Club Competition

Club Competition 2015

Date: Saturday 12th December 2015 at Sawston

Entries close: 2015-12-04

Entry ages: 4 years +


Thanks to DE Photo for capturing the day for us. You can find all the photos on their website with event code cangaroos


So once again we arrived at our annual club competition in Sawston. This is closed competition for only our club and is a chance for all members to get a feel for what competing is really like.

Despite some last minute issues with the timetables the setup and organisation had gone mostly to plan. The day began with the traditional club photo with members all dressed in their smart new shirts, and Neil dressed as a squirrel - after-all he is a bit nuts.

After the club photo we started as always with the coaches 'Ego' competition. A contest between all the coaches allowing the winner bragging rights for the year. Of course the main objective is to ensure Tony does not win and after that it is an open contest. Luis and Ali successfully prevented a Fagelman 1-2 with Luis taking the honors this year. We were even treated to a spectacular two part routine from Franky!

Ego shield decided and off kicked the main competition. This involved competitors from all levels and ages including many first-timers. We had extra help from Jo Wardle and Jane Macrae who provided much-needed assistance to ensure the panels ran smoothly. Powering the volunteers (and hung over parents) was the Goggins at bacon control. The aroma of bacon filled the halls making all our stomachs rumble.

We saw some truly stand our routines during the day in the individual competitions. Most of note were the Sydney and Trinty's extremely high from scores and Matt Burson's storming 10.1 tariff routine.

As the main competition complete we went on to the fancy dress synchro. This involves our members pairing up, dressing up, and then competing the same routine at the same time on adjacent trampolines. The honors this year went to Luis and Trinity with the best costume being awarded to Grace and Trinity.

Finally, we wrapped things up with the two-trick competition. Defending champion Laurence once again saw off the moves of Ali, Luis, Matt, Franky and Zach to claim the win with a 1.5 twisting double backwards cody! Congratulations!

So that wrapped up our club competition and we would like to pass our thanks on to all our judges, coaches, marshals, organisers, helpers, parents and competitors for making it such a truly awesome day. With one week left of the term we wish you all the best and a very merry chirstmas!


