Bowling for Cangaroos

Bowling for Cangaroos 2018

Thursday 15th February 2018 at Tenpin, Cambridge

Bowling for Cangaroos 2018
The Thursday night of half term saw the coaches, committee and friends of Cangaroos descend on the Tenpin Bowling, Cambridge for an evening away from the trampolines.

It was 7:15 in the evening when the group of coaches and committee members arrived at Tenpin, Cambridge. Organised by Franky, it was great to meet up without a trampoline in site despite the bouncing excitement of Harry having just finished is 'self-claimed' 11 hour shift at work.

The kids took one lane and the adults the other. With food and a free drink we were already off to a great start before a ball was even sent flurrying down the alley. To the coaches great astonishment the kids were lined up for their goes wasting no time in getting through the games - if only this happened at squad training.

Wendy 'the rocket' whistler started off with two strikes and a spare however insisted on claiming pure luck. THe first frame for the adults was nearly all strike unbelievably leaving Stuart Kelly in last. As the games progressed on Liam won the first of the kids whilst Scott stormed to victory in the oldies.

As the kids wrapped up their second with victory for the now pumped Harry Scott was unbeatable in the oldies. Wendy was definitely the dark horse of the day though with some superb scores.

As the evening drew to a close we all made our way home - thanks again to Franky for organising the evening and we look forward to more socials in the near future!