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I have 3 passions in life - my children, Portugal and of course, trampolining! I came to coaching later in life than most but I have now been coaching for nearly 16 years and I LOVE IT! I love the feeling when a gymnast has been working on something then suddenly ‘gets’ it. I think I’m normally more excited than them! I have coached mostly in a leisure centre in Stowmarket but I have a long association with Cambridge Cangaroos and you can’t beat the club atmosphere! You can tell I love it as I do a 90 mile round trip to be here!

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Tu3 tue 18:00-19:00 4 - Adult Philipa, Francoise, Danae View Dates and Book
Tu4 tue 19:00-20:00 4 - Adult Philipa, Francoise, Danae View Dates and Book
Tu5 tue 20:00-21:00 4 - Adult Philipa View Dates and Book