Cambridge NDP

Cambridge NDP 2015

Date: Sunday 6th December 2015 at Cambridge University Sports Centre

Entries close: 2015-11-14

Entry ages: 4 years +

It was a cold winters Saturday evening as Neil, Stuart and Ali arrived to help former bouncer Andrew Aistrup with setup for the 2015 Cambridge NDP competition. After much alignment and precise locating of equipment the panels and IT were setup. Pizza short arrived (thanks Cambridge Uni TC) and we tucked in and reminded ourselves of some good stories from the region. As night pulled in the team left the centre for the following day's activities.

As we arrived in the morning the DMT was now set up and the competition was ready to go. Today Ali would be managing IT as Neil had his eccentric party life to attend to. The competition got under way with Luis and Nicky judging with Scott, Franky and Neil manning the floor. This competition was the first major integration of the new 0 score for incomplete routines - a controversial rule to say the least.

First up was the bubbly team of Freya in Club 2 along with Hannah and Scarlett in NDP 1. Good routines from Hannah and Scarlett saw them take 9th and 12th but some even better ones from Freya saw her finish 3rd. Following them was Lexi and Katie in the second flight of NDP 1 and Lexi topped the team finishing 6th but Katie had a small blip in her routine resulting in a 14th place finish. Nonetheless our NDP 1 team finished 1st overall so well done girls!

On next was Lirit who (along with her brother Aaron and fellow competitor Gabby) was competing for the first ever time. She did brilliantly completing two consistent routines at NDP 1 and achieved the qualifying score to the regional semi-finals - huge well done! Gabby also did really well but a small mistake in her first routine cost her some needed points - she still finished a respectable 16th in a tough group.

Following them was the ever reliable Danae and two solid routines from her saw her finish 14th in Over 13 girls NDP 2.

Then it was time for the ever-active Aaron who's buzz and energy charmed the room. He recovered from a mistake in his first routine to finish 3rd in his first ever competition - huge well done! Shortly after was Oliver - he too was hit by the seemingly present first routine curse but still was able to complete his second finishing in 4th in NDP 1.

Poppy and Molly were up next in NDP 1 9-10 girls. Both had trouble in one of their routines but ultimately did very well finishing 13th and 11th respectively.

Toby, our regional champion at NDP 3 then completed both his routines well to take a deserved 2nd place - he continues to improve at the regional level.

Following him was Sydney Aaliyah and Felicity in NDP 5 13-14 girls. Syd led the way with some high scoring routines finishing 1st. Behind her was Aaliyah in 4th and Felicity in 7th.

Closely after him was Michael. Despite some early anxiousness Michael did very well and was ultimately just undone by some small mistakes. He was so close on both routines but just did not quite complete them - he came home in 5th.

It was then the turn of Ashlea in over 17 girls NDP 6. Two good routines from her in a tough group saw her finish 5th.

Towards the end of the afternoon it was Gemma in NDP 2 9-12 girls. Good routines from her saw her finish a respectable 6th. After her was Anya and Rhyannon who both performed really well finishing 3rd and 4th respectively in a close group.

Our final competitor was Chloe Rollins - her smiling face coupled with her improving form saw her bounce well and finish in 10th - well done.

Our next competition will be the following Saturday in Sawston for the annual club competition. We will see you all then.


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
7 - 10 girls CDP 2
Freya Martin21.20021.821.30021.9000043.73 view
11 - 12 boys NDP 1
Oliver Burrell21.50022.10000000022.14 view
Michael Kapitsa00000000000005 view
11 - 12 girls NDP 1
Lirit Dampier21002121002100004212 view
Ana Valladares 000020.4002100002116 view
Elizabeth Chamberlain000000000000017 view
13 + girls NDP 1
Lexi Marlow22.80023.4230023.60000476 view
Scarlett East22.60023.222.80023.4000046.69 view
Hannah Swinton22.4002322.30022.9000045.912 view
Katie Todman0000220022.6000022.614 view
7 - 10 boys NDP 1
Aaron Dampier0000220022.6000022.63 view
9 - 10 girls NDP 1
Molly McGregor000022.30022.9000022.911 view
Poppy Budd21.40022000000002213 view
13 + girls NDP 2
Danae Candotti22.30022.922.40023000045.914 view
9 - 12 girls NDP 2
Gemma White22.30022.922.10022.10000456 view
11 - 12 boys NDP 3
Tobias Chapman22.60023.222.40023000046.22 view
11 - 12 girls NDP 3
Chloe Rollins21.90021.921.80021.8000043.710 view
13 + girls NDP 3
Maya Humphries21.50022.10000000022.114 view
13 + girls NDP 4
Meghan Searle22.50023.121.90021.900004515 view
Yasmin Snook21.90022.521.40021.4000043.916 view
9 - 12 girls NDP 4
Anya Snook23.10023.722.70022.7000046.43 view
Rhyannon Kinnley22.90023.522.10022.1000045.64 view
13 - 14 girls NDP 5
Sydney Kelly23.60023.623.80023.8000047.41 view
Aaliyah Kinnley21.70021.721.20021.2000042.94 view
Felicity Lawrence21.70021.70000000021.77 view
17 + girls NDP 6
Ashlea Bucke21.70021.720.10020.1000041.85 view
9 - 12 boys NDP 6
Abhi Macdonald Marlow22002221.50021.5000043.51 view
Gabriel Strydom-Green22.60022.60000000022.62 view

Competition dates

Date Time Details
Sunday 6th December 2015 09:00 - 17:00