Zonal Schools

Zonal Schools 2019

Date: Sunday 20th January 2019 at

Entries close: 2019-01-10

Entry ages: 4 years 16 years

The second round of the zonal schools competition saw James and Sydney compete for qualification spots in the national schools final.

Sydney competed a creative routine testing the difficulty judges with moves including a full and rudy to seat landing but was unable to make the top three to qualify and finished 7th.

Following her was James Able who had been looking to compete his half out triff for the the first time in competition. Despite some promising performances in training he did not get enough warm ups on the day and chose to repeat his set routine. The decision was an inspired one as he scored high 8s to finish in 1st and qualify for the nationals.


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
Year 10 - 14 boys
James Able17.8009.627.417.65.709.6532.950000060.351 Q view
Year 10 - 14 girls
Sydney Kelly17.1009.4526.5515.25.509.530.20000056.757 view

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