Regional Qualifier 1

Regional Qualifier 1 2022

Date: Sunday 6th February 2022 at Harlow Leisure Zone

Entries close: 2022-01-02

Entry ages: 9 years +

On 6th February 20 gymnasts from the club made their way for the first of the new Club Cup competitions starting in 2022. The Club Cup is a new format that replaces the old NDP competitions and although similar it does lead to a slightly different national event.

Unfortunately, due to Covid our entry was slightly reduced, but we hope we will be back to full strength and even more entries for the next Club Cup event on 20th March in Colchester. It was a long day for our coaches and officials, starting at 9.10 and stretching past 5.30 in the evening, but worthwhile for many of our gymnasts, some of whom were competing for the very first time.

The day started with Costanza, one of our new competition entries and Isla in the Regional 1 ladies, 13-17 years. This was the biggest group of the day and Costanza did really well to finish in 21st place. Isla, who was competing for the first time in a few years having overcome performance block issues did really well to finish 10th.

Next up was Ella, who we had to pull from the judges podium to compete in the competition. A quick change from official outfit to competition attire saw Ella achieve a respectable 6th place in the Regional 4 women’s 17+ group.

Our next two competitors were Jacob and Thomas, both newcomers to competition. Competing the men’s 11-12 Club 3, they both did really well, with Jacob taking silver by just 0.1 from Thomas who took the bronze medal. A great first time out achievement, well done boys.

The competition hall heated up and Benjamin was next to compete in the men’s 13-14 Regional 4. A good 1st round had Benjamin in 1st place, but a small error in the 2nd routine meant he slipped to 3rd place and the bronze medal. This was a great result considering he had the lowest tariff in the competition.

Annabelle was next to compete in the women’s 13-14 regional 2. In another large group, Annabelle struggled in the 1st routine but performed a competent 2nd routine to finish 12th.

Amber followed Annabelle in the Women’s 11-12 Club 2 competition. Another newcomer to competitions, Amber did really well to finish in 5th place after two competent routines.

Up next was Albie in the Men’s 15+ Regional 3 competition. This was the biggest men’s competition of the day and Albie did an excellent 1st routine to stand in 4th place just 0.1 outside the medal places. A competent 2nd routine saw him slip to 8th place in a hard-fought competition with some high scoring 2nd routines.

Alex and Iza were next to compete, Alex was in the Men’s 15+ Regional 2 Category 2 group and was delighted to land his somersault for the 1st time ever in competition. His smile was matched by that of his coaches and judges. A great effort that was rewarded with a 2nd place silver medal. Iza was competing in the Women’s under 15 Regional 2 Category 2 and two good routines saw her take 1st place in only her 2nd ever competition. Congratulations Iza on a great result.

Lily was next to compete in the Women’s Region 4 11-12 group. Two good routines saw Lily take 1st place and the Gold medal. Another great result.

The flurry of medals continues as Freya and Esme were up next in the Women’s Regional 1, 7-10 group. For both of them this was just their second ever competition and Esme scored brilliantly to take 1st place and another gold medal. Freya was just 0.09 outside of the bronze medal place, so so close to that medal.

Lucas was also in just his 2nd ever competition and competing in the Men’s Regional1, 9-10 group. Lucas continued the medal rush for the club with two great routines, taking 1st place by a huge 2.0 clear marks.

Jake was next up in the Men’s Regional 2, 15+ group and he continued our medal haul taking 2nd place and the silver medal.

Yacine was also one of our debutants, competing in the Men’s Regional 1, 11-12 group, after a great 1st round, Yacine was in 2nd place. A close fought 2nd round saw a slight drop in form, but he managed to retain 3rd place and the bronze medal.

Our final competitors of the day were Lilia, Rhiannon and Amelie in the Women’s 15-16 Regional 4 competition. A fabulous 1st round from Lilia put in her 1st place with a 0.6 lead on 2nd place. Rhiannon and Amelie were also well placed. However, a major error in Lilia’s last move of her routine resulted in an injury and unfortunately a trip to A&E. Thankfully there was no major damage and in fact Lilia has been back in training this week. Unfortunately, the error resulted in Lilia only being scored out of 9 skills, but she still ended up in 4th place. Rhiannon and Amelie had to follow the incident and after a lengthy delay and additional warm-up, were able to compete their routines. They did well to complete them after the incident with Lilia and the ended the competition in a respectable 8th place for Rhiannon and 9th place for Amelie.

As always, the club cannot attend competitions without the support of our coaches, judges, parent and gymnast officials who help on the day. A huge thank you goes out to Jane and Ella who judged all day, Helen Scott and Debbie who marshalled and supported the competition organisers. To our coaches Franky and Tony and a special mention to Isla and Lilia who attended all day and were brilliant keeping our young inexperienced gymnasts amused, and supported and also spotting for them during the competition. It’s this commitment that makes it all worthwhile.

We look forward to our next competition on 20th March in Colchester, where we hope even more of our gymnasts will qualify for the Regional finals here in Cambridge in June and maybe even go away with a medal.


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
15+ Cat 2 boys
Alex Radford11.3008.820. view
U15 Cat 2 girls
Izzy Moultrie13009.3522.3511.51.608.521.60000043.951 view
11-12 girls Club 2
Amber Geraghty 13.4009.823.213.3009.8523.150000046.355 view
11-12 boys Club 3
Jacob Murphy13.4009.322.714009.523.50000046.22 view
Thomas Fletcher13.3009.5522.8513.4009.8523.250000046.13 view
11-12 boys Level 1
Yacine Boulmaache14.8011.189.635.5814.11.611.839.2536.780000072.363 view
13-17 girls Level 1
Isla Cowling15.9010.819.436.1116.11.610.969.638.260000074.3710 view
Costanza Cipriani14.1010.339.734.13141.610.249.5535.390000069.5221 view
7-10 girls Level 1
Esme Rowlandson15.4010.029.9535.3715.42.59.929.637.420000072.791 view
Freya Carter15.209.519.734.4114.92.19.519.7536.260000070.674 view
9-10 boys Level 1
Lucas Coleman-Denny15.1010.049.935.0415.12.510.329.937.820000072.861 view
13-14 girls Level 2
Annabelle Hacker13011.469.8534.3114.43.610.419.237.610000071.9212 view
15+ boys Level 2
Jake Grimes13.8010.899.5534.2413.4311.361037.7600000722 view
15+ boys Level 3
Albie Vaughan16013.059.738.7514. view
11-12 girls Level 4
Lily Carter14.7011.749.6536.0914.74.5129.6540.850000076.941 view
13-16 boys Level 4
Benjamin Spence14.5014.049.2537.7913.35.313.339.1541.080000078.873 view
15-16 girls Level 4
Lilia Kearney17.3013.159.7540.214.96.712.278.3542.220000082.424 2view
Rhiannon Monie15.8011.799.737.2916.15.3129.8543.250000080.547 2view
Amélie Hacker13.2011.929.6534.7715.65.312.219.542.610000077.388 2view
17+ girls Level 4
Ella Lovelock14.7011.759.0535.514.15.211.778.939.970000075.476 view

Competition dates

Date Time Details
Sunday 6th February 2022 09:00 - 17:00