Club Competition

Club Competition 2017

Date: Sunday 17th December 2017 at CRC

Entries close: 2017-11-30

Entry ages: 4 years +

Every Christmas the Cambridge Cangaroos host the annual club competition to all our members and friends. It is a chance for new bouncers to try competing and for seasoned competitors to get some extra practice.

This was the first club competition featuring the new HD scoring the system that specifically judges competitors on the amount of travel. It was also only our second ever time at Cambridge Regional College having previously used Sawston Village College as the host.

The event began on Saturday with a late evening setup to get all the trampolines, tables and electronics ready. Massive thanks goes to all our setup helpers who did a storming job getting us ready in under 45 minutes.

As Sunday dawned and members made their way despite the chilling frost we began the day with the club photo with competitors dressed in their new 2018 club t-shirts now in Cambridge Blue. Shortly after that we began the coaches ego cup that is a trophy competed for by the coaches only. Each coach performs one routine and the highest score (without difficulty) wins. This year it was once again taken by Luis Pires.

As the rest of the competition kicked off we had many storming performances throughout the morning. Isabella Copeland took 1st place in club 0 despite some pre-competition nerves and even Amélie Hacker overcome a recent accident to compete her back somersault. It was also great to see Henry Ashton finish all 20 moves and take 2nd in NDP4 along with Sam Robin taking 1st place in NDP1 adult having only joined the club three weeks before. There were many other great performances throughout the day but it should be noted that even getting up on a trampoline to bounce in-front of judges is a brave achievement.

As we approached the afternoon it was the turn of the more elite bouncers. NDP6 saw our top regional guys (along with guest competitor Ryan) compete for the title which Sydney eventually took. Our national guys were even more on-point and made for a fantastic group with Matt eventually taking the title. You can watch their routines here:

Following them was our traditional fancy dress synchro competition. This event entails performers dressing up for Christmas and performing a routine at the same time as a partner on an opposite trampoline - the idea being it should look like a mirror. The title was taken by Luis and Abhi with the best costume going to Gabe and James' unicorns.

If you did not get a chance to obtain photos from the event you can order them from the DE Photo website. The password will be emailed to you all shortly. Please contact us if you did not receive it.

Finally the club wishes to thank all of the volunteers that made the day possible. We are, as ever in your debt, and these events cannot run without your support. Whether your were judging, manning a stall, IT, coaching, feeding, photographing, setup or just a runner you are vital to the event and we cannot express our gratitude enough. Also as always a massive thanks to Kim who did a huge amount of ground work before the event but alas could not make the day itself. Also to our non-club members who came along to muck in too; Ryan Hadlow, Jane Macrae, Joanne Wardle and Philipa.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year wherever you are. We look forward to seeing you all next year ready to take on the trampoline season once more!


