Regional Team Final

Regional Team Final 2018

Date: Friday 15th June 2018 - Sunday 17th June 2018 at NIA, Birmingham

Entries close: 2018-05-04

Entry ages: 9 years +

After battling through the qualification rounds Ali and Sydney made their way along with other members from trampoline East to compete in the Regional Team finals with qualification to the NDP finals at stake.

The regional team finals is a unique competition in that members compete for their region rather than their club. As Cangaroos is part of the East region this means that Ali and Sydney were competing for Team East (as opposed to Cangaroos).

The event kicked off on Friday with orientation for the Saturday competitors that only Tony was present for as a regional coach. Ali spent the evening meeting up with Altair Trampoline Club coaches Jon and Emma Wall in Solihul at one of the finer public house establishments Birmingham had to offer.

As Saturday afternoon drew near Sydney, Franky, Stuart, Ali and TOny met up in Birmingham after the Saturday competitors had finished. A lesuirely stoll into the city was thwarted as the heavens opened and we ducked for cover. Under Syd's instructions we proceeded back to the NIA (the competition venue) to have our warm up and then go for food. Orientation went well and all felt ready for Sunday. Ali's youthful looks trappped him inside for a little longer as the doorman was not sure he was old enough to leave without a parent or coach - cackles could be heard from the rest of the team for several minutes.

We left the hall and made our way into town once more for a meal at Coast2Coast with Paul and Sonia from Rotations Trampoline Club. We ordered our food and drink (Ali god IDd by the waiter - on a roll now) in perfect view of the ensuing World Cup football match that Tony refused to admit he was an avid fan of - especially being from a Man Utd Liverpool household. As we left the restaurant for our respective hotels there was just enough time for a night-cap before hitting the hay (and yes of course Ali got IDd again).

Sunday began with Ali on in the morning but was nearly late for his warmup after misreading his warm up time. That error aside he performed two solid routines in the NIA and secured a 6th place finish with qualification to the NDP finals secured.

Following him was Sydney who went even better and despite some 'creative' warm-ups finished 1st also qualifying for the NDP finals in Nottingham!

Next up is the NDP finals where Ali and Sydney will be joined by our qualifying gymnasts from the performance level groups! Go Cangaroos!!!!


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
15-16 girls NDP 6
Sydney Kelly17.6009.326.917.1009.826.90000053.81 Q view
17+ boys NDP 6
Ali Macrae15.5009.424.915.8009.625.40000050.36 Q view

Competition dates

Date Time Details
Friday 15th June 2018 00:00 - 00:00
Saturday 16th June 2018 00:00 - 00:00