Club Competition

Club Competition 2018

Date: Sunday 16th December 2018 at CRC

Entries close: 2018-11-30

Entry ages: 4 years +

Every year the Cangaroos host a friendly competition for members of the club and invited guests to share some christmas spirit and show off their trampoline skills. Once again CRC was our host on a fresh Sunday morning.

The previous evening our usual storming one hour pre-competition setup was performed with coaches and volunteers going the extra yard to erect trampolines, judging tables and some Laura Able approved chair alignments. In record breaking time the hall was made ready for the following day saving us some time in the morning.

As morning came the coaches, members and volunteers arrived. This day only runs with the help of so many people and we are as always grateful for them. These heroes include:

We started our day with the club photo which would not have been possible without Zoe MacLachlan Photography who came in last minute to help us out! With the shoot done the first event of the day is the coaches Ego cup. This year to increase the competition we welcome all coaches who had atleast started their coaching journey by compelting the first day of the L1 trampoline course. The meant that competing for the shield was Ali, James, Nicky, Grace and Sam. To that end it was James who came out on top and will be holding tightly on to that shield till next year.

We then kicked off the main competition with over 60 individual competitors taking to the trampoline throughout the day. With so many outstanding performances it would be impossible to list them all but special mentions must go to:


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
Jane Wilkey15.1009.8524.9515.1009.9250000049.951 view
Alex Radford13.9009.823.714.2009.8240000047.72 view
Olivia Newey12.3009.72214.2009.8524.050000046.053 view
boys Club 0
Oscar Munnelly15.5001025.514.9001024.90000050.41 view
Ibrahim Hanif11.2009.921.111.3009.5520.850000041.952 view
Over 9 girls Club 0
Isabelle Drokov14.9001024.915.3001025.30000050.21 view
Bethia Hope-Rollins14.5009.624.115.1009.8524.950000049.052 view
Under 9 girls Club 0
Madeleine Hincks15.5009.925.415.3009.825.10000050.51 view
Elsa Monie14.6001024.612.1009.7521.850000046.452 view
Yasmin Lima13.4009.823.213.5009.5523.050000046.253 view
Lucia Rollins12009.9521.9512.5001022.50000044.454 view
boys Club 1
Alistair Meadows14.6009.8524.4513.8009.923.70000048.151 view
Ozan Velioglu12.2009.922.114.2009.924.10000046.22 view
Over 11 girls Club 1
Kirsty Thorne15.3001025.315.9001025.90000051.21 view
Under 11 girls Club 1
Grace Falconer14.2009.6523.8515.4009.925.30000049.151 view
Fiona Presland13.8009.923.714.1009.723.80000047.52 view
Freya Carter14.1009.723.813.8009.5523.350000047.153 view
Maram Karkouz11.6009.921.513.1009.822.90000044.44 view
Khadija Hanif11.8009.8521.6511.1009.520.60000042.255 view
girls Club 2
Bryony O'Connel14.7009.924.614.4009.7524.150000048.751 view
Luna Lima14.2009.924.114.4009.7524.150000048.252 view
Freya Humphreys13.9009.823.714.4009.7524.150000047.853 view
Sadie Rollins13.6009.823.413.9009.8523.750000047.154 view
Cleo Monie11.8007.819.613.7009.8523.550000043.155 view
Madison-Rose Duell13009.722.77.5005.813.300000366 view
girls Club 3
Ettolle Martin14.9009.924.815.1009.9525.050000049.851 view
Nina Smith10.1006.116.212.4008.520.90000037.12 view
11 - 12 boys Club 3
Matis Candotti14.7009.6524.3514.6009.724.30000048.651 view
Cameron Spence14.6009.724.314.4009.6524.050000048.352 view
