Club Competition 2018

Club Competition 2018

Date: Sunday 16th December 2018 at CRC

Entries close: 2018-11-30

Entry ages: 4 years +

The annual friendly Cangaroos Club competition will be hosted at CRC on 16th December and is open to all club members.


All entries for the club competition are taken through our online BookWhen portal.

Enter Now

Please ensure your club membership has been paid as soon as possible (if you have not done so already) so you are able to particiapte and have a t-shirt (this can also be done through BookWhen).

Pay Club Membership

If you are entering one event (Ie just the individual chose 'Individual Entry') - if you are entering two events (such as synchro and individual) chose 'double entry'. You may have up to two synchro partners each but please check your partner is able to attend before entering. Further details of the competition types can be found below.

The individual competition routines will follow the NDP structure so these will be the same routines you will compete at regional competitions.

For synchro you will be allowed to make up your own routine but in the interest of fair play and safety this must be at an acceptable level of difficulty of the less able gymnast (no 10 tuck jumps Matt Burson). Each parter in the synchro must submit a synchro entry.

For two-trick entries please contact Ali for further details.

Competition types

We will have the following competition formats this year.
Standard competition with each gymnast performing two routines
Two gymnasts performing the same routine at the same time. Note this can be entered in fancy dress and there will be a separate prize for best costume!
Two Trick
A gymnast performs their two craziest moves with the winner picked by the crowd
Coaches Ego Cup
A competition for coaches only with one routine


All gymnasts competing will be expect to wear either competition kit (note; girls may now wear gym shorts that are skin tight and match the leotard according to BG code of points) or club t-shirt, white shorts and white socks.

Your club t-shirts will be handed out in the morning of the competition provided you have submitted your club membership in time.

Helpers needed

With any club event helpers are appreciated. You do not need prior knowledge of trampolining to assist us with either setup, running or pack away. We will also accept external guest entries for external helpers if they want to compete as well.

We will be setting up the evening before at 4pm at CRC.

Club Photo

The club photo will be taken by our event photographers first thing in the morning. Please arrive on time to collect your shirt and be in the photo!

Please login to see the timetable.

Sunday 16th December 2018 09:00 - 16:00 Competition Day
Saturday 15th December 2018 16:00 - 17:00 Pre competition setup