Regional Qualifier 1

Regional Qualifier 1 2023

Date: Sunday 22nd January 2023 at Harlow Leisure Zone

Entries close: 2022-12-15

Entry ages: 9 years +

19 Cambridge Cangaroos gymnasts made their way to Harlow on 22nd January to compete the 1st Regional competition of the 2023 season. For the first time in over 10 years, Cangaroos also had a contingent of Double Mini-Trampoline gymnasts who were taking part in their first ever DMT competition.

First up was Annabelle in the Women 13+ Level 2 DMT competition. A gymnast new to the DMT, and with just 6 weeks competition training, we were all delighted with her four clean passes and a very satisfactory 7th place, with a total score of 78.10 which also earner her qualification to the Regional Finals

Next to compete on DMT were Liannah and Esme in the Women 11-12 Level 2. They were also new to this discipline and it was a very close contest between them, with both completing all 4 passes and exceling to take Gold and Silver, and achieving qualifying scores for the Regional Finals.

Last up in the DMT was Yacine, in the Men's 11-12 Level 1. A slight error on his 1st pass reduced his scores, however he did achieve the Gold medal, but will have to go again at the next qualifier in March in order to reach the Regional Finals.

In the Trampolining competition 18 more gymnasts were taking part. In Club 1 Women's 7-8, Eliza took part in her first competition. She had an excellent first exercise and was in 2nd place, but a small error on her 2nd routine reduced her overall scores, however, we were all delighted she placed 5th.

In Club 2 Women's 7-8, Isobel was also competing in her first competition and even though she made an error in her 1st exercise, she rallied, did a clean 2nd exercise and placed 4th.

In Club 2 Women's 11-12 Matilda was taking part in her second competition. Two clean routines saw her take 5th place and also qualify for the Regional Finals.

In Club 3 Women's 11-13, Sammie was also competing for the first time, an unfortunate error on her 3rd move in her first exercise meant low scores, but she rallied to perform an excellent second routine and placed 21st. Hopefully, next time we will see two clean exercises and an improved placing.

Moving into the Regional Grades, In the Women's 11-12 Level 1, Cora and Liannah were competing in one of the days biggest groups. Liannah successfully completed both of her exercises and placed 11th, Cora had a small error on her last skill which unfortunately reduced her score, leaving her in 17th place. However, both successfully qualified for the Regional Finals.

Moving onto Level 2, Poppy was competing in the Women’s 15+ group and in another large group, we were all delighted with her 7th place finish and successful qualification to Regional Finals

In the Level 3 grades we had a number of gymnasts competing across the age groups. In the Women’s 9-10 group, Freya did brilliantly to secure 3rd place and the Bronze medal as well as qualification to the Regional Finals. In the Women's 11-12 group Esme was competing in her 2nd competition of the day, fresh from her silver in DMT, she completed 2 great routines, but was narrowly pipped to a medal place and had to settle for 4th. She did achieve qualification to the Regional Finals though.

In the Women's 13-14 group, Annabelle also successfully completed both exercises and achieved the qualifying score for the Regional Finals and placed 12th overall.

Next up in the Women's 15+ group, Sydney was competing for first time in a long time, but she rarely fails to produce and she was successful again today in the largest group of the day with over 25 gymnasts competing, Sydney completed 2 high scoring exercises and placed 3rd, taking the Bronze medal, plus she achieved qualification to the Regional Finals.

Meanwhile in the Men's Level 3 groups, Lucas was competing in the 9-10 age group. Two successful routines saw him in 1st place and take the Gold medal, securing qualification to the Regional Finals. Yacine was competing in the Men's 11-12 group and despite an error on his first exercise, he still managed to take the Gold medal and 1st place.

Next up was Lily, who is still struggling with her performance blocks yet still managed two good routines achieving 2nd place and the silver medal thanks.