Thomas Linzell12.3008.620.92.6001.64.20000025.13 view
9 - 10 boys Club 3
Stuart Holland15.3009.524.814.8009.924.70000049.51 view
Under 9 boys Club 3
Felix Hincks12.9009.222.113.6009.623.20000045.31 view
Coireall Marlow14.6009.824.411.4007.7519.150000043.552 view
Coaches Cup
James Able17009.226.2000000000026.21 view
Ali Macrae16.6009.3525.95000000000025.952 view
Myffy Cairns15.7009.3525.05000000000025.053 view
Grace Pike15009.624.6000000000024.64 view
Sam Robin14.6009.724.3000000000024.35 view
boys NDP 1
Benjamin Spence16.2009.725.915.3009.6524.950000050.851 view
11 - 12 girls NDP 1
Ella Garrard15.6009.8525.4515.4009.925.30000050.751 view
Gracie Underwood15.6009.925.514.5009.824.30000049.82 view
Eleanor Grace Crew15.3009.9525.2514.5009.824.30000049.553 view
Isla Cowling14.7009.724.414.5009.824.30000048.74 view
Imogen O'Connell15.2009.724.912.7009.522.20000047.15 view
Freya Martin14.1009.823.913.3009.7523.050000046.956 view
Isla Kotzenberg14009.7523.7512.5009.7522.2500000467 view
Over 13 girls NDP 1
Annie France15.4009.4524.8515.1009.824.90000049.751 view
Millie Brown14.8009.8524.6514.2009.8524.050000048.72 view
Phoebe Maddever15.7009.925.612.900820.90000046.53 view
Niamh Druce13.5009.8523.3513.3009.7230000046.354 view
Ellie Dimond14009.823.811.6009.4210000044.85 view
Ella Knight10.4006.917.313.6009.4230000040.36 view
Letty Adams13.9009.723.61.2000.751.950000025.557 view
Under 11 girls NDP 1
Lily Carter15.6009.8525.4515.3009.925.20000050.651 view
Annabelle Hacker14.9009.724.614.6009.924.50000049.12 view
girls NDP 2
Lexi Marlow14.8009.7524.5513.2009.6522.850000047.41 view
Danae Candotti14.9009.624.512.2009.0521.250000045.752 view
Amélie Hacker15.6009.925.55.9003.99.80000035.33 view
11 - 12 girls NDP 3
Rhiannon Monie14.5009.724.214.7009.724.40000048.61 view
Poppy Budd14.1009.7523.8513.5009.4522.950000046.82 view
11 - 12 girls NDP 4
Molly McGregor15.4009.7525.1514.4009.4523.8500000491 view
Over 13 boys NDP 4
Henry Ashton5.9003.59.414.5009.1523.650000033.051 view
Over 13 girls NDP 4
Sam Robin14.9009.524.414.9009.4524.350000048.751 view
Gemma White15009.1524.1514.4009.1523.550000047.72 view
Chloe Rollins14.3009.4523.7514.2009.223.40000047.153 view
Over 15 girls NDP 5
Felicity Lawrence15.4009.4524.8514.1009.6523.750000048.61 view
James Able17.7009.8527.5514.1909.5532.650000060.21 view
Gabriel Strydom-Green17.2009.6526.8517.24.909.631.70000058.552 view
Abhi Macdonald Marlow16.4009.4525.8516.75.209.731.60000057.453 view
Ali Macrae16.5009.626.114.17.608.4530.150000056.254 view
Sydney Kelly17.1009.3526.4513.95.109.528.50000054.955 view
Zachary Goggin13.700821.71.51.500.83.80000025.56 view


Partner 1Partner 2 Set Vol Final Total Pos.
E H D S Total E H T S Total E H T S Total
Fancy Dress
Sydney KellyLuis Pires8.50019.628.1000000000028.11
Phoebe MaddeverElla Garrard000007.9001926.90000026.92
Zachary GogginJames Able7.90018.826.7000000000026.73
Sam RobinJoanna Costin7.30019.226.5000000000026.54
Amélie HackerRhiannon Monie7.5001926.5000000000026.54
Molly McGregorRhiannon Monie7.4001926.4000000000026.46
Ella GarrardIsla Cowling7.5001825.5000000000025.57
Imogen O'ConnellEllie Dimond7.70017.625.3000000000025.38
Cameron SpenceBenjamin Spence7.30017.825.1000000000025.19
Grace PikeCleo Monie6.90017.824.7000000000024.710
Grace PikeNeil Pike6.6001824.6000000000024.611
Myffy CairnsNicky Andersen7.20015.422.6000000000022.612

Competition dates

Date Time Details
Saturday 15th December 2018 16:00 - 17:00 Pre competition setup
Sunday 16th December 2018 09:00 - 16:00 Competition Day