Ali Macrae

Ali Macrae

I have been bouncing since I was six years old and coaching since I was 18. I am totally in love with this sport. I am also a keen computer game programmer and web developer!

Individual Results

Competition Group Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
English Championships Q1 2019Silver 17+ boys 15014.0059.638.60514.96.513.959.845.150000083.7556 Q view
NDP Regional 3 2019Men boys NDP 616.5009.225.715.8009.325.10000050.82 Q view
Club Competition 2018 Performance16.5009.626.114.17.608.4530.150000056.254 view
Club Competition 2018COACHES 16.6009.3525.95000000000025.952 view
NDP Regional 1 201817+ boys NDP 616.4008.9525.3516.9009.826.70000052.055 Q view
English Championships 201817+ boys S14.1012.588.535.1814.47.413.6859.244.6850000079.86510 view
NDP Finals 201817+ boys NDP 615.4009.62514.17.409.53100000564 view
Regional Team Final 201817+ boys NDP 615.5009.424.915.8009.625.40000050.36 Q view
English Championships Q2 201817+ boys S15.6013.9759.138.67513.87.613.4158.343.11515.1713.4858.544.085125.8755 Q view
English Championships Q1 201817+ boys S16.1014.159.539.7515.85.414.2159.745.11515.75.414.149.744.94129.8057 view
NDP Regional Semi Final 201817+ boys NDP 616009.6525.6515.8009.2250000050.654 view
Club Competition 2017 NDP 616.4009.2525.6516.5009.3525.850000051.53 view
Club Competition 2017Coaches 16.4009.225.6000000000025.62 view
NDP Regional 1 201717+ boys NDP 615.8009.2525.0516.1009.7525.850000050.93 Q view
NDP Regional Semi-Final 201717+ boys NDP 723.70023.723.10023.1000046.83 view
Cambridge Open 2017Elite boys 23.4014.48537.88521. view
NDP Regional 2 201717+ boys NDP 724.60024.620.80020.8000045.43 Q view
Club Competition 2016 NDP 824.60024.622.77.8030.5000055.14 view
Club Competition 2016Coaches 7.4007.4000000007.46 view
Brentwood Open 2016Bands 6 Over 15 boys 22.80022.821.87.8029.6000052.44 view
Fenland Flyers Open 2016Over 19 Band 6 boys 21.50021.521.18.1029.2000050.71 view
Club Competition 2015Coaches 23.60023.60000000023.62 view
Eastern Regional Championships 2015Under 19 Band 6 boys 22.80022.8225.2027.20000502 view
Sheffield Gala 2015Over 17 boys NDP 722.50022.519.19.1028.2000050.77 view
Cambridge Grading 2015Over 15 boys National C23.80023.821.37.8029.1000052.94 view
Cambridge Open 2015SUTL 1 boys 22.61.9024.520.67.3027.9000052.45 view
Club Competition 2014 boys NDP 725.10025.123.27.5030.7000055.82 view
Club Competition 2014COACHES 24.20024.20000000024.21 view
University of Cambridge Cuppers 2014S1 boys 22.41.602422.46.3028.7000052.71 view
Brentwood Open 2014 boys National C23.70023.722.77.4030.1000053.83 view
Cambridge Open 2014Uber boys 21.62.2023.817.77.4025.1000048.95 view
Cangaroos Club Competition 2013 boys FIG B22.60022.621.78.6030.3000052.93 view
Cangaroos Club Competition 2013Coaches 19.60019.60000000019.63 view
Brentwood Open 2013All boys National C23.50023.528.6010.6000034.12 view
National Finals 2013Over 19 boys National C21.7014.86536.56521.36.915.0243.22000079.78512 view
Regional Championships 2013Over 15 boys National C22002221.57.4028.9000050.92 view
North Gala 2013Over 19 boys National C22.5015.79538.295217.415.0643.4622.27.415.21544.815126.574 Q view
South West Gala 2 2013Over 19 boys National C20.5015.26535.76521.77.415.1344.2319.86.914.19540.895120.898 view
South West Gala 1 2013Over 19 boys National C21.3014.836.120.57.414.342.2000078.311 view
South East Gala 2013Over 19 boys National C23.3015.38538.719.35.315.440235.314.9943.31226 view
Brentwood Open 2012 boys National C22.40022.421.28029.2000051.61 view
British National Finals 2012Over 19 boys National C21.60021.620.38028.3000049.921 view
Fenland Flyers Open 2012Under 25 boys National C21.30021.320.98028.921.50021.571.74 view
South West Gala 2012Over 19 boys National C11.30011.3218029000040.317 view
Eastern Gala 2012Over 19 boys National C22.30022.3225.8027.8000050.112 view
Cangaroos Club Competition 2011ALL National C24.10024.1238.2031.2000055.31 view
Cangaroos Club Competition 2011COACHES 21.70021.70000000021.77 view
Brentwood Open 2011ALL boys National C24002422.98030.9000054.93 view

Synchro Results

PartnerCompetition Group Set Vol Final Total Pos.
E H D S Total E H T S Total E H T S Total
Alec LaurieCambridge Open 2017Roulete 15016.631.60000000031.616
Luis PiresClub Competition 2016Fancy Dress 15.4016.331.70000000031.79
Antony FagelmanClub Competition 2015 4.405.810.20000000010.217
Luis PiresCambridge Open 2015SS1 15.1016.631.70000000031.710
Luis PiresClub Competition 2014 15.4018.63400000000344
Luis PiresCambridge Open 2014Higher 24.109.433.50000000033.53
Katherine MajulianCambridge Open 2014Roulette
Luis PiresCangaroos Club Competition 2013All 2409.133.10000000033.111
Luis PiresSouth West Gala 2 2013Over 19 boys 7.102.91011.75.95.828.6000038.65
Luis PiresCangaroos Club Competition 2011ALL 24.408.933.30000000033.34

Drill Scores

The graphs below plot the results from timed drills during sessions. Drills are used to improve a gymnast's basic technique with regarding to height and control. The higher the time the better.

10 bounces

10 Bounces X

30 bounces

Shape Jumps