NDP Regional Semi Final

NDP Regional Semi Final 2020

Date: Sunday 15th March 2020 at Hemel Hempstead

Entries close: 2019-02-15

Entry ages: 7 years +

The 2019-20 season is likely to be remembered for all the wrong reasons within the trampoline community. With the Region only managing to stage just one qualifier during the season with the cancellation of the 2nd qualifier due to adverse weather conditions and the committee in a quandary for a number of days and weeks in the run up to the Regional Semi-final as to even run the event due to the Corona Virus pandemic.

Thankfully, after a changed programme of events, with the medal ceremonies being reduced to following every event, instead of the planned presentations and physical contact kept to an absolute minimum, while gymnasts and spectators practiced social distancing, the event went ahead.

Cangaroos had attained 19 qualifiers to the semi-final, the most we have had for a number of years, and we hope a growing number of successful competitive gymnasts will now come from the new Centre. Unfortunately, 3 didn’t attend due to parental concerns over the virus, but 16 did make the trip, along with our coaches and officials.

It was a long day, with the first competition starting at 10.00am and the last one finishing after 5.00pm, but the Club and the gymnasts had some great successes, with 6 medallists including a Gold and Silver from two sisters. What was most pleasing for the Coaches was that everyone of our gymnasts successfully completed both routines without any errors or mishaps. Our coaches were split across the 4 panels, so it was a very busy day for them as they bustled from panel to panel supporting all our gymnasts.

Our first competitor of the day was Sophie Ralph, competing in the Level 5 women 15-21 age group. Taking part in one of the largest groups Sophie managed a very credible 14th place with a total score for her two routines of 47.90. In the next flight of the same group, Gemma White also completed her two routines well and finished in 12th with a total score of 48.70.

Next up was Freya Carter, competing in the Club 3 women 7-8 age group. This was Freya’s first year of competition and after two excellent high scoring routines, she took the silver medal with a total score of 48.25. Meanwhile on an adjacent panel Benjamin Spence was competing in the Level 2 men 13-17 age group. Lying in 1st place after an excellent 1st round, Benjamin successfully took the silver medal with a combined score 51.06, just missing out on the Gold by just 0.17 of a mark.

Amelie Hacker was next up, competing in the Level 3 women 13-17 age group, this was one of the largest groups of the day with over 20 competitors. Two quality routines saw Amelie take a very credible 5th place with a total score of 51.15. Lily Carter was also competing at this time, in the Level 2 women 9-10 age group, looking to emulate the success of her sister. Two top quality routines saw Lily take the Gold medal with a total score of 51.40. Congratulations to her.

In quick succession the Grimes family competed. All of whom were in their first year of competitive trampolining. First up was Luke Grimes, competing in the Club 3 men 11-12 age group. Two solid routines saw him take the bronze medal with a total score of 47.85. Next up was Reese Grimes who was competing in the Club 3 women 13+ age group, in a much larger group than her brother, Reese successfully competed her two routines and placed 8th with a total score of 47.00. Finally, from the family, Jake Grimes was competing in the Level 1 men 13-17 age group. Two solid routines from Jake saw him just miss the medals, taking 4th place with a total score of 48.67. Bragging rights go to Jake for achieving the highest score of the day in the family rivalry stakes. Also competing in the Level 1 men 13-17 age group was William Roddis, it was also his first year competing and he managed to pip Jake and take the bronze medal with a total score of 49.07.

Also competing in her first season, Nina Smith was competing in the Club 3 women 13+ age group. Two good routines, with a much-improved 2nd routine saw Nina move just ahead Reese to take 7th place with a total score of 47.5 Stuart Holland was next, competing in the Level 1 men 11-12 age group, a good 1st routine saw him just outside the medal placing in 4th, but a disappointing 2nd routine led to a drop in scores and a 6th placed finish with a total score of 48.60.

Next to compete was Albie Vaughan, competing in the Level 5 men 15-21 age group. Two high quality routines saw Albie take the silver medal, with a total score of 52.50 missing top spot by just 0.5 of a mark.

Competing in the Level 4 women 13-17 age group were Molly McGregor and Rhiannon Monie. This was another large group with 28 gymnasts and with our girls at the younger part of the age group, they were up against some much older and more experienced ladies. Nevertheless, both girls did extremely well, with Rhiannon lying in 4th and Molly in 5th after round 1. An improved 2nd round for Molly saw her move into 5th place overall, just 0.3 off the medals with a total score of 52.60 and Rhiannon finished in 7th place with a total score of 51.60.

Macy Dexter was competing in the highest-grade competition of the day the Level 6 women 13-14 age group, this was a very high standard of competition and Macy did well to take 4th place finishing just 0.35 outside the medals with a total score of 49.95.

That concluded the days events and Cangaroos left the competition floor feeling satisfied and happy. Unfortunately, we heard the next day that the Finals (along with all domestic National competitions) had been cancelled. So, although we had three successful Team finalists, with Lily, Albia and Benjamin and two reserves, they will not be competing at the National Team Final this year. As all national competitions have also been cancelled, this was the last competition of the season for Cangaroos. We’re hopeful normality can return and that the new season, both Regional and National can take place as planned from September 2020 onwards.


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
11-12 boys Club 3
Luke Grimes14009.7523.7514.4009.724.10000047.853 view
13+ girls Club 3
Nina Smith13.8009.22314.5001024.50000047.57 view
Reese Grimes13.7009.523.213.9009.923.800000478 view
7-8 girls Club 3
Freya Carter14.5009.52414.6009.6524.250000048.252 view
11-12 boys NDP 1
Stuart Holland15.2009.624.814.3009.523.80000048.66 view
13-17 boys NDP 1
Will Roddis15009.724.715009.624.60000049.33 view
Jake Grimes14.6009.624.214.6009.924.50000048.74 view
13-17 boys NDP 2
Benjamin Spence16009.625.615.8009.725.50000051.12 Q view
9-10 girls NDP 2
Lily Carter15.9009.925.815.6001025.60000051.41 Q view
13-17 girls NDP 3
Amélie Hacker16.2001026.215.2009.7524.950000051.155 view
13-17 girls NDP 4
Molly McGregor16.4009.726.116.6009.926.50000052.65 view
Rhiannon Monie16.3001026.315.5009.825.30000051.67 view
15-21 boys NDP 5
Albie Vaughan16.4009.926.316.4009.826.20000052.52 Q view
15-21 girls NDP 5
Gemma White15.5009.52513.9009.823.70000048.712 view
Sophie Ralph150092414.900923.90000047.914 view
13-14 girls NDP 6
Macy Dexter15.2009.4524.6515.7009.625.30000049.954 view

Competition dates

Date Time Details
Sunday 15th March 2020 09:00 - 17:00 Competition