Club Competition

Club Competition 2016

Date: Saturday 10th December 2016 at CRC

Entries close: 2016-12-03

Entry ages: 4 years +

The highlight of every year sees the Cangaroos from all centres, ages and abilities come together to compete at the annual club competition only this year at CRC.

After some frantic trampoline construction Thursday evening by Ali and Tony to put the new bed on the competition was fully setup on Friday. This was the first year that we have hosted the competition at CRC with the previous years all being at Sawston. The new venue was fantastic and offered the space we so desperately missed from the years before.

The day kicked off with the club photo. After much organising everyone was in place and Luis sailed over the crowd against the backdrop of the brightly painted CRC climbing wall.

After the photo was the annual coaches "Ego Shield". A contest where all coaches compete against each other. Last year's holder Luis was aiming to be the first two hold it for two years and pulled out a good routine to start the group. He was however pipped to the post by Nicky "Taylor" Swift who despite only practicing twice before stormed in a great routine to take first. You might understandably think that Ali would have taken third, however you would be wrong. His ascension to greatness was cut short by a somewhat poorly executed straddle jump as he slid elegantly off the side of the trampoline.

Following the coaches contest the coaches took their positions and the competition kicked off and the stalls opened. Competitions were so close and so many exceptional performances were watched including so many first-time bouncers. It takes courage to perform a routine in front of you piers, families and other club members and the list of great moments was truly endless. Special mentions must go to Jo Costin for her determination to do a back somersault in NDP 2, Alex Radford for his sensational recovery since injury, Maram and Nastya for their excellent determination despite only a few week's practice, Michael Kapitsa for continually pushing himself harder, Catherine's "go big or go home attitude" Trinity for scoring the highest execution score of the day and Zack for setting this year's highest tariff.

As the individual competition drew to a close the synchro took over. All manor of beasts, characters, bananas, elves, heroes and villains took to the trampolines to decide the winner of the ever eventful synchro event. This year the show was stolen by Macy and Molly scoring 18.7 / 20 for sync with really good execution scores.

The club wishes to thank the huge list of volunteers who gave up their time to make this awesome event possible, donaters of tombola prizes and DE Photo for some great shots of the event. The list of helpers includes but is not limited to:


