Regional Qualifier 2

Regional Qualifier 2 2023

Date: Sunday 12th March 2023 at Colchester Leisure World

Entries close: 2023-02-16

Entry ages: 9 years +

15 Cambridge Cangaroos gymnasts attended the 2nd Trampoline and DMT Regional Qualifier on 12th March in Colchester. Unfortunately, we had a number withdraw ahead of the competition due to illness, so the numbers were reduced from the previous competition.

Cangaroos had another successful day, with all of our competing gymnasts who hadn’t previously qualified for the Regional Finals achieving that prestigious reward.

Our first competitor of the day was Izzy, competing in the TPD Reg 2 Cat 2 women’s U15 group. Izzy not only successfully completed her routines, but considerably improved on her scores from the previous Regional Qualifier, with a total score of 47.80 and once again took 1st place and the Gold medal. What a start to the day for Cangaroos.

Next to compete was Liannah in the Level 1 – Women’s 11-12, who also improved on her scores and position from the previous competition, scored 71.65 and came 10th in one of the largest groups of the day.

Following Liannah was Sydney, competing in the Level 3 - Women’s 15+, the largest group of the day with 34 gymnasts. With a total score of 56.10, Sydney improved on her previous competition and this time secured 2nd place and the Silver Medal.

Sammie was competing next in the Club 3 – women’s 11-12, another large group saw Sammie also improve on her previous competition results with a score of 47.35 and 14th place.

Isobel, one of our youngest competitive gymnasts, competed next in the Club 2 – women’s 7-8 and with 2 excellent routines, Isobel improved on her previous results to score 48.95 and take 1st place and the Gold medal.

Following on, Amber and Matilda were competing in the Club 2 – women’s 11-12. Amber improved her results from the previous competition, scoring 47.45 and placing her 6th. Matilda was unlucky to just miss a medal, scoring 48.50 and placed 4th.

Freya competed next in the Level 3 – women’s 9-10. A huge improvement on last competition saw her score an impressive 52.95 and secure 2nd place and the Silver medal.

Eliza was next to compete, also one of our youngest competitive gymnasts, she was competing in the Club 1 – Women’s 7-8 and in a large group she completed two excellent routines and improved hugely on her previous competition with a score of 49.35 and 1st place and the Gold medal.

Lily was next to compete in the Level 4 – women’s 13-14 and although she produced two high quality routines a technical error resulted in a penalty of 2.0 that knocked her down from 1st place to 4th with a score of 50.40.

Also competing in Level 4 but in the women’s 15-16, Amelie improved her scores from the previous round and took 4thplace.

Eloise was next up in the Club 3 – Women’s 9-10, competing in her first ever trampoline competition she did really well to score 49.00 and place 8th in a very competitive group of gymnasts.

Boaz was next to compete, also taking part in his first ever trampoline competition, he successfully completed his two routines and scored 46.75, leaving him just outside the medals in 4th place.

Our final two competitors were Isla and Poppy in the Level 2 – women’s 15+, the second largest group of the day with 26 gymnasts taking part. Both ladies competed strongly with Isla scoring a total of 50.35 and securing 17th place, but two of Poppy’s best ever routines saw her score 54.30 to secure 2nd place and take the silver medal.

Meanwhile, Cangaroos also had two competitors in the Double Mini-Tramp competition. Liannah repeated her success of the first completion in the Level 2 – women’s 11-12, scoring 60.10 and taking 1st place and the Gold medal. In the Level 2 Women’s 13+ Sydney scored 74.60 and took 7th place.

So we came to the end of a very long day, our first competitor started at 9.00am and our last finished at 6.10pm. But it was worth it for Cangaroos, 15 gymnasts took part and we came away with 4 Gold medals and 3 silver medals, a successful day.

As always, we want to thank our coaches, Franky, Ali and Tony, our judges, Jane and Nicky and our parents that officiated throughout the day. Without these volunteers our gymnasts cannot take part and the Club cannot celebrate their participation and continued success.

On the Regional stage we look forward to the Regional Finals that take place on June 18th in our own fair city of Cambridge, at the University Sports Centre. Cangaroos will have 23 gymnasts qualified to the finals of both Trampoline and DMT and we look forward to a clutch of medals and for the medallists, selection for Team East for the Inter Regional Challenge Cup to be held in September in Birmingham, where Team East looks to defend the Challenge Cup.


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
7-8 girls Club 1
Eliza Enright14.6009.9524.5514.9009.924.80000049.351 Q view
11-12 girls Club 2
Matilda Enright14.6009.924.514.2009.924.10000048.64 Q view
Amber Geraghty 13.8009.9523.7513.7001023.70000047.456 Q view
7-8 girls Club 2
Isobel Manners14.4009.8524.2514.8009.924.70000048.951 Q view
9-10 girls Club 2
Eloise Symons14.4009.62415.1009.92500000498 Q view
11-12 boys Club 3
Boaz Grabiner13.6009.623.213.9009.6523.550000046.754 Q view
11-12 girls Club 3
Sammie Knight14.2009.924.113.6009.6523.250000047.3514 Q view
11-12 girls Level 1
Liannah Le Roy-Tickner15.2010.449.6535.2914.81.610.419.5536.360000071.6510 Q view
15+ girls Level 2
Poppy Budd15.4009.925.3154.109.9290000054.32 Q view
Isla Cowling14.4009.2523.6514.13.509.126.70000050.3517 Q view
15+ girls Level 3
Sydney Kelly16.1009.5525.6516.44.409.730.50000056.152 Q view
9-10 girls Level 3
Freya Carter15.1009.7524.8514.14.409.628.10000052.952 Q view
13-14 girls Level 4
Lily Carter13.9009.2521.1513.86.508.9529.250000050.44 view
15-16 girls Level 4
Amélie Hacker14.7009.5524.2514.7609.430.10000054.354 Q view
U15 girls TDP 2 Cat 2
Iza Moultrie13.3009.4522.7513.71.69.75025.050000047.81 Q view


Name Pass 1 Pass 2 Pass 3 Pass 4 Total Pos.
E D Total E D Total E D Total E D Total
11-12 girls Level 2
Liannah Le Roy-Tickner18.81.22018.71.219.918.91.320.200060.11
13+ girls Level 2
Sydney Kelly18.41.219.616.81.21818.41.219.616.91.318.275.47

Competition dates

Date Time Details
Sunday 12th March 2023 09:00 - 17:00