Easter Bowling

Easter Bowling 2018

Thursday 12th April 2018 at Tenpin, Cambridge

Easter Bowling 2018
On a cool Thursday evening in Easter the Cangaroos once again descended on the Cambridge 10 Pin bowling alley for some food, drink and non-trampoline related competition.

As the members arrived and Tony collected his bowling shoes the kids were sent off to one lane with the 'adults' holding the other. With food and drink included in the deal the members set about some smashing of the classic white pins.

Kim was on fire with her 'too posh to bowl' technique whilst Tony ' I have not bowled for years' Fagelman set about destroying everyone else despite some fruitful background noise from Harry...

There were some good scores all round from all lanes and it was great to share some more time with members outside the sports halls.

Game 1
Franky1 75 41 38 -6 -7 -0 X3 58 10 481
Kim0 0X0 00 50 80 88 00 64 56 262
Roy6 01 49 00 07 /7 27 14 /7 19 / 089