November General Meeting

November General Meeting 2019

Date: Saturday 16th November 2019 at Whittlesford

All club members were invited to a General Meeting at 1.00pm at the Centre on 16th November to review two resolutions that the Club was presenting for consideration.

  1. The Club becomes a Community Amateur Sports Club, thus conferring on the Club opportunities similar to a Charity, but without the onerous nature of charitable reporting and conditions
  2. The Club adopts the linked Memorandum and Articles of Association in order to become a CASC and in order to accept the Sport England Lottery Funded Facilities Grant.

The Club committee recommend acceptance of these 2 resolutions and welcome your attendance to vote them through.

--- New Memorandum and Articles of Association ---

The resoultions passes and the votes went as follows:

Resoulution 1: 11 for 0 obstentions 0 against

Resoultion 2 9 for 2 obstentions 0 against

Event dates

Date Time Details
Saturday 16th November 2019 13:00 - 14:00