The next group to compete were our trio of Women in the 15-16 Grade 4 group. It was extremely close between the ladies, with all successfully completing their exercises, but Rhiannon came out on top taking 1st place and the Gold medal, narrowly beating Molly into 2nd place and the Silver medal, with Amelie just outside the medals in 4th place. These scores also meant that they won the Team Gold and all three successfully qualified to the Regional Finals.

The final group to compete were our Disability gymnasts. Iza was competing in the Regional 2, Category 2 grade and having made it to the Challenge Cup Finals last year as part of the winning Regional Team, they were keen to do well. All fears were dispelled as Iza completed both exercises and took 1st place and the Gold medal, also successfully qualifying for the Regional Finals. Alex was last to compete, an old hand at these competitions, Alex has been a member of Team East on a number of occasions. This competition was no exception, two extremely clean exercises where he successfully landed his somersault both times, much to the cheers of the crowd and his coaches saw him take 1st place and the Gold medal, plus qualification to the Regional Finals.

That brought us to the end of a long day and very successful day of competition across the two disciplines. We came away with 11 individual medals and 1 team medal and with 17 of our 19 gymnasts successfully qualifying for the Regional Finals. Our thanks as always to our Officials and Coaches, who give up their time to support our gymnasts, without this support we cannot compete, so thank you from everyone at the Club.

We look forward to the Zonal Schools competition next Sunday in Hinckley and then to the next Regional Qualifying competition in Colchester on March 12th.


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
7-8 girls Club 1
Eliza Enright15.1009.7524.8512.800921.80000046.655 Q view
11-12 girls Club 2
Matilda Enright14009.9523.9514.4001024.40000048.355 Q view
7-8 girls Club 2
Isobel Manners2.80024.814.4009.6524.050000028.854 view
11-12 girls Club 3
Sammie Knight1.40012.414.2009.723.90000026.321 view
11-12 girls Level 1
Liannah Le Roy-Tickner14.509.989.734.1815. Q view
Cora McGregor1308.589.531.0811.517.529.3529.370000060.4517 Q view
15+ girls Level 2
Poppy Budd15.3011.919.636.8115. Q view
11-12 boys Level 3
Yacine Boulmaache7.505.634.817.9314.7411.431040.130000058.061 view
11-12 girls Level 3
Esme Rowlandson14.5010.939.434.8314.14.810.679.238.770000073.64 Q view
13-14 girls Level 3
Annabelle Hacker13.7011.279.534.4710.84.310.619.3535.060000069.5312 view
15+ girls Level 3
Sydney Kelly16.1012.949.238.2416.84.413.199.6544.040000082.283 Q view
9-10 boys Level 3
Lucas Coleman-Denny14.9010.489.7535.1314.94.410.369.7539.410000074.541 Q view
9-10 girls Level 3
Freya Carter15010.539.735.2314.54.4109.6538.550000073.783 Q view
13-14 girls Level 4
Lily Carter15.6011.939.6537.1815.14.811.739.641.230000078.412 Q view
15-16 girls Level 4
Rhiannon Monie16.1011.939.537.5316.65.312.119.543.510000081.041 Q 1view
Molly McGregor16012.319.838.1115.95.312.29.242.60000080.712 Q 1view
Amélie Hacker15.2012.269.3536.8115.4612.539.5543.480000080.294 Q 1view
U15 girls TDP 2 Cat 2
Isa Moultrie13.9009.623.513.71.609.7250000048.51 Q view
15+ boys TPD 1 Cat 1
Alex Radford14.3009.924. Q view


Name Pass 1 Pass 2 Pass 3 Pass 4 Total Pos.
E D Total E D Total E D Total E D Total
9-12 boys 1
Yacine Boulmaache17.4017.4000181.319.318.41.319.756.41
11-12 girls 2
Liannah Le Roy-Tickner191. Q
Esme Rowlandson18.31.219.5191. Q
13+ girls 2
Annabelle Coleman-Denny18.21.219.418.31.219.518.51.319.818.21.82078.77

Competition dates

Date Time Details
Sunday 22nd January 2023 09:00 - 17:00