NDP Regional 2

NDP Regional 2 2018

Date: Sunday 14th January 2018 at Cambridge University Sports Centre

Entries close: 2018-01-02

Entry ages: 7 years +

As the Sunday started competitors made their way from across the region to the Cambridge University Sports Centre for the second regional competition of the 2017 / 2018 season. Cangaroos had 14 entries for the day with Luis also competing DMT in the morning for Comets.

We kicked off the day with Felicity turning up the heat in NDP5 narrowly missing out on a medal in NDP5 finishing 4th. She did however achieve the qualifying score so we will see her back for the semi-finals. Next up was Imogen O'Connell in Club 3 - she performed well in her group but tough competition saw her finish 8th - but she also qualified.

The morning rolled on with Lexi Marlow qualifying to the semi-finals in NDP2 by finishing 16th despite her toes whistling past the trampolining on her back somersault to seat landing. Next up was the terrifying trio of Isla, Gracie and Rhiannon in NDP1. The giggle team made it through their routines to all qualify finishing 7th, 8th and 9th. They also took first place in their team group so medals for all three!

We then took a break for the medal ceremony for the morning competitors as judges and officals gouged into some much-needed lunch. The medal were handed out to gymnasts as the spectators cheers and Neil Pike further scoffed more sausage rolls.

As the competition resumed we had Lily take 2nd place in Club 2 and Benjamin take 2nd in Club 3. After them was Luis who it was fair to say had not had the best of luck at Cambridge competitions having crashed in three of the last four. Despite some trademark Pires strong warm ups an incorrect order of skills in his first routine cost him dear and he finished 6th. Ryan Hadlow (who judged at our club competition) took an impressive 2nd despite some tough competition.

Following them was Poppy Budd in NDP2 and she performed very well taking 5th and qualifying for the semi-finals. Our penultimate group saw Millie, Annie and Sam perform in NDP1. For all three of them this was their first regional level competition, and for Sam her 5th week at the club. They all coped remarkably well with the pressure and with Annie and Millie completing both routines and Sam making a small mistake in her first. They finished Annie; 22nd, Millie 24th and Sam 33rd in a large tough group. In the team competition they took 5th.

Finally it was the ever smiling Sydney who surged through her routines eclisping the competition and finsihing 1st - this makes it 6 straight Gold medals for Sydney at the NDP level. She was looking very pleased with herself...

Cousin IT with a medal
Sydney looking pleased with her medal

There was just enough time left in the day for Luis to bring some comedy gold to the event by tripping over the floor matting in-front of the packed rafters - some were quoted saying the laughter continued for several minutes.

As always we have to thank our coaches for the day; Tony, Franky, Laura, Scott, Luis and Ali. Our judge Nicky and our recorder Sydney - who without all of you we could not attend these events. We look forward to the third event in Brentwood and hope more of our Cangaroos will join us there!


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
7-8 girls Club 2
Lily Carter14.6009.824.414.7009.9524.650000049.052 view
11-12 boys Club 3
Benjamin Spence14.4009.3523.75000000000023.752 view
11-12 girls Club 3
Imogen O'Connell14.3009.623.914.2009.7523.950000047.858 Q view
11-12 girls NDP 1
Isla Cowling14.5001024.514.7009.824.500000497 Q 1view
Gracie Underwood14.9009.8524.7514.7009.824.50000049.258 Q 1view
Rhiannon Monie15009.824.814.5009.624.10000048.99 Q 1view
13+ girls NDP 1
Annie France14.3009.623.914.1009.723.80000047.722 Q 5view
Millie Brown14.1009.823.913.9009.723.60000047.524 Q 5view
Sam Robin0000014.1009.823.90000023.933 5view
11-12 girls NDP 2
Poppy Budd14.6009.924.514.5009.5240000048.55 Q view
13+ girls NDP 2
Lexi Marlow13.7009.8523.5513.4009.723.10000046.6516 Q view
15+ girls NDP 5
Felicity Lawrence15.2009.324.515.2009.8250000049.54 Q view
13-16 girls NDP 6
Sydney Kelly17009.426.415.8009.3525.150000051.551 Q view
17+ boys NDP 6
Luis Pires0000016.4009.1525.550000025.556 view

Competition dates

Date Time Details
Sunday 14th January 2018 09:00 - 17:00