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
Luis Pires17.1009.426.5000000000026.51 view
Ali Macrae16.4009.225.6000000000025.62 view
Laura Able14.9009.624.5000000000024.53 view
Tony Fagelman14.4009.2523.65000000000023.654 view
Francoise Lucas13.6009.923.5000000000023.55 view
Grace Pike12.9008.7521.65000000000021.656 view
boys Club 0
Alfie Dye14.4009.7524.155.5007.4512.950000037.11 view
Ozan Velioglu5.5003.79.24002.256.250000015.452 view
girls Club 0
Isabella Copeland13.9009.4523.3514.4009.6240000047.351 view
Katie Macdonald13.5001023.513.8001023.80000047.32 view
Elsa Monie4.2002.857.054.30037.30000014.353 view
Maram Karkouz*8.2005.613.812.8009.2220000035.84 view
boys Club 1
Lucas Goodbrand14.1008.92312.7008.921.60000044.61 view
9-10 girls Club 1
Freya Humphreys13.4009.8523.2514.7009.924.60000047.851 view
Ettolle Martin10.9006.9517.8515.7001025.70000043.552 view
Under 9 girls Club 1
Stella Richards14.8009.824.614.4001024.400000491 view
Freya Carter14.3009.824.110006.816.80000040.92 view
boys Club 2
Coireall Marlow14.4001024.415.1009.9250000049.41 view
Matis Candotti14.6009.9524.5514.4009.824.20000048.752 view
9+ girls Club 2
Sally Hudson14.6009.42414.7009.7524.450000048.451 view
Luna Lima14.4009.824.214.3009.924.20000048.42 view
Lucy Wygard12.8008.7521.5512.5008.721.20000042.753 view
Sophie Swinton3.1001.74.814.3009.7524.050000028.854 view
Jasmin Little2.9001.754.6500000000004.655 view
Under 9 girls Club 2
Lily Carter1500102514.7001024.70000049.71 view
Bryony O'Connel14.8009.824.614.1009.8523.950000048.552 view
Cleo Monie13009.622.614009.823.80000046.43 view
Sadie Rollins9005.814.810.1006.716.80000031.64 view
boys Club 3
Benjamin Spence14.7009.824.515.2009.8250000049.51 view
Stuart Holland14.1009.823.914.9009.824.70000048.62 view
Adam France13.7009.823.514.2009.8240000047.53 view
11+ girls Club 3
Emma Wygard14.8009.6524.4515009.8524.850000049.31 view
Imogen O'Connell14.1009.623.715.4009.725.10000048.82 view
Letty Adams13.6009.523.115.4001025.40000048.53 view
Elizabeth Chamberlain6.200410.215.2009.8525.050000035.254 view
Freya Martin6.300410.314.8009.8524.650000034.955 view
9-10 girls Club 3
Isla Cowling14.1001024.115.1009.8524.950000049.051 view
Amy Pires14.2009.7523.9514.4009.824.20000048.152 view
Under 9 girls Club 3
Annabelle Hacker14.4001024.414.5009.624.10000048.51 view
Lilly Goodbrand14.3009.824.111007.918.900000432 view
boys NDP 1
Michael Kapitsa13.7009.723.414.1009.823.90000047.31 view
Oliver Burrell14.1009.723.813.9009.1230000046.82 view
11-12 girls NDP 1
Olivia Richardson14.4009.6524.0513.7009.5523.250000047.31 view
Annie France14.2009.3523.5514009.5523.550000047.12 view
Ella Knight14.6009.323.910.5006.617.100000413 view
Orla Kennedy13.9009.4523.359.1005.614.70000038.054 view
13+ girls NDP 1
Millie Brown15.1009.824.913.9009.7523.650000048.551 view
Hannah Swinton14.3009.0523.3513.8009.3523.150000046.52 view
Eleanor Wilson9.9006.8516.7513009220000038.753 view
Caitlin Cook13.8009.423.28.4005.7514.150000037.354 view
Adult NDP 1
Sam Robin15.4009.925.315.1009.824.90000050.21 view
Alex Radford14.3009.824.114.2001024.20000048.32 view
Jane Wilkey10.4006.917.314.4001024.40000041.73 view
Jo Costin14.7009.824.51.3000.82.10000026.64 view
Under 11 girls NDP 1
Gracie Underwood16.7009.6526.3515.2009.224.40000050.751 view
Rhiannon Monie15.4009.5524.9515.2009.224.40000049.352 view
Eleanor Grace Crew14.9009.5524.4514.9009.824.70000049.153 view
Amélie Hacker13.1008.8521.9514.5009.824.30000046.254 view
Isla Kotzenberg13.3009.5522.8513.2009.222.40000045.255 view
13+ girls NDP 2
Lexi Marlow14.5009.4523.9513.9009.723.60000047.551 view
Danae Candotti12.5009.321.814.9009.4524.350000046.152 view
Scarlett East14.7009.724.45.1003.858.950000033.353 view
9-10 girls NDP 2
Poppy Budd14.9009.3524.2514.4009.824.20000048.451 view
11-12 girls NDP 3
Amelia Crew15.1009.524.615.7009.5525.250000049.851 view
Chloe Rollins15.7009.525.213.5009.5523.050000048.252 view
11-12 NDP 3
Gemma White15.8009.7525.5512.4007.119.50000045.053 view
Anya Snook16.1009.7525.8515.8009.6525.450000051.31 view
Henry Ashton15.7009.6525.3515009.324.30000049.652 view
Sophie Ralph14.8009.5524.354.5002.757.250000031.63 view
girls NDP 5
Macy Dexter16.5009.1525.6515.7009.2524.950000050.61 view
Felicity Lawrence15.8009.825.614.3009.1523.450000049.052 view
Catherine Peck12.1009.221.310.2007.617.80000039.13 view
Grace Pike14.3009.1523.459.1006.215.30000038.754 view
Sydney Kelly17.6009.0526.6517.3009.326.60000053.251 view
Luis Pires16.9009.226.116.4009.125.50000051.62 view
Ali Macrae16.4009.2525.6516.5009.3525.850000051.53 view
Ryan Hadlow*17.6009.4527.0518.3009.427.70000054.754 view
boys Performance
Matthew Burson17.7009.8527.5516.210.509.3360000063.551 view
Zachary Goggin16.8009.626.416.48.909.134.40000060.82 view
Abhi Macdonald Marlow16.1009.625.716.58.109.734.300000603 view
James Able16.9009.5526.4514.500923.50000049.954 view
Gabriel Strydom-Green16.9009.5526.454.53.602.810.90000037.355 view


Partner 1Partner 2 Set Vol Final Total Pos.
E H D S Total E H T S Total E H T S Total
Fancy Dress
Luis PiresAbhi Macdonald Marlow8.49.3019.437.1000000000037.11
James AbleGabriel Strydom-Green7.99.65019.236.75000000000036.752
Francoise LucasLaura Able7.59.8501936.35000000000036.353
Sam RobinJoanna Costin7.49.8501936.25000000000036.254
Matthew BursonOlivia Richardson7.19.8019.336.2000000000036.25
Matthew BursonZachary Goggin8.49.4501835.85000000000035.856
Neil PikeGrace Pike6.78.85019.234.75000000000034.757
Rhiannon MonieIsla Cowling7.610017.234.8000000000034.88
Joanna CostinBronwyn Caine6.5901328.5000000000028.59
Sydney KellyLuis Pires5.96.501325.4000000000025.410
Macy DexterAmélie Hacker3.23.9506.813.95000000000013.9511

Competition dates

Date Time Details
Saturday 16th December 2017 16:00 - 17:00 Setup
Sunday 17th December 2017 09:00 - 17:00