Shelford Feast Demo

Shelford Feast Demo 2018

Saturday 14th July 2018 at Gt Shelford Recreational Ground

Shelford Feast Demo 2018
On the 15th June the Cambridge Cangaroos arrived on the Shelford Sports and recreational ground to setup for the annual demo at the 25th Shelford Feast just south of Cambridge.

Having collected the trampoline from Sawston Sports centre Ali, Anthony, Scott and Harry unpacked the equipment in the middle of the arena ready for the demo. They were joined by club members Gabe, Sam, Mel, Aaliyah and special guest from CUTC; Louise.

As they prepped for the demo the heat rose to the high twentys and the guests started entering the the festival area. Cangaroos has often been the first act at the Shelford Feast and we have got very used to opening the event. We started with some excellent basic moves from Aaliyah and then upped the difficulty with Sam and Harry who showed us some great single sommersaults and twists. This was Sam's first ever trampoline demo and she performed very well. It was then Gabe who took the big tricks under his belt and treated the crowd to some double somersaults and his set routine from the NDP finals where he finished second. There was just enough time for Gabe and Ali to perform a linked back before we finished with our highest crash dive competition. Molly arrived just in time to also join in this part. This time it was Gabe who took the pie to the face from Harry after rising into the sky.

Once the demo was complete we moved the trampoline over to the side of the festivities for some free bouncing for club members and the general entertainment of the nearby Shetland Pony.

As 4pm arrived, we packed up the trampoline and kit and delivered it back to Sawston before the centre closed. We once again would like to thank all our helpers, coaches, gymnasts and the Shelford Feast for making the day so awesome and look forward to retuning in 2019!