All sports club require the support of so many people both volunteers and paid individuals who facilitate the club and allow us to share this great sport with you all!

These individuals include coaches, committee members, judges and welfare officers.

About the coaches

The coaches at Cambridge Cangaroos run the sessions and trampolines to ensure all our gymnasts have the best time.

Name Photo Email Level
Tony Fagelman A photo of Tony Fagelman HPC
Ali Macrae A photo of Ali Macrae Performance
Jane Macrae A photo of Jane Macrae Senior Club Coach
Laura Able A photo of Laura Able Senior Club Coach
Francoise Lucas A photo of Francoise Lucas L3M3
Nicky Andersen A photo of Nicky Andersen L3M3
Heather Chapleo A photo of Heather Chapleo L2
Jo Wardle A photo of Jo Wardle L2
Nicola Bannister A photo of Nicola Bannister L2
Aaliyah Kinnley A photo of Aaliyah Kinnley L1
Emma Carter A photo of Emma Carter L1
Jo Costin A photo of Jo Costin L1
Joshua McSweeney A photo of Joshua McSweeney L1
Molly McGregor A photo of Molly McGregor L1
Rhiannon Monie A photo of Rhiannon Monie L1
Scott Kinnley A photo of Scott Kinnley L1
Trinity Kelly A photo of Trinity Kelly L1
Harry Mallows A photo of Harry Mallows L0
Sydney Kelly A photo of Sydney Kelly L0
Cleo Monie A photo of Cleo Monie Session Helper
Emily Odell A photo of Emily Odell Session Helper
Isla Cowling A photo of Isla Cowling Session Helper
Kim Pearson A photo of Kim Pearson Session Helper
Lilia Kearney A photo of Lilia Kearney Session Helper
Poppy Budd A photo of Poppy Budd Session Helper
Stuart Holland A photo of Stuart Holland Session Helper