National League Event 4

National League Event 4 2015

Date: Saturday 24th October 2015 at Temple Park, South Shields

Entries close: -0001-11-30

Entry ages: 4 years +

An intrepid team of Cangaroos made the 245 mile journey to South Shields for the 4th and final Trampoline League qualifying event of the season. Eight competitors, two officials and two coaches made up the team, all eager to stake their claim for a Finals spot at the Copperbox in November. The days started early for our competitors, with Sydney Kelly competing at the same time as Gabriel Strydom-Green. Sydney need two good routines to book her place in the finals and two competent routines saw her take 14th place and secure her qualification to the Finals.

Gabriel was next to compete, as he had already secured his place in the League Finals, this was really a practice outing. A reasonable 1st routine was improved by a much better 2nd routine. This secured his place in the days finals in 4th and scored him a further 40 ranking points. Error in his Final saw him drop to 5th, but a useful exercise and good competition practice for the young gymnast.

Next up was Ashlea and after failing to record any ranking points at the last two competitions, finishing just outside the top 24 in both competitions, Ashlea was determined to put in her best efforts. Her best scores of the season secured 12th place and 16 ranking pointes. Unfortunately, this placed her 30th, so Ashlea was unlucky this year, hopefully we’ll see continued improvement and qualification next season.

The afternoon session brought Abhi to the trampolines. Two reasonable quality routines saw him qualify for the day’s final in 3rd place and score 60 ranking points. This secured his qualification to the League Finals. However, the best was yet to come as he pulled out his best routine of the season and came away with 1st place and the gold medal. Congratulations to Abhi on his first Gold at this level.

Next up was Harry, who was also looking to secure his place at the League Finals, recovering from a chest infection, Harry was not at his best, but two secure routines secured 4th place going into the final and 50 ranking points. This also ensured his qualification to the finals was confirmed. His final routine was not quite as good as previously and he slipped to 5th. But a good days work.

Next up was Matthew Burson, another gymnast looking to secure his league Finals place. Coming off 1st place in Cardiff, two secure routines would ensure qualification. In both preliminary rounds he flirted with danger getting close to the edges of the trampolines, but they were of high enough quality to take 1st place and secure 100 ranking points and Finals qualification. He finished the days final in 1st place and secured the Gold Medal Our last competitor of the day was Mila Feldman, Mila also had to find her form to secure her qualification and a good 1st routine, followed by a competent 2nd routine ensured a 12th place finish and 16 ranking points to secure her qualification to the Finals.

The club finished the day with two Gold medals and 5 additional confirmed National Final places. We now have 4 weeks of hard work to prepare our gymnasts for one of their biggest competitions of their young competitive careers.

Cangaroos started the League season with 10 gymnasts and 8 of those gymnasts have qualified for the finals, which take place on 21st and 22nd November at the Copperbox in the Olympic Park. This is an amazing achievement and Cambridge Cangaroos Trampoline Club best ever result for National competition qualification.

Congratulations go to:

We’ll see you eight gymnasts at the League Finals Commiserations to Ashlea Bucke and Aaliyah Kinnley and good luck for next season.

Finally the club would like to thank Olga Feldman for being our Judge all day and our two Senior Coaches, Tony Fagelman and Francois Lucas who admirably supported our gymnasts throughout the day


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
11 - 12 League 2 girls
Mila Feldman22.1012.53534.635216.312.5639.86000074.49512 Q view
11 - 12 League 3 boys
Gabriel Strydom-Green21.3012.8534.1522.24.412.57539.17520.94.412.82538.125111.457 Q view
13 - 14 League 3 girls
Sydney Kelly22.5012.65535.15522.84.512.55539.855000075.0114 Q view
15 - 16 League 2 boys
Matthew Burson24.3015.58539.88523.27.915.41546.51523.47.915.646.9133.31 Q view
15 - 16 League 3 boys
Harry Mallows22.4013.7536.1522.54.413.63540.53522.44.413.5140.31116.9955 Q view
15 -16 League 3 girls
Ashlea Bucke22.4012.735.121.65.312.3239.22000074.3212 view
9 - 10 League 3 boys
Abhi Macdonald Marlow21.1012.233.321.44.812.305038.50511.94.812.135028.835100.641 Q view

Competition dates

Date Time Details
Saturday 24th October 2015 09:00 - 17:00
Sunday 25th October 2015 09:00 - 17:00