Regional G

Regional G


Grade Regional G is one of the competitive Trampoline grades used in competition. If you have any questions regarding a particular grade or routine please speak to your coach.

Regional G Set Routine 1
Back Somersault (T) 0.5
Straddle Jump 0
Half Twist To Seat Landing 0.1
Seat, half Twist to Feet 0.1
Half Twist Jump 0.1
Pike Jump 0
Full Twist 0.2
Tuck Jump 0
Three quarter front somersault (P) 0.3
Back, to Feet 0
Regional G Set Routine 2
Half Twist To Front Landing
Front, to feet
Straddle Jump
Full Twist
Pike Jump
Back Landing
Back, half twist to feet
Tuck Jump
Half Twist Jump
Forwards Somersault (T) 0.5

Vol Requirements

The voluntary routine may include a maximum of three somersaults, and two body landings.
No difficulty will be awarded