Big Weekend Demo

Big Weekend Demo 2018

Saturday 14th July 2018 at Parker's Piece

Big Weekend Demo 2018

It was a roasting hot summer Saturday as the first Cangaroos arrived early morning to set up a 4x4 eurotramp trampoline in the centre of the Big Weekend festival on Parkers Piece, Cambridge. Our trampoline had been kindly transported there the morning before by Cambridge City council meaning we could be on the field most of the day with minimal hassle.

As the day began Ali, Kim, Grace and Harry setup the trampoline and surrounding equipment inside the sports zone of the festival. They basked in the sun shine and observed the other clubs slowly arrive and setup their stalls. It was an excellent location just by the entrance and caught many people's attention as they walked in.

The displays themselves were later in the day so the morning consisted of some photo opportunities and free bouncing for members. Ryan Hadlow (who helped with the loading of the trampoline on Friday) popped down from CUTC to also have a jump and show off some skills. Harry was also snapped in a picture by Heart Radio Cambridgeshire as the public began to enter.

As 2pm approached the team were joined by Tony, Franky, Stuart Sydney, Laura, James, Zach, Scott and first-time demo participant Jess! As the gymnasts warmed up the coaches prepped our display and watched as the crowds started to gather. Due to a shortage on numbers Franky also took to the trampoline and thus her and Jess showed off the basics skills. Before we ramped up the difficulty there was time for Bob (aka Tony) to be plucked from the audience to show how trampolining should not be done.

As turned up the difficulty Syd, James, Harry and Laura showed off some excellent skills including single double and triple somersaults to the cheering of the crowds. As ever the customary highest crash dive competition showed off some serious flight time but not before Zach to a pie to the face from Harry on the way down to the trampoline.

Before the end of the day we performed a second demo to the crowd and then packed away our equipment safely into a tent. All in all a great day and we were honoured to be asked to take part. We left Cambridge ready for tomorrow's demo at Shelford Feast.