90021.9000043.71 view
Gemma White21.80021.821.10021.1000042.92 view
boys NDP 3
Tobias Chapman23.70023.722.70024.7000048.41 view
Rufus Godsill 23.20023.222.80024.80000482 view
George Graves22.70022.722.60024.8000047.53 view
girls NDP 3
Rhyannon Kinnley23.80023.824.20026.20000501 view
Chloe Rollins22.80022.8230025000047.82 view
boys NDP 4
Henry Ashton23.10023.123.80023.8000046.91 view
girls NDP 4
Meghan Searle24.30024.323.90026.9000051.21 view
Aaliyah Kinnley23.70023.723.70026.7000050.42 view
Lexi Hanson22.90022.922.60025.6000048.53 view
girls NDP 5
Felicity Lawrence24.10024.123.20026.8000050.91 view
Katie Evans22.10022.1220022000044.12 view
boys NDP 6
Zachary Goggin24.10024.122.50029.3000053.41 view
Laurence Halfpenny22.80022.821.80028.8000051.62 view
Harry Mallows22.90022.922.70027.2000050.13 view
Gabriel Strydom-Green22.20022.221.50026000048.24 view
Abhi Macdonald Marlow22002221.200260000485 view
girls NDP 6
Sydney Kelly23.80023.823.70027.8000051.61 view
Mila Feldman23.70023.721.10027000050.72 view
Ashlea Bucke22.40022.422.30027.7000050.13 view
boys NDP 7
Matthew Burson25.70025.724.39.6033.9000059.61 view
Ali Macrae25.10025.123.27.5030.7000055.82 view
Luis Pires23.50023.520.30026.8000050.33 view
girls NDP 7
Trinity Kelly24.40024.425.40030.60000551 view
Taranne Kendon23.70023.722.60027.8000051.52 view


Partner 1Partner 2 Set Vol Final Total Pos.
E H D S Total E H T S Total E H T S Total
Matthew BursonZachary Goggin16.1019.435.50000000035.51
Sydney KellyTrinity Kelly15.7019.435.10000000035.12
Abhi Macdonald MarlowTaranne Kendon14.8019.834.60000000034.63
Alasdair MacraeLuis Pires15.4018.63400000000344
Matthew BursonAlex Burson14.7017.432.10000000032.15
Sandra EastScarlett East11.2019.230.40000000030.46
Alex RadfordJane Wilkey14015.629.60000000029.67
Neil PikeSandra East12.601022.60000000022.68

Competition dates

Date Time Details
Friday 12th December 2014 19:00 - 21:00 Pre-comp setup
Saturday 13th December 2014 09:00 - 17:00 Competition