New female competition leotard

New female competition leotard

Date: Saturday 26th August 2023 - Tuesday 29th August 2023 at Whittlesford

Cangaroos are pleased to announce that the club is updating the female club leotard to a new design made of better materials. This leotard will be required for regional competitions and above. It can also be worn at club competitions and during normal sessions.

If your child intends on competing at the Harlow competition in October please fill in this form by Monday 29th August with the required sleeve length and size. An email will be sent the week after regarding payment. This is to ensure that the leotards arrive in time!

Pictures are attached below and size guide attached here too. Please look at measurements carefully; as they are custom made it cannot be sent back if it's the wrong size.

size guide



Sleeveless: £42.95/£45.95 (ASM and above) 3/4 sleeve or long sleeve: £85/£90 (ASM and above).

Matching shorts: Please order these yourself

Please fill in this google form with your response.

Please note that the old club leo can still be used at regional competitions if you prefer to stick with it for now but under BG rules those competing in a team event must be in matching kit.

If you have any questions please email