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
Luis Pires24.30024.30000000024.31 view
Ali Macrae23.60023.60000000023.62 view
Tony Fagelman22.50022.50000000022.53 view
Max Fagelman22002200000000224 view
Helen Large21002100000000215 view
Francoise Lucas14.90014.90000000014.96 view
Matthew Burson25.80025.82410.1034.1000059.91 view
Trinity Kelly26.50026.526.75031.7000058.22 view
Laurence Halfpenny24.90024.925.95.2031.10000563 view
Luis Pires25.60025.624.16.1030.2000055.84 view
Zachary Goggin24.20024.2235.5028.5000052.75 view
Over 9 girls CDP 0
Imogen O'Connell21.30021.322.40022.4000043.71 view
Isabel Crump21.10021.122.30022.3000043.42 view
Lucy Haque19001919.60019.6000038.63 view
Jocelyn Berthoud18.60018.617.40017.40000364 view
Sophie Haque18.70018.716.90016.9000035.65 view
Under 9 boys CDP 0
Frederic Mulhearn22.950022.9522.680022.68000045.631 view
Stuart Holland20.230020.2320.280020.28000040.512 view
Finlay Cooper17.850017.8519.080019.08000036.933 view
Cayden Rivers17.680017.6817.10017.1000034.784 view
Coireall Marlow15.250015.25160016000031.255 view
Kaan Cetrez14.430014.4313.650013.65000028.086 view
Under 9 girls CDP 0
Isla Cowling22.40022.423.10023.1000045.51 view
Stella Richards17.60017.6210021000038.62 view
Evie Stagg18001818.90018.9000036.93 view
Sadie Rollins16.80016.817.10017.1000033.94 view
Khadija Hanif16.50016.516.10016.1000032.65 view
Isabella Copeland13.70013.713.60013.6000027.36 view
boys CDP 1
George Mack21.250021.2521.750021.750000431 view
Archie Cooper15.180015.1817.450017.45000032.632 view
David Carr14.680014.6817.380017.38000032.063 view
girls CDP 1
Jasmin Little20.870020.8722.670022.67000043.541 view
Aurora Wey22.50022.5210021000043.52 view
Jessica Smith21.50021.520.930020.93000042.433 view
Jasmine Anderson19.270019.2721.370021.37000040.644 view
Florence Hackett22.270022.2717.50017.5000039.775 view
Abigael Samson18.670018.67190019000037.676 view
Sophie Swinton18.970018.9718.070018.07000037.047 view
Lilly Goodbrand21.50021.515.130015.13000036.638 view
Sally Hudson18.770018.7717.570017.57000036.349 view
boys CDP 2
Alex Radford21.070021.0722.20022.2000043.271 view
Matis Candotti20.70020.721.30021.30000422 view
Over 11 girls CDP 2
Nina Onatskaia22.650022.6521.70021.7000044.351 view
Ether Onatskaia22.30022.321.90021.9000044.22 view
Jane Wilkey21.90021.921.60021.6000043.53 view
Emily Bamford18.30018.317.80017.8000036.14 view
Under 11 girls CDP 2
Olivia Richardson22.870022.8723.10023.1000045.971 view
Amélie Hacker22.80022.822.70022.7000045.52 view
Freya Martin22.50022.522.070022.07000044.573 view
boys NDP 1
Oliver Burrell22.30022.321.80021.8000044.11 view
Over 13 girls NDP 1
Katie Todman22.50023.123.10023.1000046.21 view
Amy Smith21.40021.423.50024.1000045.52 view
Caitlin Cook22.60023.221.50021.5000044.73 view
Jo Costin3003.620.80021.40000254 view
Under 13 girls NDP 1
Lexi Marlow22.70023.323.20023.8000047.11 view
Scarlett East22.90022.923.10023.7000046.62 view
Amelia Crew22.4002322.80023.4000046.43 view
Hannah Swinton21.70021.7230023.6000045.34 view
Elizabeth Chamberlain21.30021.9220022.6000044.55 view
Poppy Budd20.80021.4220022.60000446 view
Ana Valladares 21.30021.322.20022.2000043.57 view
Anna Richardson19.50020.122.30022.90000438 view
Katie Golding21.50022.120.20020.8000042.99 view
Emma Wygard20.40020.421.80022.4000042.810 view
Ellie Cranfield21.60021.67.3007.3000028.911 view
boys NDP 2
Kieran Thorne23.70023.723.60024.2000047.91 view
Stephen Beale22.50022.514.50014.50000372 view
girls NDP 2
Macy Dexter24.80025.423.60024.2000049.61 view
Gemma White23.60023.623.40024000047.62 view
Danae Candotti23.80024.4230023000047.43 view
Holly White23.60023.623.20023.2000046.84 view
Hannah Mason24.20024.820.20020.8000045.65 view
Catherine Peck20.4002121.30021.9000042.96 view
Mia Budworth22.70023.323.60024.2000047.51 view
Maya Humphries22.50023.122.80023.4000046.52 view
Hermione Simpson21.80021.822.70023.3000045.13 view
Chloe Rollins22.30022.921.50022.10000454 view
Tobias Chapman21.70022.321.80021.8000044.15 view
11 - 12 girls NDP 4
Rhyannon Kinnley24.30024.923.70023.7000048.61 view
Anya Snook23.90024.522.70022.7000047.22 view
Meghan Searle22.4002323.20023.2000046.23 view
Over 13 NDP 4
Henry Ashton22002222.60022.6000044.61 view
Lexi Hanson21.20021.820.80020.8000042.62 view
13 - 14 girls NDP 5
Sydney Kelly26.30026.3240024000050.31 view
Aaliyah Kinnley23.10023.723.80023.8000047.52 view
Felicity Lawrence23.30023.320.80020.8000044.13 view
Abhi Macdonald Marlow24.60024.624.44.8029.2000053.81 view
Gabriel Strydom-Green24.40024.424.84.4029.2000053.62 view
Ashlea Bucke24.60024.61.80.502.3000026.93 view


Partner 1Partner 2 Set Vol Final Total Pos.
E H D S Total E H T S Total E H T S Total
Luis PiresTrinity Kelly17.4019.63700000000371
Trinity KellySydney Kelly17.3019.436.70000000036.72
Anya SnookYasmin Snook16.4019.235.60000000035.63
Luis PiresHarry Mallows16.4019.135.50000000035.54
Matthew BursonZachary Goggin16.6018.234.80000000034.85
Rhyannon KinnleyFelicity Lawrence15.5018.634.10000000034.16
Lexi MarlowScarlett East14.6019.43400000000347
Matthew BursonCatherine Peck14.6019.233.80000000033.88
Elizabeth ChamberlainMacy Dexter15.5017.833.30000000033.39
Jane WilkeyAlex Radford14.3018.232.50000000032.510
Luis PiresAbhi Macdonald Marlow14.1017.631.70000000031.711
Catherine PeckMaya Humphries14.3017.231.50000000031.512
Grace PikeNeil Pike13.301831.30000000031.313
Grace PikeTrinity Kelly13.5014.427.90000000027.914
Aaliyah KinnleySydney Kelly4.905.610.50000000010.516
Alasdair MacraeAntony Fagelman4.405.810.20000000010.217
Gabriel Strydom-GreenTobias Chapman4.605.410000000001018

Competition dates

Date Time Details
Saturday 12th December 2015 09:00 - 17:00