NDP Semi Final

NDP Semi Final 2016

Date: Sunday 20th March 2016 at Cambridge University Sports Centre

Entries close: 2016-03-05

Entry ages: 4 years +

Fourteen Cangaroos arrived at Cambridge University to compete in NDP Semi Finals making Cangaroos the 2nd largest representative club from the Region, which was an excellent outcome of the preceding competitions.

Gymnasts were seeking to qualify to the 'Regional Team Finals' to be held at the NIA in Birmingham in May, where the top two gymnasts in each age group and level, who achieved or surpassed the qualifying score of 45.00 marks and achieved 70% or greater in the Range and Conditioning routine would be selected for the Eastern Regional team (Team-East) to represent the Region at the Finals.

To ensure the gymnasts had a competitive structure, the competition organisers had amalgamated some of the age groups to ensure sufficient numbers were taking part. However, for the qualification to the Team Finals, the gymnasts would be sorted into their relevant age groups.

First to compete were our Level 5 11-14 women, including Aaliyah and Sydney. Unfortunately, due to injury, Felicity, our third team member couldn't attend, so it was all down to individual scores. Aaliyah had fractured her fingers in training during the week, but still managed to execute two quality routines to achieve a score of 45.2 and attain 4th place in a very good field of competitors. Sydney scored really well with a score of 47.00 and took 1st place, qualifying for the Team Finals.

Next up were Meghan and Yasmin and competing in the largest group of the day, the women's Level 4 13+ group. Megan achieved the qualifying score with 45.2, but placed 16th. Yasmin had a slightly better score of 46.3 and placed 13th. Congratulations to both girls Lexi Marlow-McDonald and Scarlet East competed in the women's Level 1 13+ and both achieved the qualifying score, with Lexi scoring 45.5 and taking 7th and Scarlett scoring 45.2 and placing 11th. Great results girls.

Meanwhile in the Level 6 Men's 9-12 competition Abhi and Gabriel were vying for medals. Abhi came out top again with a score of 48.70 and 1st place, but just 0.8 of mark behind, Gabriel scored 47.9 and took 2nd place. Both qualified through to the Team finals. Well done boys!

Gemma, Macy and Molly were next to compete with Gemma in the Level 2 women's 11-12 and Macy and Molly in the women's 9-10. Unfortunately, Gemma made an error in her 1st routine and although performing well in her 2nd routine could only manage 6th. Macy did two excellent routines to take 1st place with a score of 48.8 and Molly managed to hold onto 3rd place with a score of 46.7 and also secured a reserve space for the Regional Team.

Anya was next to compete in the women's 9-12 Level 4 competition, unfortunately, Anya also had a problem with her final skill in her first routine and although she recovered with a good second routine she could only manage 5th place.

Chloe was next to compete in the women's level 3 11-12 competition. Another very large entry, Chloe did really well to score 45.6 and place 9th overall. Our final competitor was Toby, competing in the men's Level 3 11-12 group. Two good routines saw him repeat his success of last year and come 2nd with a score of 46.3 and achieve qualification to the Team Finals.

So Cangaroos ended the day with 5 qualifiers to the Regional Team Finals and two reserves. We wish them all the best for their efforts on the weekend of May 28th and 29th.


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
13+ girls NDP 1
Lexi Marlow22.20022.822.10022.7000045.57 view
Scarlett East22.20022.822.10022.7000045.511 view
11 - 12 girls NDP 2
Gemma White000022.400230000236 view
9 - 10 girls NDP 2
Macy Dexter23.50024.124.10024.7000048.81 Q view
Molly McGregor22.20022.823.30023.9000046.73 view
11 - 12 girls NDP 3
Chloe Rollins220022.622.40023000045.69 view
11-12 boys NDP 3
Tobias Chapman23.30023.921.80022.4000046.32 Q view
13+ girls NDP 4
Yasmin Snook23.10023.122.60022.6000045.713 view
Meghan Searle22.70023.321.90021.9000045.216 view
9 - 12 girls NDP 4
Anya Snook000023.80023.8000023.85 view
11 - 14 girls NDP 5
Sydney Kelly23.60023.623.40023.40000471 Q view
Aaliyah Kinnley22.30022.322.90022.9000045.24 view
9 - 12 boys NDP 6
Abhi Macdonald Marlow24.20024.224.50024.5000048.71 Q view
Gabriel Strydom-Green23.80023.824.10024.1000047.92 Q view

Competition dates

Date Time Details
Sunday 20th March 2016 09:00 - 17:00