Fenland Flyers Open

Fenland Flyers Open 2015

Date: Sunday 14th June 2015 at Wisbech College

Entries close: TBC

Entry ages: 4 years +

The 2015 Fenland Flyers Open saw the Cangaroos journey up to Weisbich only one day after the Sheffield Gala. Full report to follow...


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
Band 1 Over 13 girls
Jane Wilkey21.80021.821.70.7022.4000044.28 view
Band 2 Over 13 girls
Holly White21.70021.721.80021.8000043.57 view
Caitlin Cook22002220.90020.9000042.98 view
Band 2 Under 11 girls
Macy Dexter21.20021.222.10022.1000043.39 view
Band 2 Under 13 girls
Lexi Marlow22.10022.121.70021.7000043.86 view
Scarlett East21.80021.821.20021.20000439 view
Ellie Cranfield20.50020.520.70020.7000041.211 view
Band 3 Under 15 girls
Yasmin Snook21.80021.822.13025.1000046.92 view
Anya Snook22.20022.221.33024.3000046.53 view
Gemma White21.10021.112.50.8013.3000034.413 view
Band 4 Under 15 girls
Sydney Kelly23.60023.622.92.6025.5000049.11 view
Band 5 Over 15 girls
Mila Feldman22.30022.322.44.5026.9000049.24 view
Band 5 Under 13 boys
Gabriel Strydom-Green22.20022.222.24.3026.5000048.73 view
Abhi Macdonald Marlow18.50018.521.24.8026000044.54 view
TPD girls
Jane Wilkey22002222.10022.1000044.11 view

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