Shelford Feast Demo

Shelford Feast Demo 2016

Date: Sunday 17th July 2016 at Shelford

It with great excitement every year that the Cangaroos squad performs a trampoline demo at the Shelford Feast - a community festival that celebrates all things great about Shelford and the surrounding villages.

This year Cangaroos took along 12 bouncers to perform a reel of stunts and tricks to entertain the crowds. Thanks to some earlier handy work on Saturday the trailer was pre-loaded with the trampoline read to arrive at Shelford for 10am. It was promptly unloaded and moved into position on the field by the team (most of who arrived on time - yes even Zach was there on schedule!)

Warm ups began and Ali began to plan out the demo with help from Harry and Tammy (who Ali had coaxed into helping for the day - thank you!). With the sun bursting through and children starting to turn lobster final instructions were given and helpers put in places.

We kicked off the demo at 12:10 with a short speech from Ali (who was MC for the day) and some 'background tricks' from Matt, Zach and Harry. Then Molly jumped on showing the crowds some really tidy basic skills and building up the a front somersault. Following her with progressive harder tricks was Sydney, Macy, Rhyannon, Aaliyah and Alexa. All were on so fluidly the demo was running like clockwork. Gabe, Harry and Abhi then built up the wow factor with some harder skills until Zach and Matt really pushed the difficulty up with their double somersaults.

In classic 'Pires' style (we now now Pires is definitely not the Portuguese translation for punctual), Luis rocked up and with no warm up pushed the bar even higher with a straight half-out and a 2 3/4 Front somersault to the cheers of the crowd.

To finish the demo - Gabe, Abhi, Luis, Matt and Zach performed a linked back somersault and then a highest crash dive competition. As Matt was about to snatch the gold Luis came in with a pie and splatted right on the face - great fun!

We would love to thank all our coaches and helpers who made the event possible; Tammy, Kim, 'Team Mallows', Scott, Melissa, Stuart and Sawston Village College. Thanks also to all parents who were there or dropped off their children. And finally thanks to Shelford Feast for inviting us - we loved it!

Event dates

Date Time Details
Sunday 17th July 2016 11:00 - 15:00