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
Nicky Andersen24.80024.80000000024.81 view
Luis Pires23.80023.80000000023.82 view
Emily Copeland22.80022.80000000022.83 view
Tony Fagelman22.60022.60000000022.64 view
Francoise Lucas21.90021.90000000021.95 view
Ali Macrae7.4007.4000000007.46 view
Jane Wilkey21.80021.821.90021.9000043.71 view
Alex Radford21.60021.620.90020.9000042.52 view
Olivia Newey20.60020.620.10020.1000040.73 view
Under 9 girls
Ettolle Martin20.80020.820.90020.9000041.72 view
boys CDP 0
Coireall Marlow22.30022.921.20021.2000044.11 view
Kaan Cetrez21002120.60020.6000041.62 view
Adam France18.50018.521.10021.7000040.23 view
Over 7 girls CDP 0
Nichole Wood21.20021.221.50022.1000043.31 view
Bryony O'Connel20.60020.621.10021.7000042.32 view
Nastya Kareem21.4002219.60019.6000041.63 view
Olivia Newey14.10014.120.70021.3000035.44 view
Evie Stagg15.30015.316.10016.1000031.45 view
Maram Karkouz6.4006.414.40014.4000020.86 view
Under 7 girls CDP 0
Lily Carter21002112.50012.5000033.51 view
Khadija Hanif9.2009.214.50014.5000023.72 view
Isabella Copeland15.40015.46.9006.9000022.33 view
Lilla Bell4.3004.36.5006.5000010.84 view
boys CDP 1
Stuart Holland20.10020.722.40023000043.71 view
Hadrian Ford14.30014.314.70014.70000292 view
Lucas Goodbrand6.4006.415.40015.4000021.83 view
11+ girls CDP 1
Annie France22.10022.722.60022.6000045.31 view
Isabel Crump21.4002221.30021.9000043.92 view
Luna Lima21.50021.521.60021.6000043.13 view
Jane Wilkey*22002222.10022.1000044.14 view
9-10 girls CDP 1
Sophie Swinton22.30022.322.30022.3000044.61 view
Amy Pires21.80021.822.10022.7000044.52 view
Sally Hudson21.20021.221.50022.1000043.33 view
Isla Kotzenberg20.90020.920.30020.9000041.84 view
Under 9 girls CDP 1
Stella Richards21.20021.2210021000042.21 view
Annabelle Hacker20.30020.321.20021.2000041.53 view
Ella Brunner6.4006.416.60016.60000234 view
Cleo Monie4.3004.318.60018.6000022.95 view
boys CDP 2
Zacharias Brunner21.60021.619.50020.1000041.71 view
Matis Candotti17.50017.516.80017.4000034.92 view
George Mack16.70016.716.50016.5000033.23 view
girls CDP 2
Megan-Rae Mills23.20023.2220022000045.21 view
Emily Bamford21.30021.920.70021.3000043.22 view
Jasmin Little22.20022.220.10020.7000042.93 view
boys NDP 1
Sam Oldham22.90023.522.180022.78000046.281 view
Bruce Campbell22.580023.1822.480023.08000046.262 view
Oliver Burrell22.350022.9522.350022.95000045.93 view
David Carr20.230020.2321.250021.85000042.084 view
Alex Radford*18.80019.418.030018.63000038.035 view
11-12 girls NDP 1
Millie Brown21.630022.2322.750023.35000045.581 view
Elizabeth Chamberlain22.10022.721.40022000044.72 view
Letty Adams21.930021.9320.10020.7000042.633 view
13+ girls NDP 1
Katie Todman22.70022.722.80023.4000046.11 view
Hannah Swinton22.4002322.10022.7000045.72 view
Eleanor Wilson21.60022.221.90021.9000044.13 view
Ellie Cranfield20.70020.721.40022000042.74 view
Katie Golding20.90021.519.80020.4000041.95 view
Katie Desforges19.40019.421.70021.7000041.16 view
Under 11 girls NDP 1
Gracie Underwood22.70023.322.40023000046.31 view
Rhiannon Monie21.70022.321.10021.70000442 view
Matilda Pellicciari19.90019.921.70022.3000042.23 view
Amélie Hacker22.10022.119.30019.3000041.44 view
Imogen O'Connell21.4002218.30018.9000040.95 view
Lilly Goodbrand19001921.20021.2000040.26 view
Freya Martin10.80010.821.30021.3000032.17 view
11-12 NDP 2
Anna Richardson22.60023.222.50023.1000046.31 view
Michael Kapitsa220022.621.40022000044.62 view
Martha Graves22.80022.815.80015.8000038.63 view
13+ girls NDP 2
Lexi Marlow220022.622.40023000045.61 view
Danae Candotti21.60022.222.50023.1000045.32 view
Scarlett East21.50022.122.40023000045.13 view
Holly White22.50022.522.60022.6000045.14 view
Caitlin Cook21.60022.222.80022.80000455 view
Jo Costin16.50016.520.30020.9000037.46 view
9-10 girls NDP 2
Poppy Budd22.50023.122.80023.4000046.51 view
Eleanor Grace Crew22002221.90021.9000043.92 view
girls NDP 3
Gemma White23.50024.122.60023.2000047.31 view
Chloe Rollins23.10023.722.40023000046.72 view
Amelie Fawcett22.4002321.60022.2000045.23 view
Amelia Crew220022.621.50022.1000044.74 view
13+ NDP 4
Yasmin Snook23.80024.424.60024.60000491 view
Felicity Lawrence240024.623.80023.8000048.42 view
Henry Ashton23.10023.123.10023.7000046.83 view
Maya Humphries21.80022.4220022000044.44 view
Catherine Peck210021.6210021000042.65 view
Lexi Hanson22.50023.118.10018.1000041.26 view
9-12 NDP 4
Macy Dexter24.10024.723.30023.30000481 view
Anya Snook23.70024.323.10023.1000047.42 view
Tobias Chapman22.80023.422.30022.3000045.73 view
Rhyannon Kinnley21.30021.9220022000043.94 view
Sydney Kelly24.80024.824.40024.4000049.21 view
Ashlea Bucke23002322.30022.3000045.32 view
Aaliyah Kinnley20.30020.322.60022.6000042.93 view
Trinity Kelly25.30025.325.26.5031.70000571 view
Luis Pires25002522.78.2030.9000055.92 view
Zachary Goggin24.10024.122.48.8031.2000055.33 view
Ali Macrae24.60024.622.77.8030.5000055.14 view
Gabriel Strydom-Green23.40023.423.86.5030.3000053.75 view
Abhi Macdonald Marlow23.50023.522.66.9029.50000536 view


Partner 1Partner 2 Set Vol Final Total Pos.
E H D S Total E H T S Total E H T S Total
Fancy Dress
Macy DexterMolly McGregor16.2018.734.90000000034.91
Trinity KellySydney Kelly16.7018.234.90000000034.92
Aaliyah KinnleySydney Kelly16.1018.434.50000000034.53
Abhi Macdonald MarlowGabriel Strydom-Green15.7018.734.40000000034.44
Aaliyah KinnleyHarry Mallows15.4018.734.10000000034.15
Ashlea BuckeZacharias Brunner15.4018.433.80000000033.86
Yasmin SnookAnya Snook14.7018.433.10000000033.17
Luis PiresAbhi Macdonald Marlow14.4017.932.30000000032.38
Luis PiresAlasdair Macrae15.4016.331.70000000031.79
Neil PikeScott Kinnley13017.130.10000000030.110
Catherine PeckMaya Humphries14.3015.429.70000000029.711
Francoise LucasLaura Able12.3016.929.20000000029.212
Catherine PeckAntony Fagelman13.1015.428.50000000028.513
Bronwyn CaineJoanna Costin10.6012.122.70000000022.714
Scarlett EastCaitlin Cook8.508.416.90000000016.915
Lexi MarlowGemma White6.407.213.60000000013.616

Competition dates

Date Time Details
Saturday 10th December 2016 09:00 - 17:00