Hitchin Grading

Hitchin Grading 2016

Date: Sunday 28th February 2016 at Hitchin Boys' School Sports Centre

Entries close: 2016-01-30

Entry ages: 4 years +

Twelve Trampoline gymnasts from Cambridge Cangaroos took part in the Regional NDP (National Development Programme) trampoline competition held at Hitchin Grammar school on Sunday 2nd March. The Gymnasts taking part in the NDP events were competing to win medals, and to achieve qualification to the Regional Semi-Finals. To achieve qualification to the Regional semi-finals, gymnasts had to achieve a minimum aggregate Execution score of 45 across both rounds of the event.

This competition also held the Range and Conditioning assessments for the first time. This is a routine consisting of 10 gymnastic and conditioning skills linked together to demonstrate the strength, flexibility and agility of the gymnasts. To achieve a qualifying score, gymnasts had to achieve a score over 7.0.

After Neil regained control after some IT carnage the competition kicked off with Macy Dexter and Molly McGregor, competing in the Level 2 Women’s 9-10 age group. 2 excellent routines from both girls earned them Gold and Silver respectively and qualification to the semi-finals. Both girls also recorded high scores in the Range & Conditioning routine, confirming their qualifications.

Next up were Anya Snook and Rhyannon Kinnley, competing in the Level 4 women’s 9-12 age group. In a large group of competitors, both girls competed well to take 5th place for Rhyannon and just behind in 6th for Anya. Both girls achieved the qualifying scores for the semi-finals and both achieved the Range and Conditioning scores.

Competing in the Men’s combined Level 6 were our two 11 year old boys, Abhi Marlow-McDonald and Gabriel Strydom-Green. It was a terrific competition between the two boys who took 1st and 2nd place with excellent scores of 47.2 for Abhi and just behind with 46.8 for Gabe. Both achieved good scores in the Range and Conditioning and both qualified for the semi-finals.

Next to compete was Lexi Marlow-McDonald in the Level 1 Women’s 13+ competition. This was the 2nd largest group of the day and Lexi did really well to achieve 6th place and secure the qualifying score for the semi-finals.

Next up was Yasmin Snook, competing in the largest group of the day, the Level 4 women’s 13+ age group. Two good routines saw her achieve the qualifying score for the semi-finals, but it was a very high standard of competition and Yasmin was placed 14th.

Hermione Simpson was next up in the Level 3 women’s 13+ age group. Competing in her 1st competition for some time, nerves took their toll and although completing the 1st routine, a mistake in the 2nd routine meant that she ended the day in 6th and failed to achieve the qualifying score. Bad luck Hermione, better luck in the next competition.

The last competition of the day saw our Women’s Level 5 11-14 team take to the competition. Aaliyah Kinnley, Felicity Lawrence and Sydney Kelly all performed excellently and the girls took team Gold with Sydney taking 1st place, Aaliyah just missing the bronze in 4th place and Felicity in 6th. Place. All three girls achieved the qualifying scores for the semi-finals and also achieved the Range and Conditioning scores. The competition ended with 3 Gold and 2 silver individual medals and 1 team gold for Cangaroos. Another excellent day in the gym for our trampoline gymnasts. We now look forward to the Semi Finals which take place at Cambridge University Sports Hall, Cambridge on March 20th, where all our successful qualifiers will be competing for a place at the National Team Finals.

The club would especially like to thank our coaches, Francoise Lucas, Scott Kinnley and Tony Fagelman who covered every panel to make sure all our gymnasts were fully supported in their competitive efforts. Thanks must also be extended to our Judging officials, Luis Pires and Alasdair Macrae and Sine McDonald and all others who ably supported our gymnasts.


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
13+ girls NDP 1
Lexi Marlow22.80023.422.70023.3000046.76 view
9 - 10 girls NDP 2
Macy Dexter23.60024.223.70024.3000048.51 view
Molly McGregor22.10022.722.90023.5000046.22 view
11-12 girls NDP 3
Hermione Simpson21.40021.40000000021.46 view
13+ girls NDP 4
Yasmin Snook22.90023.521.10021.1000044.614 view
9 - 12 girls NDP 4
Rhyannon Kinnley22.10022.7220022000044.75 view
Anya Snook22.4002321.40021.4000044.46 view
11-14 girls NDP 5
Sydney Kelly24.10024.123.70023.7000047.81 view
Aaliyah Kinnley22.70022.722.10022.1000044.84 view
Felicity Lawrence22.50022.521.20021.2000043.76 view
boys NDP 6
Abhi Macdonald Marlow24002423.20023.2000047.21 view
Gabriel Strydom-Green24.10024.122.70022.7000046.82 view

Competition dates

Date Time Details
Sunday 28th February 2016 09:00 - 17:00