Hitchin Grading

Hitchin Grading 2015

Date: Sunday 22nd February 2015 at Hitchin Boys' School Sports Centre

Entries close: TBC

Entry ages: 4 years +

A team of 19 competitors and various coaches and officials made their way to Hitchen Boys School for the 1st Regional competition of the 2015 season. With no competitors in the DMT (Double Mini-Tramp) competition it was actually quite a leisurely start for a change.

With so many entries, the club coaches of Frankie, Luis, Scott and Tony found themselves covering all four panels through most of the morning’s competition. So a big thank you goes out to their support.

Jane Wilkey was competing first in the TPD R1C1 section, this is the disabilities competition and Jane having been 2nd in the last few competitions saw an improvement to 1st place.

At the same time Katie Evans was competing in the NDP 5 – Womens 17+ event. Two competent routines saw Katie take 3rd place a well-deserved effort.

Meanwhile in the NDP 5 – Womens 13/14 event, Felicity Laurence produced two good routines, and in a very high quality group managed to take 5th place.

On the 4th panel Sydney Kelly was competing in the NDP 6 – Womens 13/14. Unfortunately, Sydney failed to complete her two routines and under the new rules, meant that she was awarded a zero score. Commiserations Sydney, I’m sure next time will be different.

Mila Feldman was next to compete in the NDP 6 – Womens 15/16 and a competent 1st routine had her scoring just off the qualification score. In her 2nd routine she was attempting her new higher difficulty routine, which secured her 1st place. Some work on form needs to be done to reach the qualifying scores and achieve National qualification.

Next up was Megan Searle in the NDP 4 – Womens 11/12. Both routines were performed well and she secured 1st place but she was marginally of the qualifying score for the Regional Championships In the NDP 4 – Womens 13/14 Aaliyah Kinnley produced a competition 1st routine but proved her quality with an excellent 2nd routine to take 2nd place. Although she achieved the total overall qualifying score, for her two routines, unfortunately, the score has to be achieved in each round. We’re sure next time Aaliyah will be successful at the next competition.

On the next trampoline, little sister Rhyannon Kinnley was competing in the NDP 3 – Womens 11/12. Rhyannon also took 2nd place with 2 quality routines. So a double celebration for the Kinnley family.

The first of our men was next to compete in the NDP 6 – Mens 17+. Laurence Halfpenny scored exactly the qualifying requirements in his 1st round, but his form in the 2nd round wasn’t good enough for him to qualify to the Regional Championships this time. He did manage 1st place though with a good total score of 50.85.

Our men continued the clubs success with Abhi Macdonald-Marlow competing next in the NDP 6 – Mens 9/10 group. Another 1st place from Abhi after two improved routines, no qualification this time, but hopefully next time. In the NDP 6 – Mens 11/12 Gabriel Styrdom-Green was competing and he also took 1st place. Coming close with the required scores, but not quite close enough. Again, better luck at the next competition. Last up of this group was Zach Goggin competing in the NDP 6 – Mens 14/15 group. We had high hopes for a qualification to the National circuit for Zach and it was all looking good after an excellent 1st round. Unfortunately, a mistake on his last skill in his 2nd routine meant that he received zero scores. Better luck next time Zach.

Our best success of the day was next, Macy Dexter, competing in the NDP 1 – Womens 11/12 scored the qualifying score in both rounds of her competition and placed 2nd. This means she has achieved the first requirement for qualification to the Regional Championships. Now she has to repeat this at the next competition to qualify by right to the Championships.

Our ladies team of Leacsaidh Mcdonald Martin, Sarah Hardwick and Scarlett East were all up next, competing in the NDP 1 – Womens 11/12. All our girls performed brilliantly taking team gold, with Scarlett taking 3rd place, Lexi was 4th and Sarah 5th. A fabulous team effort, well done girls. Danae Candotti was next up in the NDP 3 – Womens 11/12 and although was just 0.1 off the qualifying scores in both rounds in a highly competitive group we were all pleased she was able to place 7th.

Toby Chapman was competing in the NDP 3 – Womens 13/14 and he was also unlucky not to achieve the qualifying score for the Regional Championships, missing out by just 0.1 in his first routine and achieving it in his 2nd. However, a 2nd place in the competition saw him go home pleased with his performance.

Our final competitor of the day was Luis Pires in the National C Mens 15+ competition. After two excellent routines in warm-up we thought this was going to be his day, but nerves crept in and although he did score well in his 2nd routine, he had to settle for 2nd place this time.

The club ended the day with 13 individual medals and 1 team medal, with one of our competitors on the pathway to the Regional Championships. An excellent result all round. We now look forward to March 22nd and the next NDP competition taking place at the Cambridge University Sports Hall.


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
TPD R1C1 girls
Jane Wilkey19.80019.820.170020.17000039.971 view
Over 15 boys National C
Luis Pires13.430013.4321.638.3029.93000043.362 view
Under 11 girls NDP 1
Macy Dexter23.330023.9322.30022.9000046.832 view
Under 13 girls NDP 1
Scarlett East21.60022.222.130022.73000044.933 view
Lexi Marlow20.930021.5322.330022.93000044.464 view
Sarah Hardwick20.930021.5321.90022.5000044.035 view
Under 13 girls NDP 2
Danae Candotti21.670022.2721.930022.53000044.87 view
Under 13 boys NDP 3
Tobias Chapman21.430022.0322.330022.93000044.962 view
Under 13 girls NDP 3
Rhyannon Kinnley21.670022.2721.630022.23000044.52 view
Under 13 girls NDP 4
Meghan Searle21.470022.0721.370021.97000044.041 view
Under 15 girls NDP 4
Aaliyah Kinnley20.80021.423.870024.47000045.872 view
Over 17 girls NDP 5
Katie Evans21.20021.220.870020.87000042.073 view
Under 15 girls NDP 5
Felicity Lawrence21.530021.5321.430021.43000042.965 view
Over 17 boys NDP 6
Laurence Halfpenny22.50022.520.857.5028.35000050.851 view
Under 11 boys NDP 6
Abhi Macdonald Marlow21.230021.2320.54.5025000046.231 view
Under 13 boys NDP 6
Gabriel Strydom-Green21.90021.920.884.5025.38000047.281 view
Under 15 boys NDP 6
Zachary Goggin23.250023.250000000023.254 view
Under 17 girls NDP 6
Mila Feldman22.270022.2719.136.5025.63000047.91 view

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