Cangaroos take on Jump Street

Cangaroos take on Jump Street 2016

Date: Monday 28th March 2016 at Jump Street, Colchester

On a bank holiday Monday when most of us would be relaxing and devouring our Easter eggs a band of Cangaroos threw out tradition and made their way down to Colchester to have an hour run around in a trampoline park.

"Jump Street" as it is known consists of a large hall filled with trampolines, basketball hoops, gigantic landing bags, dodge-balls and mats. The idea? To go stir-crazy and bounce off everything. This of course was no change from the norm for Harry, Grace, Sydney, Trinity, Luis, Ali, Aaliyah and Rhyannon. No sooner were they in the venue when the carnage began (of course Luis was the first to be told off).

Along with our gymnasts, some parents and friends attended including Stuart, The Kinnleys, Tammy, Franky and Neil - the latter being a time-bomb of disaster waiting to happen.

After an hour of charging and jumping the crew made off for a well earned Pizza Hut before a safe journey back to Cambridge!

Event dates

Date Time Details
Monday 28th March 2016 16:00 - 19:00