NDP Regional 1

NDP Regional 1 2017

Date: Sunday 22nd October 2017 at Cambridge University Sports Centre

Entries close: 2017-08-31

Entry ages: 7 years +

Twenty gymnasts from the club took part on the first qualifying event for the 2017/18 NDP season on Sunday 22nd October at the Cambridge University Sports hall.

The competition had over 350 entries from clubs from all over the Eastern Region and was the first time the new objective judging rules had been used in the Regional competitions. It is important to note that the competition organisers compressed a number of the groups in order to make them more competitive. Some gymnasts were bouncing in age groups that comprised of more than one National Group. As such, gymnasts may have qualified in their own age-groups at higher places than represented in the final medal placings below.

First to compete was Vaisy Bishop, taking part in her 1st competition at NDP Level 1 Women’s 13+. Unfortunately, a mistake in the 1st round cost her dearly, but a successful round 2 routine saw her take 29th place. Next up was Amy Pires, also competing for the 1st time in the Club 2 Women’s 11-12 competition. Two high scoring routines saw her take an impressive second place and the silver medal. Competing at the same time, but in a different was Orla Kennedy in the Club 2 Women’s 13+ competition. Where Orla also performed magnificently to take 3rd place and the Bronze medal.

Lilly Carter, the club’s youngest competitor, was next up competing in the Women’s club 2, 7-10 category, two great routines saw her finish just outside the medals in 4th place, what a great start for our aspiring gymnast. Next up was the first of our men competing that day, Liam Whistler in the Level 6 Men’s 11-14 and Alasdair McCrae competing in the Level 6 Men’s 17+. Liam has been working very hard at training and it paid off handsomely with two excellent routines bring him 1st place and the Gold medal and qualification to the Regional Finals in March 2018. Ali was competing in a very tight field, but two high scoring routines saw him take an impressive 3rd place and the Bronze medal and also achieved the qualifying score for the Regional Finals.

Eleanor Wilson competed next in the Women’s Level 2 13+, unfortunately an error in her first routine also harmed her chances of qualification to the finals, but she recovered to score well in her second routine, which gives a good indication of performance for the next qualifier. Eleanor finished the competition in 20th place.

Amelie Hacker and Molly McGregor were next to compete in the Women’s 11-12 level 2 category. Amelie has two solid routines and took 10th place and achieved qualification to the Regional Finals. Molly had two excellent routines and took 2nd place and the Silver medal plus qualification to the Regional finals. A great effort there from both girls.

Following the lunch break and trophy presentations for the morning competitors the afternoon got underway with Henry Ashton competing in the Men’s Level 4 13+ group. A fantastic routine in the 1st round had him well placed, but an error on his penultimate moved in his second routine cost him dearly and he finished the competition in 6th place. Better luck next time Henry.

Michael Kapitsa was next up, competing in the Men’s Level 1 13+ group. Two good routines saw him take a well-deserved 3rd place and the Bronze medal, plus qualification to the Regional Finals.

Next up was our team of girls in the Women’s Club 3 11-12 group. Gracie Underwood, Isla Grace-Cowling and Rhiannon Monie. Unfortunately, an error for Isla in her first routine cost her and she finished the competition in 18th place. Better results for Gracie who completed both routines and took a well-deserved 8th place. Two slightly better routines for Rhiannon saw her take 6th place while the team came 3rd in the team event.

Macy Dexter was next to compete in the Women’s Level 5 11-12 category. Moving up two grades from last season Macy stormed the routines and took second place and a well-deserved Silver medal, plus qualification to the Regional Finals.

Katie Golding and Lettie Adams were next to compete in the Women’s 13+ Club 3 competition. Both successfully completed their routines and in a hard group were happy for Katie to place 17th and Lettie 15th. Chloe Rollins was our penultimate competitor in the Women’s Level 3 13+ group and she overcame her nerves to complete both routines to finish 6th and qualify for the Regional Finals.

Last up was Sydney Kelly, competing in the Level 6 Women’s 13-16 age group. Sydney produced Cangaroos highest scores of the day to take 1st place and the gold medal and achieve qualification to the Regional Finals. The club was delighted that 15 of our gymnasts achieved the qualifying scores for the Regional Finals. Those that didn’t have two more competitions (January and February) in order to achieve the scores in order to compete at the Finals and we wish them well in their efforts to do so.

As usual we want to thank all our officials, volunteers and coaches who gave up their time to support the gymnasts, without their help and cooperation we couldn’t run the club nor enter competitions. We look forward now to the League Finals in December, followed by the end of the year Club Competition where we hope all our Cangaroos will join us for a fun-filled day of excitement and laughs as we compete for the various trophies including the ever-popular Ego Cup for our coaches.


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
11-12 girls Club 2
Amy Pires14.1009.723.813.8009.6523.450000047.252 view
13+ girls Club 2
Orla Kennedy14.3009.6523.9514009.423.40000047.353 view
7-10 girls Club 2
Lily Carter13.7009.923.613.8009.723.50000047.14 view
11-12 girls Club 3
Rhiannon Monie15.4009.825.214.8009.824.60000049.86 view
Gracie Underwood15.1009.624.715009.824.80000049.58 view
Isla Cowling0000012.4009.8522.250000022.2518 view
13+ girls Club 3
Letty Adams14.4009.6524.0514009.823.80000047.8515 view
Katie Golding13.9009.723.613009.822.80000046.417 view
13+ boys NDP 1
Michael Kapitsa13.8009.723.513.4009.2522.650000046.153 Q view
13+ girls NDP 1
Vaisey Bishop0000013.5009.0522.550000022.5529 view
11-12 girls NDP 2
Molly McGregor14.9009.824.715.1009.7524.850000049.552 Q view
Amélie Hacker13.4009.7523.1513.4009.723.10000046.2510 view
13+ girls NDP 2
Eleanor Wilson13.3009.522.8000000000022.820 view
13+ girls NDP 3
Chloe Rollins14009.223.213.9009.523.40000046.66 view
13+ boys NDP 4
Henry Ashton14.8009.4524.25000000000024.256 view
11-12 girls NDP 5
Macy Dexter16.1009.2525.3514.8009.424.80000050.152 Q view
11-14 boys NDP 6
Liam Whistler15.2009.9525.1513.9009.923.80000048.951 Q view
13-16 girls NDP 6
Sydney Kelly17009.726.716.3009.6525.950000052.651 Q view
17+ boys NDP 6
Ali Macrae15.8009.2525.0516.1009.7525.850000050.93 Q view

Competition dates

Date Time Details
Sunday 22nd October 2017 09:00 - 17:00