Club and Regional Championships

Club and Regional Championships 2022

Date: Sunday 19th June 2022 at Cambridge University Sports Centre

Entries close: 2022-05-31

Entry ages: 9 years +

It was lovely to host the East Regional finals in our fair city, utilising the fantastic facilities at our sister club, Cambridge University.

22 Cangaroos gymnasts has successfully qualified to the event and 17 were able to take part. Unfortunately, the others couldn’t make it due to illness or injury and we wish them a speedy recovery.

The day was split in two, with Presentations after the morning session and at the end of the day. This meant that there was always a good crowd of people supporters in the audience to cheer everyone on.

First to compete was Alex in the Reg 1 Cat 2 grade, after a little mix-up over which grade he should be in was corrected, Alex successfully completed both his routines and was positively beaming after successfully landing his front somersaults. It was great to see Alex take 1st place and the gold medal. Next up was Isa in the Reg 2 Cat 2 grade, again they successfully completed both routines and took a well deserved 1st place and the gold medal.

Over on panel 3 Isla was competing in the women’s Level 1, 13-17 grade, this was the 2nd largest competition of the day and Isla performed superbly to take a brilliant 7th place.

Back on Panel 1, Cora was competing in the women’s club 3, 9-10 group. Two of her best ever routines saw her take 2nd place and the silver medal.

On Panel 3 the Men’s Level 1 groups were competing. Lucas was in the 9-10 grade and he top scored with two impressive routines, earning the gold medal. In the 11-12 age group Yacine and Jacob did really well with Jacob taking 9th place and Yacine, taking a marvellous 2nd place and the silver medal.

Meanwhile Thomas was competing in the men’s club 3 11-12 grade and two good routines from him saw him take 2nd place and the silver medal.

In the women’s 15+ level 2 grade (the largest group of the day), Poppy had an unfortunate error in in her 1st routine, which proved to be too much to recoup and although she successfully completed her 2nd routine, she had to settle for 19th .

To close the morning session off, Albie was competing in the men’s Level 3, 15+ group, another large competition and Albie did well to finish in 8th place.

That’s concluded a fantastic morning of competition and we all watched with happiness as our six medallists received their medals.

The afternoon session started with Matilda in the women’s club 2, 9-10 grade and two of her best ever routines saw her take an impressive 1st place and the gold medal.

On panel 2, the top grades were starting and Rhiannon and Molly were competing in the women’s 15-16 grade 4. Their in-competition rivalry continued with Rhiannon taking the honours this time, narrowly beating Molly into 7th place, while Rhiannon took 6th.

Jake took to the beds to compete in the men’s grade 2, 15+ and came away with a successful 3rd place and bronze medal.

Last up on Panel 2 was Lily in the women’s grade 4, 11-12 group. A great 1st routine was marred by an error in the 2nd routine, but despite this, Lily still took 1st place and the gold medal.

Last to compete on the day were Esme and Freya in the women’s grade 1, 9-10 group. Both competed brilliantly and everyone was delighted with Freya’s 4th place, narrowly missing the medals and Esme’s fantastic 1st place and the gold medal.

Once again, we watched in delight as our medallists took their medals after the competitions had ended, a slight error meant that Esme was missed out, but we made it up to her and she got her Gold medal.

The domestic season ends with some fabulous results for Cangaroos, testament to our fabulous team of coaches. We await now the selection of the Team East for the Inter-Regional Challenge Cup which takes place in September in Sheffield, and are hopeful many of our medallists will be selected to compete against the very best in Britain. As always, we must say a huge thank you to our coaches on the day, Franky, Heather and Tony, our Judges, Jane and Reuben, our marshals, Matt, Mark, Emma and Natalie and to all those who helped set-up on Saturday evening and pack away on Sunday. Without their support, we simply cannot attend these amazing events.

We turn now to the remainder of the National season and send our best wishes and good luck to Lilia who is competing in the National Age Group Finals on Sunday 26th June in Birmingham.


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
DPD Level 1 U15 girls
Iza Moultrie13.3009.823. Q view
DPD Level 2 15+ boys
Alex Radford13.3009.72313.21.209.724.10000047.11 Q view
7-10 girls Club 2
Matilda Enright13.7009.823.513.8009.823.60000047.11 view
11-14 boys Club 3
Thomas Fletcher14.3001024.3140010240000048.32 view
9-10 girls Club 3
Cora McGregor14.8001024.812.7001022.70000047.52 view
11-12 boys Level 1
Yacine Boulmaache14.4011.549.5535.4914.8311.879.739.370000074.862 Q view
Jacob Murphy9.806.536.923. view
13-17 girls Level 1
Isla Cowling15.1012.39.6537.0515.71.712.149.338.840000075.897 view
9-10 boys Level 1
Lucas Coleman-Denny14.609.849.834.2414.42.510.159.936.950000071.191 Q view
9-10 girls Level 1
Esme Rowlandson16.1010.379.636.0715.73.610.749.2539.290000075.361 Q view
Freya Carter16.109.89.635.515. view
15+ boys Level 2
Jake Grimes14010.469.533.9614.32.910.659.6537.50000071.463 view
15+ girls Level 2
Poppy Budd2.802.591.657.0414.74.611.479.440.170000047.2119 view
15+ boys Level 3
Albie Vaughan15.6012.949.5538.0915.25.912.789.743.580000081.678 view
11-14 girls Level 4
Lily Carter15.5011.949.7537.1912.33.210.558.5534.60000071.791 Q view
15-16 girls Level 4
Rhiannon Monie16.4012.449.438.2416.15.312.559.343.250000081.496 view
Molly McGregor16.3012.449.438.1415.45.312.219.142.010000080.157 view

Competition dates

Date Time Details
Saturday 18th June 2022 18:00 - 20:00 Setup
Saturday 18th June 2022 08:00 - 17:00 Competition