Regional Qualifier 2

Regional Qualifier 2 2022

Date: Sunday 20th March 2022 at Colchester Leisure World

Entries close: 2022-02-19

Entry ages: 9 years +

Timetable now available - please login or check your emails to view.

Please arrive atleast 30minutes before your start time encase the competiton runs early.

Please remember to remove all jewelary, tie long hair back and wear appropriate attire.

Colchester Leisure World will be switching off the car parking system for the day so there will be no parking charges for anyone attending the competition. People need to be aware of this as there are pay and display machines dotted around the car parks.


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
Cat 2 15+ girls
Jane Wilkey14.7009.924.610.600717.60000042.22 view
Cat 2 U15 girls
Iza Moultrie14.1009.6523.7514.9009.924.80000048.551 Q view
7-10 girls Club 2
Matilda Enright13.3009.923.213.4001023.40000046.63 Q view
9-10 girls Club 3
Cora McGregor15.5001025.515.1009.9250000050.54 Q view
11-12 boys Level 1
Yacine Boulmaache15.3011.081036.3814.1310.89.4537.350000073.731 Q view
Jacob Murphy14.509.079.5533.1214.61.68.759.8534.80000067.926 Q view
13-17 girls Level 1
Isla Cowling16.7010.779.8537.3214.52.810.649.4537.390000074.7110 Q view
Costanza Cipriani14.5010.299.434.1914.71.610.729.3536.370000070.5617 Q view
9-10 girls Level 1
Freya Carter15.709.549.734.9415. Q view
15+ girls Level 2
Poppy Budd15.4011.589.536.4814.84.611.499.540.390000076.8717 Q view
11-14 girls Level 4
Lily Carter16011.669.737.3615.34.311.669.7541.010000078.373 Q view
15-16 girls Level 4
Lilia Kearney17.5013.029.6540.1717.17.713.689.748.180000088.351 Q view
Rhiannon Monie16.7012.419.6538.7616.45.312.399.4543.540000082.34 Q view
Molly McGregor16.5011.839.637.9316.45.311.869.442.960000080.896 Q view

Competition dates

Date Time Details
Sunday 20th March 2022 09:00 - 17:00