Fenland Flyers Open

Fenland Flyers Open 2016

Date: Sunday 24th April 2016 at Thomas Clarkson Academy, Corporation Road, Wisbech

Entries close: 2016-03-24

Entry ages: 4 years +

As the sun rose on the Fenns a large contingent of Cangaroos made their way over to Wisbech for the annual Fenland Flyers Open. This is a friendly competition hosted by the Fenland Flyers and allows competitors of all levels to compete in the same event.

First up in the morning was Anya and Yasmin Snook. The two have been training hard lately and Yasmin swept through her competition to finish 1st and Anya performing well in her group to finish 2nd. Following them was Lilly who under the watchful eye of Grace finished 9th - a great effort.

Next up was Amelie and Poppy - they had been training hard at CRC and this was their first competition outside the club's own one. They both performed really well with Amelie finishing 14th and Poppy taking 10th.

After them was Jonah and Michael in Band 2. Jonah competing in his first ever competition made a couple of mistakes but scored well and finished 5th. Michael did even better and despite struggling with the last move finished 3rd!

The last group before lunch was Gabe and Ali. Both recovering from injuries completed both routines and finished in 1st.

After lunch Gaby and Olivia competed in Band 2 and some good efforts saw them finish 9th and 10th in their group. Next up was Ellie and Scarlett in Band 2. The giggling smiles of these experienced competitors saw them finish 6th and 5th.

Following them was Hannah - in a very large group her routines were fantastically tidy and was 4th after the 1st flight. After the second she had slipped to 7th but still did incredibly well!

Our final competitor was Oliver Burrell. Despite his nerves and a small mistake in one routine he did really well and took 5th.

Full report to follow...


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
Over 19 Band 6 boys
Ali Macrae21.50021.521.18.1029.2000050.71 view
Under 11 Band 2 girls
Poppy Budd20.90020.921.11.2022.3000043.210 view
Amélie Hacker19.50019.5190.9019.9000039.414 view
Under 13 Band 1 boys
Oliver Burrell10.30010.321.30021.3000031.65 view
Under 13 Band 2 boys
Michael Kapitsa19.60019.6190.7019.7000039.33 view
Jonah Souster Vieira13.60013.62.1002.1000015.75 view
Under 13 Band 2 girls
Anna Richardson22.20022.221.81.2023000045.25 view
Ana Valladares 16001621.21.2022.4000038.49 view
Olivia Richardson11001119.10.7019.8000030.810 view
Under 13 Band 4 girls
Anya Snook21.70021.721.43.6025000046.72 view
Under 15 Band 2 girls
Scarlett East20.80020.821.61.2022.8000043.65 view
Ellie Cranfield21.20021.221.11.2022.3000043.56 view
Under 15 Band 3 girls
Hannah Mason22.20022.2221.6023.6000045.87 view
Under 15 Band 4 girls
Yasmin Snook22.20022.221.33.6024.9000047.11 view
Under 15 Band 5 boys
Gabriel Strydom-Green23.20023.222.64.9027.5000050.71 view
Under 9 Band 0 girls
Lilly Goodbrand21.80021.817.30017.3000039.19 view

Competition dates

Date Time Details
Sunday 24th April 2016 09:00 - 17:00