Session: FS1

Type: Trampoline

Location: Whittlesford

When: Fri

Ages: 4 - Adult

Size: 18 gymnasts

Availability: 7

Coaches: Laura, Tony, Nicky

Attendance at a squad session is by invite only - please contact us for further details.

At present there are a maximum of three gymnasts per trampoline until the guidelines change. As all areas have to be cleaned between sessions until such time as the guidelines are changed, all sessions last a maximum of 50 minutes.

Depending on the number of gymnasts per session, there will be up to six coaches in attendance, there will always be a minimum of one coach to eight gymnasts.

Date Status Details
Friday 6th January 2023 ran
Friday 13th January 2023 ran
Friday 20th January 2023 ran
Friday 27th January 2023 ran
Friday 3rd February 2023 ran
Friday 10th February 2023 running
Friday 17th February 2023 running
Friday 24th February 2023 running
Friday 3rd March 2023 running
Friday 10th March 2023 running
Friday 17th March 2023 running
Friday 24th March 2023 running
Friday 31st March 2023 running