Shelford Feast Demo

Shelford Feast Demo 2019

Date: Sunday 14th July 2019 at Shelford

The Cangaroos were honoured to once again be the opening act at the Shelford Feast festival. Our trampoline demo consisted of seven gymnasts, three coaches and some awesome helpers as we once again shared our sport with the world. The Cangaroos has been so grateful for the support offered by the Feast for over a decade.

The trampoline was transported from Sawston Vilalge Sports centre at the ripe old time of 10am - many thanks to Graham White for lending us his truck to do the leg work. With all the equipment set up by 11 the gymnasts were already warming up for the demo. This year we had James, Caitlyn, Molly, Lili, Ben, Cameron and Macy bouncing for us and help from coaches Laura, Scott and Ali. Kim anmd Harry were also there to help things run smoothly.

Our demo ran perfectly with the climax of James legendary tripple forwards sommersault brought the crowds to a crescendo of applause.

We are as ever grateful to our parents and helpers who make these events run so well and to Shelford Feast for inviting us again. We look forwards to next weekend's demo in Cambridge and demo season next year at Shelford Feast!

Event dates

Date Time Details
Sunday 14th July 2019 09:00 - 16:00