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This member has yet to enter a bio - please nag them to, so we can know more about them and build up our database. I bet they are pretty interesting really!!!

Did you know?

Luis has scored 4 in the record:

Most consecutive forward sommersaults

Luis has scored 2 in the record:

Most consecutive backwards bounce rolls

Luis has scored 34 in the record:

Consecutive cat twists

Luis has scored 65 in the record:

Highest number of consecutive swivel hips

Luis has scored 12 in the record:

Most consecutive backward Cody rolls

Luis has scored 8 in the record:

Springs and clips broken during training

Luis has scored 6 in the record:

Consecutive Dolphin Rolls
Previous Most consecutive forward sommersaultsMost consecutive backwards bounce rollsConsecutive cat twistsHighest number of consecutive swivel hipsMost consecutive backward Cody rollsSprings and clips broken during trainingConsecutive Dolphin Rolls

Luis's Results

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Individual Synchro DMT Drills

Individual Results

Competition Group Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
English Championships Q1 201817+ boys S16.7015.019.741.418.95.28.7955.228.0950000069.50510 view
NDP Regional 2 201817+ boys NDP 60000016.4009.1525.550000025.556 view
Club Competition 2017 NDP 616.9009.226.116.4009.125.50000051.62 view
Club Competition 2017Coaches 17.1009.426.5000000000026.51 view
National League Event 4 201719+ boys League 215014.7158.638.31511.24.810.6956.232.8950000071.2111 view
National League Event 3 201719+ boys League 215.9015.4258.940.2254.72.34.8552.614.4550000054.689 view
Club Competition 2016Coaches 23.80023.80000000023.82 view
Club Competition 2016 NDP 825002522.78.2030.9000055.92 view
National League Finals 201619+ boys League 224.3015.0239.3222.77.914.95545.555237.914.9545.85130.7254 view
National League Event 3 201619+ boys League 223.5015.21538.71523.36.314.93544.53522.96.815.18544.885128.1354 Q view
Cambridge Open 2016SUTL 1 boys 22.3015.1737.47134.98.85526.755000064.2254 view
Club Competition 2015Coaches 24.30024.30000000024.31 view
Club Competition 2015Elite 25.60025.624.16.1030.2000055.84 view
Coventry Gala 201517+ boys NDP 723.70023.70000000023.713 view
Cambridge Grading 2015Over 15 boys National C23.40023.422.68.3030.9000054.33 view
Hitchin Grading 2015Over 15 boys National C13.430013.4321.638.3029.93000043.362 view
Cambridge Open 2015SUTL 1 boys 16.40016.413.85.3019.1000035.58 view
Club Competition 2014 boys NDP 723.50023.520.30026.8000050.33 view
Club Competition 2014COACHES 23.40023.40000000023.42 view
Regional Championships 2014Over 15 boys National C22.70022.722.65.7028.30000513 view
Cambridge Open 2014Uber boys 20.91.8022.77.94011.9000034.67 view
Cangaroos Club Competition 2013 boys FIG B22.80022.822.28030.20000532 view
Cangaroos Club Competition 2013Coaches 23.50023.50000000023.51 view
Cascais Beach Cup 2013Open Senior 23.6015.6539. view
National Finals 2013Over 19 boys National C20.7015.76536.46521.76.915.78544.385000080.859 view
South West Gala 2 2013Over 19 boys 22.3015.92538.22520.77.515.77543.97522.27.515.74545.445127.6453 Q view
Yorkshire Gala 2013Over 19 boys National C22.3015.57537.87521.45.215.34541.94516.96.112.3935.39115.217 view
South East Gala 2013Over 19 boys National C21016.0737.1215.215.942.1000079.29 view
British National Finals 2012Over 19 boys National C23.50023.522.17.903020.97.9028.882.38 view
Fenland Flyers Open 2012Under 25 boys National C21.90021.920.57.8028.321.70021.771.92 view
The Yorkshire Gala 2012Over 19 boys National C21.10021.18.23.6011.8000032.912 view
South West Gala 2012Over 19 boys National C22.60022.622.85.6028.421.85.7027.578.57 view
Cangaroos Club Competition 2011ALL National C23.70023.78.83.9012.7000036.45 view
Cangaroos Club Competition 2011COACHES 22.90022.90000000022.92 view
The Brentwood Grading 2011Over 19 boys Regional D22.10022.1225.7027.7000049.81 Q view
The Saffron Walden Grading 2011Over 19 boys Regional D19.40019.400028.400027.375.11 view
Ipswich Grading 2010Over 19 boys Regional D21.70021.721.55.6027.121.15.6026.775.51 view
Saffron Walden Grading 2010Over 19 boys Regional D20.90020.900025.500026.873.21 view
Wisbech Open 2010Over 15 Regional D00000000000003 view

Synchro Results

PartnerCompetition Group Set Vol Final Total Pos.
E H D S Total E H T S Total E H T S Total
Sydney KellyClub Competition 2018Fancy Dress 8.50019.628.1000000000028.11
Abhi Macdonald MarlowClub Competition 2017Fancy Dress 8.49.3019.437.1000000000037.11
Sydney KellyClub Competition 2017Fancy Dress 5.96.501325.4000000000025.410
Abhi Macdonald MarlowClub Competition 2016Fancy Dress 14.4017.932.30000000032.38
Alasdair MacraeClub Competition 2016Fancy Dress 15.4016.331.70000000031.79
Trinity KellyClub Competition 2015 17.4019.63700000000371
Harry MallowsClub Competition 2015 16.4019.135.50000000035.54
Abhi Macdonald MarlowClub Competition 2015 14.1017.631.70000000031.711
Alasdair MacraeCambridge Open 2015SS1 15.1016.631.70000000031.710
Alasdair MacraeClub Competition 2014 15.4018.63400000000344
Alasdair MacraeCambridge Open 2014Higher 24.109.433.50000000033.53
Anya RobinsonCambridge Open 2014Roulette 21.807.229000000002914
Alasdair MacraeCangaroos Club Competition 2013All 2409.133.10000000033.111
Alasdair MacraeSouth West Gala 2 2013Over 19 boys 7.102.91011.75.95.828.6000038.65
Nat WhittinghamEnglish National Championships 2012Senior boys 27.808.827.810.74.13.718.5000046.311
Alasdair MacraeCangaroos Club Competition 2011ALL 24.408.933.30000000033.34

DMT Results

Over 19 boys BSenior boys Over 15 boys BOver 15 boys BOver 15 boys B
Competition Group Pass 1 Pass 2 Final 1 Final 2 Total Pos.
E D Total E D Total E D Total E D Total
North Gala 2013Over 19 boys B000000000000012
English National Championships 2012Senior boys 27.23.730.924.84.429.200000060.110
British National Finals 2012Over 15 boys B26.7329.725.93.729.600000058.914
The Yorkshire Gala 2012Over 15 boys B00000000000004
South West Gala 2012Over 15 boys B27.9330.927.43.330.700000061.69

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